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Wednesday 8:00 PM on The CW (Returning October 7, 2015)
The cliffhanger of Time of Death has had me so insanely excited that it has galvanized me to post about the show today. As seen through both the present day and the island flashbacks Oliver and Slade are racing towards a huge battle. We have seen each of their skills when facing various foes. Based on all of that my question isn't so much who is better, but how the hell can Arrow beat Deathstroke in the present day?

We have seen Oliver beat a Mirakuru powered foe once so far(Cyrus Gold), but he barely won and on top of that the guy wasn't a super skilled fighter. Just a powerhouse. Oliver is incredibly skilled in many ways, but I cannot fathom him beating Slade. So why don't we as a community play a game. Let's post about the advantage both Arrow and Deathstroke have whether that be personal skill or even allies and debate over who would win. This doesn't have to be one on one. We can utilize all of Team Arrow and any other weapons at each man's disposal. I'll start us off and double as an example.

I'll post in a separate post from this OP one point of discussion and we can discuss in detail how much of an advantage it is or how it could be a disadvantage for either Arrow or Deathstroke. Just reply to it with your views and if you want to discuss another point make a separate post and we can reply to that in the same vein. Let's begin and have fun!
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