Season 1 Episode 4

An Innocent Man

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2012 on The CW

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  • Really good.

    This was definitely the best episode yet, as we got many big developments ranging from a huge discovery by Walter to a huge discovery by Laurel's dad to some big events in the case at hand.

    The show is progressing nicely - the mystery element coupled with the drama and the actions blends together very well.

    All up, moving along nicely - looking forward to more!
  • Lots of progress

    SAo many things happening this episode, the pacing was off the charts. Laurels dad is back to being all black or white when it coes to Arrow/Oliver. Last week he trusted Arrow now he's back to the hunt. It was refreshing to see that Walter appears to be in the dark when it comes to the scheming of his wife, schocking to see the wreckage.

    Oliver being arrested will be a great opportunity for Diggle to show his worth, looking forward to that.

    Too bad Oliver made such a stupid mistake, rookie.

    Not the best of the bunch, but still entertaining enough.
  • An Innocent Man

    This show doesn't stop improving and that is awesome. loved the way oliver changed his voice when he talks to Laurel (that was a smart move because she knows his voice and may identify him). Arrow kills and that is awesome for a comic book character but i don't think that will last because Diggle will stop him from doing that in one way or another and i think that will be Diggles purpose for a little while atleast (to take oliver in the right direction). I didn't think they will play this card (finding the footage of oliver) this soon in the season i though it might be in the midseason finale or even maybe the season 1 finale but happy they did that because the nest episode will be awesome because of this ending.
  • Another great episode.... then John Barrowman appeared..... *Fangirl moment*

    This episode was different from the first three episodes of Arrow; still it was brilliantly done and executed. It had less action, more drama. Oliver wasn't actually fighting a bad a guy, he was trying to save a good one. Arrow couldn't do it alone, so he asked Laurel to help him, thinking that this will help the way Laurel see him as Oliver. Maybe he thought that after Laurel decided that Arrow is really a good person, doing good deeds, Oliver was going to reveal himself as Arrow, and Laurel will love him forever. Doesn't matter what he wanted to accomplish because it all back fired.

    Laurel accused Arrow of being ruthless. As the episode progressed, flashbacks were shown. During these, it was explained why Oliver, and Arrow as a consequence, was so ruthless. During his stay on the island he couldn't show mercy for anyone or anything, if he wanted to survive. Oliver's nameless mentor made sure to teach him exactly that since day one.

    Dig is up for the ride! Arrow at last has a sidekick! Or a helper, or a protector; because Dig doesn't want to be a sidekick (his own words were: "I'm not signing on to be a sidekick"). He is accepting the "job" well, firstly, to make sure there are fewer casualties and secondly, because Oliver needs someone to remind him who he is, to help him separate Oliver from Arrow.

    Thea keeps improving. She had small appearances, and all of them felt natural. I'm still waiting for the moment Oliver takes her under his wing and transform her into Speedy. The character I still don't like is Laurel. I don't know why, I just don't. I began to read about Green Arrow's love life. I wanted to find hope; maybe Laurel was the Lana Lang of Green arrow. But my bubble was burst because Dinah Laurel Lance is actually Black Canary. I just don't know if eventually Laurel will be cursed or if she is already.

    After the first half of the episode, there were many plot twists. And as has happened before, they weren't resolved; they were left as hooks for next episode.

    Moira's secrets keep coming up, some of them are even being exposed. Walter has discovered one of them. Which gets me thinking; I considered Walter a bad guy. I thought he helped Moira in the Queen's Gambit sabotage. Now I have to rethink everything. If he is suspecting Moira, it probably means he doesn't know about anything at all.

    Speaking of Moira's secrets. In this episode she got on a limousine, just like she regularly does. Usually, we can't see who she's talking to, but this time we did. And you wouldn't believe my reaction when I saw who it was: John Barrowman. The John Barrowman from the Doctor Who universe! I screamed like a little girl, paused the video and started hyperventilating and giggling. It was literally a huge surprise. He had only like five lines, but for what he said, it is possible he appears again. Fingers crossed. I was thinking of giving this episode five stars. After seeing Barrowman I thought I should give it like ten out of five stars.
  • Support

    While Tommy was noticeably absent in this episode, as well as severely missed, it was nice to see the minor characters Joanna de la Vega, Felicity Smoak and Carley Diggle getting a little more air time. In the long run, especially on comic-book-based television shows, minor characters can have major impact.

    It seems as if Oliver can't win Laurel over (he did cheat on her with her sister and all), yet Green Arrow has her waiting by the phone (sorta) after only one rendezvous. This sounds familiar and I was grateful when the writers put an end to the Superman-Lois Lane-Clark Kent-ish love triangle before the episode's finale. Hopefully it won't be resurrected in future episodes.

    Loved the allusion to Bludhaven, but hated the effects used to create the Queen's Gambit. With visual effects like those they might as well have left the audience in the dark about what Walter had discovered, as they did with Oliver's untimely arrest.

    As always, looking forward to next week.
  • An Innocent Man

    An Innocent Man was a great episode of Arrow and propels the show forward. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of action, intrigue and drama. The story picked up from the end of the previous episode where John learns the truth about Oliver and he is less than thrilled. It was awesome seeing Arrow contact Laurel to help an innocent man being framed by a man on his list. I liked the dilemma the situation put her through. Moira is under suspicion by her husband for withdrawing a large amount of money for shady purposes that don't add up. I liked the ending where there is a suspenseful scenario unfolding at the Queen Mansion. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!
  • Great, Great, Great

    While not completely top notch in every way, Arrow is forgiven for being somewhat unsophisticated because it delivers plain and simple entertainment value every time so far, and "Innocent Man" is no exception. I like how even though this is only the fourth episode of a superhero show, several people have already discovered Green Arrow's identity. The plot is moving at a nice pace and is dishing out constant exposition including trips down memory lane for our titular hero. I was overjoyed to see John Barrowman (of Torchwood fame) guest star as the "Well Dressed Man" in the car talking to Oliver's mother. From the sounds of their conversation his character is in cahoots with her own conspiracy of setting up her own husbands murder and the so-called "accidental" boating incident. Why she would do this with her own son on board as well is still as yet unknown. All in all, great episode of a great new show, and I will be continuing to follow it with great interest.
  • Another great episode! Arrow is here to stay!

    What a great episode. I am very curious how they're gonna solve the cliffhanger. I can't wait for the next episode. Katie Cassidy such a great actress, she would make a perfect Lois Lane. Kick-ass beautiful lawyer. I also loved how they put bits and pieces of the island story throughout the episodes. Stephen can really carry this show on his shoulder. His future certainly looks bright from my perspective. If it were up to me this show would definately get a second season.
  • More Like Batman Then Ever!

    Wow I am so loving this show!

    This episode, in particular It felt more like Batman Begins than ever.

    I loved how Oliver were able to contain his secret.

    His team up with Laurel was very reminiscent of Batman Begins as well.

    I loved Oliver's scenes with Diggle, I cannot wait to see how their partnership/relationship progresses!

    The twist at the ending was great I'm super excited for next week!