Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 2013 on The CW

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  • What an explosive ending!

    This episode was so entertaining - the position of Laurel in harm's way and the subsequent actions of both her father and Oliver was very interesting to watch.

    The scenes on the island were also interesting - I love the flashbacks, and I hope we get soe more answers soon!

    But best of all was Diggle going in and discovering more about Moira, including her involvement, setting up a final scene which was just beyond incredible.

    Loving it!
  • Betrayal

    Betrayal was a very entertaining and awesome episode of Arrow. The guest cast and new cast we're for mill your face is from other beloved TV shows and it was great to see them in new roles. It was intriguing to see detective Lance use his daughter in order to trap the Hood, but then seeks his help after that plan backfires. John learns more about Moira and it was very intriguing for Oliver to get a hint of the truth. I Lake how everything played out the action scenes were very awesome and the drama was interesting. I certainly look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Betrayal

    This episode was so awesome and entertaining that i felt it was only 5 min long it was fast paced. Finally there is some chemistry between oliver and laurel. With that said seeing the true or real Deathstroke was awesome he will train Oliver and then become his nemesis which i think will be a great and better nemesis than the dark archer.
  • Trust.

    A great episode. Laurel is definitely falling for the arrow.
  • Secrets And Lies

    Wow this show just keeps getting better!

    I loved how almost everyone was keeping some type of secret.

    Seeing Oliver so conflicted in this episode really tugged at my heart strings.

    I loved watching Diggle being the sensible and badass partner, he really isn't afraid to tell Oliver like it is!

    The Island flashbacks in this episode revealed another hidden ally he was pretty extreme, but I liked him!

    I am crazy exited 4 next week and to see what happens!