Arrested Development

Season 1 Episode 6

Visiting Ours

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 2003 on Netflix



  • Trivia

    • When George Michael & Maeby are watching TV, a commercial for Klimpy's can be heard.

    • During the counseling session, Lindsay is reading DogCandy magazine, which appears to be doggy porn. The magazine headlines are: "The DogCandy Interview: Daisy", "Just A Pup: Midwest Campus Beauties" and "Don't miss this months pictorial: Abby Esbona". The marriage counselor's office is also decorated with a large number of dog-related items.

    • When Michael comes home after setting up an intimate conjugal visit for his parents, he drops his bag onto the couch but he is shown doing this twice.

    • During Lindsay and Tobias' therapy session, a cameraman briefly steps into frame.

  • Quotes

    • George Michael: My bike needs a tune-up or something.
      Michael: Let's not blame the bike. Okay? It's a poor carpenter that blames his shoddy tools ...

    • (Cornballer infomercial)
      George Sr.: Time to pull out the basket, and we dig into some hot ... Son of a bitch!
      Richard Simmons: Oh! Look what you did! You plopped it!
      George Sr.: I'll plop you, you mincing little ...

    • Kitty: Your wife's on line one.
      Narrator: Michael's wife had been dead for two years.
      Michael: My what?
      Narrator: Kitty realized her mistake.
      Kitty: I said, 'your wife is on line one.'
      Narrator: But not immediately.

    • Lucille: (to a waiter) Take it back. If I wanted something your thumb touched, I'd eat the inside of your ear.

    • Kitty: Gob? I wish I would have know you were coming. I am a mess.
      Gob: Don't know if a call from me would've changed that.

    • Gob: Take off your glasses. Oh ... Wait, wait. Let down your hair. No, glasses on, hair back up. Let's just get that hair right back up.
      Kitty: Let me turn the lights off.
      Gob: Yes, yes, please.
      Kitty: How's that? Is that better?
      Gob: It just seems like there's still light coming in from under the door.

    • George Sr.: I haven't had sex in a month.
      Michael: You know, you've been here two months.
      George Sr.: It's hard to gauge time.
      Michael: Yeah. I'll bet.

    • Gob: I *bleep* Kitty!
      Michael: Oh, Gob! I just wanted you to get the information.
      Gob: I got the information.
      Michael: You did, huh? About the international accounts?
      Gob: Oh, I see what you're getting at. No, I didn't get any information.

    • Kitty: That's none of your business ... My business.

    • Dr. Gunty: I'm no David Schwimmer, and you're no Jennifer Aniston!

    • George Sr.: Daddy horny, Michael.

    • Tobias: Ok, kids. Mommy and daddy are going out for ice cream.
      Maeby: Can we come?
      Lindsay: Sorry, it's not for kids.

    • George Michael: Ok ... So, why are we doing this?
      Maeby: 'Cause it's obvious they're lying. Come on, drive!
      George Michael: Well, what if they see us?
      Maeby: How are they going to see us?
      George Michael: Well, it says "Bluth Company" right on the side, plus it's a stairway. That's gonna catch the eye.

    • Kitty: Do you like my outfit?
      Gob: Not as much as I like what's underneath it.
      Kitty: Gob!
      Gob: No, I need your chair. Get up.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Therapist: If I'm no Schwimmer, you're no Jennifer Anniston.

      Tobias: I'm not even Lisa Kudrow.

      A reference to David Schwimmer, Jennifer Anniston and Lisa Kudrow, stars of NBC's Friends.

    • Narrator: In fact, he'd been terrified of the very notion of prison since, as a young boy, he accidentally watched HBO's Oz, mistaking it for the classic Judy Garland musical.
      George Michael is wearing a Tin Man hat from The Wizard of Oz while he accidentally watches the prison drama. Also, Judy Garland is the mother of Liza Minnelli, who plays Lucille Austero.

    • Tobias: Now if I could act that good, I would have my own Alias-type show.
      Alias is an ABC spy-drama that airs at the same time Arrested Development airs. It is Arrested's biggest competitor in that timeslot.

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