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"You cannot die until you have suffered, the same way I have suffered. Until you have known complete despair. And you will. I promise." - Slade Wilson to Oliver Queen

1. I enjoyed this Island-centric episode. Oliver, Slade and Sara coming up with plans as a teams is interesting to watch. Also, I have to admit that I had I was quite fond of the moment when Slade called Oliver his brother. Sigh…the good old times. I cannot believe that Slade still has such a strong resentment against Oliver for killing Shado (so long ago ) that it makes him want to kill his ENTIRE family. Well, that means that Slade had an ENORMOUS amount of love for Shado (even thought she basically "chose" him last) if it equates to killing Oliver's entire family and every one he loves. Hmm...

2. SLADE WILSON is in Starling City and I was loving every minute of it. The tension and open hatred that Oliver could not hide against Slade was so amusing to watch. It seems as though Moira was enjoying EVERY SINGLE MOMENT of it. He is so damn charming and crafty. It seems as though he knows everything. Speaking of, I thought that the tour Slade wanted of the house was kind of pointless until, at the end, it showed how Slade was secretly planting camera around the house. What? Mr. Genius. Watch, out Ollie. Slade is trying to make good on his threat: OPERATION MAKE YOU SUFFER.

3. My favorite moment (as corny as it may be) occurs when Slade's and Oliver's wear their respective "costumes" on the island that are eventually upgraded in the "future" (if that makes sense). I love a good "come full circle" idea/story. Also, the ACTION scenes had me on the edge of my chair. I love a good action scene and all of them were well done.

The birth of Arrow and the rise of Deathstroke. The birth of Arrow and the rise of Deathstroke.

4. "Team Arrow" was so uneasy and nervous for Oliver (because of Slade). It was great to see them all try to help Oliver even it was for a nanosecond.

5. I could seriously gush how wonderful Slade was in this episode. The writers showed all sides of his personality in this episode (I think). It was so fun to watch. He is going to be an AWESOME villain. He is so cold-hearted. I mean he really does not give a shit. Once they do not mess his character up with a lame redeemable story that messes every bad ass character.

BRAVO to Oliver and Slade in this episode. This is one of Arrow's best episodes (along with the episodes with Barry Allen/Flash in them of course).

Why does the next episode have to be in 2 weeks? What's up with this torture? I hope this Suicide Squad Episode is worth the wait.

*Totally random points that stood out to me.
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