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After news broke earlier today that The CW is considering a a potential Arrow spin-off centered on DC Comics superhero The Flash, my mind immediately hurdled over logistics and reason and honed in on the most important question to arise from this news: Which overly pretty man should play said superhero? If he's going to have to stand next to Stephen Amell for even a little bit—we'll see The Flash's origin story during Arrow's second season—he's going to have to look good. Also, there's that thing where I don't think you can get a job on a CW show if you don't have the face of an angel and the body of one of those ancient Greek statues, which narrows the field considerably.

Using an extremely secretive scientific formula, I've compiled the following list of potential candidates for The Flash. Some of these were submitted via Twitter, some were borne from my own highly creative mind. Some were included based only on a Google search for pictures of Taylor Kitsch's abdominal muscles in Savages. So without further ado, the top six candidates:

Justin Hartley

Why he'd be a good fit: He's got superhero experience, having played Oliver Queen on The WB/The CW's Smallville. And he only got that job because the pilot of the Aquaman spin-off he anchored wasn't picked up. 

Why he wouldn't take it: Hartley recently booked the juicy role of Victoria Grayson's long-lost son on ABC's Revenge.

Michael Rosenbaum

Why he'd be a good fit: Much like Hartley, Rosenbaum is no stranger to the world the comic book-based television series. He starred as Clark Kent's friend-turned-nemesis Lex Luthor for six seasons on Smallville before leaving the show to explore other opportunities. Though he came back for guest appearances, he was never a main character after that. At least this role wouldn't require him to shave his head/wear a bald cap every day.

Why he wouldn't take it: He might be tired of the superhero stuff. 

Gabriel Mann

Why he'd be a good fit: He's already proven that he has what it takes to take down immoral bad guys as Emily Thorne's billionaire sidekick Nolan Ross on ABC's Revenge. Sure, he usually leaves the physical combat to Em in favor of focusing on popped collars and expensive high-tech gadgetry, but we've seen him in the boxing ring and think he's up for the challenge.

Why he wouldn't take it: He's the best part of another show.

Devon Sawa

Why he'd be a good fit: Sawa's time as Owen/Sam on The CW's Nikita is almost up; the series will air its swan song this fall. And everyone knows The CW likes to hire from within—Stephen Amell appeared in a few episodes of The Vampire Diaries before landing the role of Oliver Queen, and Katie Cassidy has appeared on Supernatural, Melrose Place, Gossip Girl, etc. Bonus points: Sawa already has the abdominal muscles necessary for appearing shirtless on The CW, and he's got a built-in fan base from those years spent as a teen heartthrob. 

Why he wouldn't take it: He's too busy taking over Twitter.

Zach Gilford

Why he'd be a good fit: The man formerly known as Friday Night Lights' QB1 needs a role on a quality show after working on a string of canceled dramas that were unworthy of his face and talents. And while there's no guarantee a spin-off will be as successful as its parent series, Arrow fans are loyal and likely to follow from one show to another.

Why he wouldn't take it: He's holding out hope for the Saracen-and-Landry-focused Friday Night Lights spin-off about Crucifictorious's attempts to win the West Texas Battle of the Bands.

Matt Davis

Why he'd be a good fit: Davis deserves to lead a show that people actually watch. Cult was not that show. Plus, his character was killed off The Vampire Diaries (R.I.P., Alaric) despite all those letters I sent to Julie Plec begging her to spare him. He's good, he's worked on The CW before, and he's very easy on the eyes. Also, my soul needs this.

Why he wouldn't take it: He's busy writing TVD fan fiction and/or returning to the show full-time now that it's exploring The Other Side.



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