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In "Collision Course" all the major players are just big ole bag of dicks, aren't they?

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to think that the current "civil war" is supposed to be a case of everyone has good intentions (which was the title of tonight's Supernatural episode), or we're not supposed to sympathize with anyone, or what. Obviously, I tend toward the latter. The motivations are so murky and contradicting that it's hard to "get" anyone's point of view here.

But first of all... yes, I'm back. Since staff (does TVcom have a staff anymore?) didn't do a TVGuide review or if they did, it didn't get transferred here. So here we go.

Let's recap. The money that Cayden extorted from Star City to not detonate the thermobaric bomb has gone missing, and Star City is in dire straits. Oliver makes one of those "you know he's making a promise he can't keep" promises to get the money back within 48 hours. I suppose he doesn't have a choice, and he's just doing this to buy time. But it sure seems like he honestly believes that he's going to get the money back.

Apparently Laurel somehow found the time to go down to Corto Maltese and withdraw the money. She must have done this in a relatively short time period, since Oliver is just now getting word that Cayden is dead. Corrupt police captain Hill tells him that an inmate randomly killed Cayden. She's in Dragon's pocket, remember.

But either Laurel went to Corto Maltese and took out Cayden's money before he was dead. Or she did it after he was dead. But she got a gunshot wound while Cayden was still alive. So I'm confused here. She got out of Star City and left town to get all the extortion money, but then... came back? Laurel can't escape again, because Dinah is hunting her. But Dinah has been hunting Laurel since Laurel murdered Vince. So Laurel stole the money before she murdered Vince? Huh?

Lest we forget, Quentin took the wounded Laurel away. He's holding her in a cabin apparently outside of Star City (so he can get out of town but Laurel can't?). Quentin is terrible at keeping secrets, which is what everyone on the show is unless the plot requires otherwise. Both teams use their magic-tech (tm) to determine that someone took Laurel away. Thea finally trails Quentin to the cabin, and calls Team Arrow. During an earlier confrontation where Team Arrow confronted the Outsiders or whatever they're called, Rene planted a bug on Oliver. So the Outsiders learn where Quentin is and head out there.

Oh, and so if you do to someone else what you objected to them doing, it's karma or payback or whatever. Just goes to show that a hypocrite is someone you don't like, while "payback" is for the people you do like.

And during the earlier confrontation, Team Arrow storms into the Outsider's base, aka ex-Helix HQ. Oliver and Felicity act like dicks, and Rene does some trash talk on Oliver which I don't get. He says that Oliver will be ashamed when William finds out that Oliver is Arrow. But… William already knows? Why doesn't Oliver point that out?

Rene also calls Oliver a "thug", which is funny coming from the guy who carries a gun and shoots people.

It also makes Rene out to be a dick, because he's using Oliver's son against him. When the FBI used Rene's daughter against him to rat on Full Team Arrow. Also, Dinah says that Rene paid the price for betraying Oliver. But… he didn't, did he? Sure he got kicked out of Team Arrow, but he ended up with a new team and a spiffy new base. Rene also doesn't seem concerned about his daughter Zoe, who still lives in Star City, right? When it shuts down due to the missing funds, isn't she going to get hurt as well? He and Curtis makes a few noises about getting the money, but they otherwise pretty much go along with Dinah's "I'm going to kill Laurel" plan.

Also, Laurel is still a police whatever-she-is and butting into cases like Oliver having the city accountant try and get the money back. I'm not clear why Oliver and Quentin are having her stay on the force. And if they're doing it because they're nice guys… the Outsiders sure aren't giving them credit for it. Doesn't Laurel work for the city and/or Oliver? I get that the mayor can't just order police officers around, but is a mayor really powerless against a rogue officer?

That's what I mean about weird motivations. The whole thing is like a giant chess game where the creative team has Character X do Y to get into Position Z.

Anyhoo, Curtis sabotages Diggle's arm implant so that he not only loses its benefits but gives off a tracking signal. Why do both? Team Arrow only knows the Outsiders are coming to the cabin because Diggle clutches at his arm and screams in pain. Way to announce your arrival, guys. After a brief standoff, Quentin leads Laurel away while Team Arrow covers their escape. There are a few good battle moments, like Terrific using his T-Spheres to deflect Arrow's arrows. But it's all filmed in a dark forest so it's hard to make out a lot of what's going on.

I think Arrow eventually kicks Wild Dog into a tree. Which opens up Wild Dog's gunshot wound from earlier this season. Black Canary catches up to Quentin, knocks him out, and prepares to kill Laurel. But Terrific shows up and convinces her that she's not a murderer. Arrow shoots Canary with a sonic dampener arrow, but Wild Dog shows up and then collapses and they call off the fight to get him to the hospital.

