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Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jan 16, 2013 on The CW
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    Arrow "Burned" Review: Backdraft

    "Burned" saw Oliver coming to grips with his defeats and trying to find a new path.

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    Oliver, his confidence undermined by his defeat at the hands of the Dark Archer, goes up against a psychologically traumatized firefighter. The man has started committing acts of arson while calling himself Firefly. Meanwhile, Thea tries to cheer her mother up and Tommy throws a benefit for the firefighters.


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    • Terrific.

      This was a spectacular episode in which Oliver bounces back after the grim realities of what happened last time round with the other Archer.

      The scenes with Laurel were really well done, while Moira moves into the company to fill Walter's spot. The last few scenes were also spectacular and I love the cops and their plan to find the Hood!

      It is poised to be an interesting episode next time - can't wait!moreless
    • Burned

      Burned was a spectacular and shocking episode of Arrow. I really enjoyed watching because the story was well written and thought out and the actors were amazing in their roles. it was awesome to see more flashbacks of Oliver on the island fighting to survive as he was struggling presently to be the Hood loved how John was a great sidekick/partner for Oliver. Tommy really seems to be taking his new life seriously. Laurel investigates using methods her father was not happy about. The scenes with fire we're cool though somewhat disturbing. I liked how everything played out. the ending was awesome and I look forward to watching what happens next !!!!!!!!!moreless
    • Burned

      It was great to see Oliver losing his confidence and appear weak for once and for Diggle and Laurel to help him get back on the horse and fight crime and get justice from the people in the list. Loved to see Firefly and how he burned those people. They also finally gave Laurels' friend kind of a story line and her giving Arrow (oliver) the badge will make him realize that people think of him as a hero. Also Laurel's Dad went really dark in this episode by using his own daughter to find Arrow i dont know how Laurel will forgive him after she finds out. Overall the episode was about Oliver getting back in the game and the flashback helped the story move.moreless
    • A Solid Comeback!

      I really loved this episode, it wasted no time and jumped right back into the life of Oliver and his inner world. It was really great seeing more flashbacks to the Island and his struggles with the aftermath of not only the island but his near fatal dual with the other archer.

      Seeing Diggle step in to not only shake some sense into Oliver but to inspire him and comfort him was really great it shows how much their relationship/partnership has grown.

      Interweaving Oliver's main storyline with a serial killer targeting firefighters was really intriguing and defiantly kept my interest.

      Having Thea express her concerns and anger at her mom for the first time in a long time was a nice and subtle moment for her character you could tell in her delivery that she had been holding in so much for such a long time.

      I'm really excited to see how next week's episode goes!moreless
    Andrew Dunbar

    Andrew Dunbar

    Garfield Lynns/Firefly

    Guest Star

    Danny Nucci

    Danny Nucci

    Fire Chief Raynes

    Guest Star

    Fraser Corbett

    Fraser Corbett

    Lt. David Ellet

    Guest Star

    Annie Ilonzeh

    Annie Ilonzeh


    Recurring Role

    Lee Vincent

    Lee Vincent


    Recurring Role

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    • QUOTES (5)

      • Thea: I've seen the movie before.
        Oliver: Cut me some slack. I've been gone for a while and apparently I missed the cinematic genius that is Zac... Galafanak... is?

      • Oliver: Rotate your hips, Diggle. That's where the power comes from. It's not just your arms, even if they're the size of bowling balls.

      • Oliver: Who are you? Where's my friend Tommy Merlyn? The guy who once rented out a football stadium so that he could play strip kickball with models.
        Tommy: That guy needed a swift kick in his lazy ass.

      • Oliver: Speaking of Tommy, he told me that you're being very protective of your drawers. (Laurel glares) This is not a fancy term for your underwear.

      • Fire Chief: There's no way he could have survived that fire.
        Oliver: You'd be surprised the power revenge can give you.

    • NOTES (3)

      • Firefly
        Garfield Lynns first appeared in Detective Comics #184 (June 1952) and was created by France Herron and Dick Sprang. A Hollywood pyrotechnics expert, Lynns turned to crime and created an arsenal of fire weapons. He started out as a protege to Killer Moth but the villain soon realized that Lynns was a pyromaniac. Since striking out on his own, Lynns has had various ups and downs in his career, and was deeply scarred by the flames he loves. This is his first live-action appearance.

      • Injoke: Nodell Tower is named after Martin Nodell, who created the Golden Age Green Lantern under the pen name "Mart Dellon."

      • International Airdates:
        UK: January 21, 2013 on Sky1
        Sweden: April 9, 2013 on Kanal 5
        Portugal: August 25, 2013 on RTP
        Finland: December 5, 2013 on Sub

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