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I may as well start off with this: Arrow has been renewed for season 3
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*Back in November Arrow Executive Producer Greg Berlanti said there had been no discussions regarding connecting the Warner Bros. DC cinematic universe with the DC-based shows being made for The CW

Some time later there were quotes going around from Amell regarding the possibility of an appearance in an upcoming big screen DC movie (either Man of Steel 2 or a Justice League movie).

Amell has taken to is facebook page to clarify the situation:

"At no point, have I had "studio level" discussions about any feature films at Warner Bros."
(via Stephen Amell's facebook)

*Amell also likes to post Q&A videos on his facebook page, recently he posted one because he hit 750k "likes". During the Q&A, (which aired before the last episode), highlights included:

- "I would just like a third season." Hopefully, it will be more than that.
- We will find out what the tattoos all mean.
- Amell misses saying, "You have failed this city!"
- He didn't turn down a role in "Fifty Shades of Grey." He didn't even audition for it. "I read the book, and I didn't really like it ... I have a better job than 'Fifty Shades of Grey.' I play a superhero!"
- "I steal things from set sometimes."
- A bear visited Amell while shooting the Season 1 finale.
- "My life is roughly perfect." Yes. Yes it is.
- "At 22 years old, I would have totally f***ed this up."

You can watch the interview HERE

* A few episodes back Deathstroke was revealed in all his glory, and now concept sketches by costume designer Maya Mani and illustrator Andy Poon have emerged online:

* Arrow executive producer Andrew Kreisberg was stressing the importance of Nyssa al Ghul, "She's one of the most important figures in the League." he told a press conference at the CW headquarters.

Katrina Law told reporters, "I love the fact that she hasn't been in any movies, and interpretation is left wide open between the writers and myself, and what we want to do," Law told reporters. "I love that she's only been in the comic books I think a total of 19 times. Everything about her is just wide open. It's so much more fun than having something that's rigid and defined for you that you have to play with in the confines of a box."

The reason this is interesting is because executive producer Marc Guggenheim is quoted as saying "There are little nuggets that we've actually already sprinkled throughout this season that won't pay off this year -- it'll pay off next year. You'll see, 'There really was a plan. They really did know what they were doing.'"
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* Speaking of Nyssa Costume designer Maya Mani and costume illustrator Andy Poon teamed up to create the designs for how she would look and here is the concept art:

* Arrow exec Greg Berlanti has revealed to Digital Spy what fans can expect from the climax of season two :

"Every year we do one episode that's more primarily an all-island episode and the wraparounds for that - the story that's happening in the present - is a direct confrontation between Oliver and Slade,"

There's not much else, I couldn't see any mentions of Suicide Squad or Birds of Prey except: "Those are all things that are coming up - our own versions of those things,"
You can read the whole article HERE

TV Guide has details of The Huntress' return later this season, I won't include details but Marc Guggenheim had this to say:

"We consider Jessica a member of the Arrow family and we're looking forward to having her back for an episode everyone will be talking about after,"

* has an article with Stephen Amell where he reveals that there is a 5 year plan for the series:

“Oliver has a back story… and we have a plan to tell that backstory over 5 seasons. That’s the plan but all you ever think about is shooting episode 18 right now. That’s our forty-first episode… and all we think about is we need to make our forty-first episode better than our fortieth episode.”
He also talks about the season finale:

“Some people haven’t heard about the size and scope of our finale. We are actually saving money on episodes we are shooting right now so that we can put it into the finale. And I have no idea how they are gonna turn that around in time.”
You can read the entire article HERE

Here is a snippet of a Q&A from from the Dallas Comic Con where Stephen Amell reveals a couple of things :

Which leads me nicely to...


I may as well put this stuff in here as well.

* Digital Spy reveals there is a backup plan in case The Flash fails. Greg Berlanti revealed :

“Fingers crossed we don’t screw it up and he gets his own show!” says the producer. “If he didn’t, I don’t think we would ever want to let Grant go. He’s too valuable. That would be our hope, I think – no matter what, to keep Barry part of the universe.”

He also hinted at super powered villains:

"We've talked a lot on Arrow about the particle collider and Harrison Wells and S.T.A.R. Labs and so you'll see S.T.A.R. Labs as an active part of the show," .
* Screencrush has some casting details on the parts of Detective West, Iris West, Cisco Ramon, Catlin Snow, Harrison Wells, Detective Eddie Thawne (there is a bit of speculation going on about Detective Eddie Thawne - his name is very similar to a comic book character, that's all I'm going to say).

*In case you forgot, there already was a Flash TV series and it starred John Wesley Shipp. And he will be popping up in the pilot as a "mysterious character"
(via THR)

And I'll finish off with a promo for Arrow's next episode on February 26th:
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