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Wednesday 8:00 PM on The CW (Returning October 7, 2015)

San Diego Comic-Con's Ballroom 20, the second-largest venue in the convention center, hosted a couple thousand Arrow fans (as well as a few lingering The Vampire Diaries fans from the previous panel who fainted in their seats over revelations of their favorite characters joking about getting gay with each other) to have a lovely chat about where the show goes in season 2. The panel included stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, the apparently quite-squee-worthy Colton Haynes, Emily Bett Rickards, and David Ramsey; as well as producers Marc Guggenheim, Greg Berlanti, and Andrew Kreisberg.; as well as a late surprise visit by John Barrowman.

The sizzle reel for season 2 included looks at Summer Glau's turn as comic villain, and owner of legs, Isabel Rochev; the Arrowcave getting upgraded by Ms. Smoak; Detective Lance pounding the beat from a demotion; and a blond costumed character fighting who might just happen to look exactly like Black Canary.

Topics included Stephen Amell's prosthetic scars being applied (and the question of how long it took to apply his prosthetic abs, a particularly funny rip that he rebutted well with "30 days after that mid-season break"); 'shipping between Ollie and Felicity, and Felicity and Diggle; a shift in roles such as Thea running the nightclub (the irony was not lost on the audience); Michael Jai White playing Bronze Tiger; Sebastian "Brother" Blood (if you read New Teen Titans in the '80s, you'd know the character); the return of Deadshot; and Slade Wilson's descent into Deathstroke which the producers suggested we'd see a clue of in the season premiere. Amell's biggest change from season 1 to 2 was that when he came to Comic-Con last year, he was able to walk convention floor with ease, the power of Arrow's popularity or the general over-packed insanity of SDCC'13?

The biggest theme however seemed to be Ollie no longer wanting to be the vigilante "The Hood", that the character was changing due to Tommy's death and wanted to go by another name, as seen in the sizzle reel when holding up an arrow with a green tip. The topic came up over and over, season 2 will bring in more new heroes and changes in our existing heroes and characters. Roy would be heading down some path, and while Laurel may not be the first Black Canary just as season 1's first glimpse of "The Hood" was actually Yao Fei instead of Oliver Queen, but Ms. Lance would be inspired by it. But Ollie's journey would be especially difficult given as his alter-ego would rise to heroics, his public name would be tied to mass-murder as Moira will spend the season working towards redemption.

And one big surprise showed up partway through the panel with the entrance of John Barrowman, who might just be returning in Season 2 despite Malcolm Merlyn being dead... flashback?

So a lot of season 2 action in the Arrow Comic-Con panel, one that did not disappoint the CW's number one show's faithful fans.

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