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With the season coming to an end soon, plot lines have to be wrapped up and other plots put in place for season 3.

The following post has SPOILERS for the end of the season and some stuff on season 3.





If you have continued, don't say you weren't warned!

A good place to start is an Easter egg that is supposed to appear in an upcoming episode, tweeted by Marc Guggenheim:

For the non comic book fans, Ferris Air is the company that Hal Jordan, (Green Lantern), works for.

*Speaking of Easter eggs, Harley Quinn's brief appearance in the episode 'Suicide Squad' was a nice touch, and here is a cast photo from that episode with Cassidy Alexa facing the camera this time:

*In the episode 'Deathstroke', Slade put his plan into action with an assist from Isabel Rochev, (Summer Glau), and according to leaked images she might be more than she seems:

(via PUNKD Images)
The costume she is wearing is probably a nod to the comic book character Ravager, who in the characters 5th comic book incarnation is Slade Wilson's illegitimate daughter Rose Wilson.
What do you think of the costume?

*GreenArrowTV has synopsis for the remaining episodes of season 2,and you can read them HERE

*DC All Access has a featurette up involving Arrow and there are some hints that season 2 has laid some ground work for season 3, as well as some other tidbits:

(via Dc Entertainment)

* Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg tells the Hollywood Reporter that Laurels reaction to finding out about Oliver is surprising:

"I think that Laurel's reaction to finding out the news -- for one, not just taking it at face value, but being smart about it -- her emotional reaction to the news is surprising. I think most people assume she's going to react one way," Kreisberg said, alluding to her past days spent popping pills and drinking excessively. "That she reacts in a different way is great."

You can read the full interview HERE

* Here's a preview for the next episode:

Danielle Panabaker and Carlos Valdes from the Flash pilot will be appearing in this episode.

*The cast and crew have released some behind the scenes photos from the finale:

(via facebook accounts of Stephen Amell, Paul Blackthorne, Marc Guggenheim and Stunt Coordinator James Bamford.)

* Den of Geek has an article where Manu Bennett lets slips about a villain for season 3, you can read the whole thing HERE

*Andrew Kreisberg told TV Fanatic about plans for the new episodes, saying that the third run will start with Oliver "in very different circumstances", and the continuing impact for season 3:

"[Oliver] being in different circumstances [in season three] changes the circumstances of his paid bodyguard [Diggle] and his paid assistant [Felicity] since he can no longer pay them."

(via TVFanatic )

*Here is an image from Episode 22 which should be worrisome for Ollie and co.:

(via Canadagraphs.)

And I'll finish with a very cool fan made vid from VeritasProductions·:

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