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In advance of its presence at Comic-Con this weekend, Arrow is starting to reveal some new details about Season 3, starting with Roy's (Colton Haynes) new costume as he assumes the Arsenal mantle.

Take a look!

It's in step with the show's approach to Oliver's costume, what with the leather-y look and all. I like the crimson coloring and the fade-out from the bottom of the jacket (which still looks like a hoodie, a nice nod to Roy's old standby) to the pants, but I'm not really sold on the laces, as they seem primed to get caught on something. 

Perhaps more importantly, I'm glad that Roy is skipping straight to the Arsenal moniker as opposed to adopting Speedy, which is already taken, thanks to it being Thea's nickname and all, or Red Arrow, which may've caused confusion since Oliver's not even going by Green Arrow, just the Arrow.

However, I also dig it because, while Roy enjoyed the perks and perils of the mirakuru serum, he's without that particular edge now, and since he lacks the extensive training that Oliver has, helping fight bad guys with a few extra weapons—namely, spare arrows and what look like escrima sticks in the boots—makes sense to me.

Arrow will likely have more Season 3 tidbits to share when the cast and producers convene for the show's Comic-Con panel on Friday. Warner Bros. TV and DC Entertainment will also be hosting an event this weekend, to promote their TV properties hitting the airwaves this fall. Stay tuned for more news!

What do you think of Roy's new costume?

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