In the end, Oliver has to tell the city reps that he didn't get the money. Felicity and Diggle try to visit Rene in the hospital, but Curtis and Dinah tell them to get lost and they're not cooperating with Team Arrow. So... if the city needs their coordinated efforts, too bad? Way to be selfish dicks, guys.

Laurel has escaped but reopened her wound escaping and finds who I think is a city worker. She gives her real name and I'm not quite clear why this is a big moment since it's... well, her real name. They've been calling her Laurel all along, so why is it so dramatic when she does it? And... the episode ends.

The whole thing is kind of a mess to get all the playing pieces to the big "civil war"-style showdown between the two teams. For a 22 to 23-episode season, things seem awfully rushed. Not only is Quentin figuring that Earth-2 Laurel is like his Laurel, but Oliver seems to have some of the same issues. And I'm not sure they've really set up how much Team Arrow relates the two Laurels to each other. Katie Cassidy's on-again/off-again appearances and all the other subplots tend to obscure what they're trying to do.

Curtis, who is typically the voice of reason, cripples Diggle. Maybe it was to give the Outsiders an advantage in the upcoming fight, but it still seems like a dick thing to do. As I noted, Oliver and Felicity barge into the Outsiders HQ without so much as a by-your-leave. Rene is so dickish that before they showed who was the true mastermind, I wondered if he was the secret traitor. Setting yourself up as a traitor (by squealing to the FBI) to conceal the fact that you're a greater traitor seems pretty sneaky. But also subtler than the creative team wanted to try.

Dinah is pulled back from the brink of murder, but it's kind of flat because I'm still not feeling her passion for Vince and desire for revenge. They weren't together that long, and Vince ignored Oliverto go off on his undercover mission. Oliver's "If you hadn't gotten involved, Vince would be alive" speech to the Outsiders is kind of flat because that's not what got him killed. Vince got Vince killed. He ignored Dinah, he ignored Oliver.

That's not to say that Curtis or Rene telling Dinah, "Hey, it ain't Oliver's fault and Vince was a dick" lacks drama. But again, it isn't a route that the creative team wants to take.

And I'm still not seeing that the new team is that different. Sure, they talk things out. Then they go along with Dinah's murder spree anyway. Every time that they suggest they do something other than get revenge, she shuts them down. Yay, democracy.

And Rene steals one of Curtis' bugs to bug Oliver. So... it's okay to steal from your teammates but not bug them? It's okay to bug your enemies but not your friends? That seems like an odd double standard.

Felicity passes off all the lousy privacy-invasion things that she's done with some glib remarks and cultural allusions. Again, I'm not sure if we're supposed to think that she's a bad guy or a good guy. Maybe that's the point, but unlike last season when she was doing shady things, this year they're not playing up the fact that she's going to the dark side. I don't mind shades of gray, but the creative team seems to just be shoving people around to get to where they want to go.

Rene has a daughter in the city but cares more about Dinah than his daughter? No problem. Dinah works for Oliver and the city? Sure, go rogue. Curtis cripples Diggle and pretty much throws away his partnership with Felicity? Go for it!

Meanwhile, we don't see Dragon after the not-so-dramatic reveal before the Olympics that he's the real mastermind. We do find out that one-shot character DA Armand is back and in Dragon's pocket as well, and he and Hill are conspiring to bring Oliver down. Which is another subplot that wanders in and out when the creative team needs to fill some airtime.

And how did Dragon set up the computer hacks to frame Oliver for Owen's murder? Is Dragon that good a computer hacker, or does he have one working for him?

So I'll keep watching Arrow. Why not? But right now it's watching unpleasant people do unpleasant things. I don't want the show to present clear-cut heroics all season. But either the creative team needs to go through with the consequences of everything they've done. Which would seem to ruin the show as we know it. Or clear the whole board with some kind of game changing end-of-season upheaval.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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Mar 05, 2018
Terrific pretty much implied that hurting Diggle is a side effect, not his actual intent. He reporgramed the nanos to broadcast a signal and the pain is a side effect. Maybe they aren't healing him or something at the time?

Either way, that was quite clear from his "I have an idea but it will hurt John"

Other than that? I agree. Arrow was never a show that made sense, but the reason I can enjoy Legends now and keep face palming on Arrow is that Legends don't take itself too serious while Arrow is always so melodramatic.

I'm not sure how Laurel got the money, or even if she got the money (could she be set up \ lying or something?!? Maybe that's not her in the video, Dragon is good with photoshoping videos, right?)

But to be honest, how much worse is it from last episode where Cayden wants to know who killed his son, so he forces Oliver to grab the 3 suspects then begin by saying to one of them he knows it's not her.

Makes so much sense...
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