Season 2 Episode 11

Blind Spot

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 22, 2014 on The CW
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Laurel reaches out to Arrow for assistance in investigating Sebastian Blood, but he has her arrested for her drug use when she gets too close to his secrets. Meanwhile, Roy almost kills a man when he loses control of his newfound strength. In the past, Sarah tells Oliver a secret about her older sister.


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  • Another awesome episode.

    Another awesome episode. I just wish they'd kill off Laurels sister.
  • Clever Title

    Felicity's Line ' Come Home. There's nothing more we can do was my favourite because home is the place where he is just being him :) aka Felicity
  • Writers surely you realise that there is more to telling a story than what we see on the screen

    The art of movie making isn't just putting scenes on film, but also taking account of what is left out between the scenes, knowing that both assist in the flow of the narrative unfolding before the viewer. As viewers we watch what is being shown to us, and use our imaginations to fill in the gaps in between, creating the whole picture.

    Sometimes though, what's left un-show, is left un-shown because the writers had no idea how the scenes fit together, and they hope that because these scenes are un-shown, we won't question them.

    For example, a few episodes back, when The Arrow was ambushed by SWAT in Laurel's office, what was left un-shown was, how long were these police officers waiting and hiding in the shadows, hoping that The Arrow would make an appearance.

    Then there is one of the un-shown gaps in this episode:

    Scene 1: The Arrow is in Laurel's apartment, and asks for her help. They both leave her apartment from the front door. Then,

    Scene 2: both the Arrow and Laural are on the roof of the building where all the old police archived files are kept.

    How did they get from scene 1 to scene 2?

    I image, The Arrow and Laurel left Laurel's apartment, leisurely walked along the foyer, Ollie one step in front so as not to show Laurel his face, waited patiently at the elevators. Then walked into the available elevator, standing back to back, so as not to reveal The Arrows face to the other, whilst elevator music plays overhead. Only to stop on the way down to the ground floor, to allow a pregnant mother with her precocious 8 year old to get in. The kid turning to Ollie and saying, "Cool costume dude", to which Ollie would reply with a grunt under his breath.

    Finally, at street level, The Arrow and Laurel would debate whether they would take her car or his Arrow-cycle to the police storage building.

    And then, when they get to the building, my all the juicy scenarios I can think of regarding how they actually climbed onto the roof undetected, not the least of which is an image of Laurel standing on The Arrow's shoulders trying to reach a window ledge one storey above, while saying, "don't look up my skirt,", or an old Batman TV show wall climb with a rope, where obviously the 2 are standing vertical and the camera is at a ninety degree angle.

    Couldn't the writers have had The Arrow say, during scene 1, "meet me at this address," followed by him giving her a piece of paper with the detail, and then he leaves out the window he came in? The narrative of the story flow would be less jarring.

    As for the episode itself, the furthering of the Blood and Wilson story-lines, and the Harper difficulties made it all worthwhile. Only the Laurel as a substance abuser storyline, I could have done without. Am I the only one who just doesn't care about what happens to Laurel, and is completely uninterested in what a melodrama her life has become?moreless
  • I loved the new episode mush better than the last one!!!

    I would personally hate to see super powered heroes in Arrow because then it would kind of make Oliver an inferior hero.

    Also, having the flash in the show would mean that Oliver would not be as good as him at fighting! :(

    Another thing, what about Moira Queen and her company and the girl that Oliver slept with in Russia, where are they now?
  • We want more! :)

    Sebastian Blood's mask is very similar to the Batman's Scarecrow. In fact, for a few seconds, when I saw Blood's mother getting murdered, I thought it was the Scarecrow, only then to remember, no this is Blood's mask.

    Overall, this was an interesting episode. Finally, we get to see Arrow take on Roy as his protege.

    I'm really wondering about how Slade came to become Oliver's enemy. One would think that it's Shado's death, but I think there is much more to this. In an earlier episode of Arrow, it is said that Ivo dies on that island, but I also wonder if that is as far as Oliver knows..

    If the powers that be (DC) decide to have Arrow within the realm of Man of Steel's movie universe, then, it would be strange to have the man who created the Amazo android in the DC comic universe, be dead in the movie verse.

    Anyways, too bad this show doesn't have episodes every day! :)moreless
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Ana Mercedes

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