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Wednesday 8:00 PM on The CW
Was going to post at TV forum, but everything according to Gislef (hey brother), is being moved here. I too was skeptical about superhero stuff on TV. The animated yes, but the live action, beyond Heroes has left me blah.

But I looked at online reviews and just finished all of season one of arrow on netflix. There are several things I like. One, I loved that they didn't do this 30 minute backstory on how he came to be, but showing several episodes where he learns basic things and isn't just a bada$$ all of sudden. Two, all the women can fight, Laurel, Huntress, even Mamma Queen can handle a gun. Three I love that even those in his circle; Diggle and Felecity have questions about boundaries and lines. Don't remember hearing too much of this morality in the bat cave. Finally, I love the old fashioned end of show cliff hangar, plot twist, and irony. It's kinda like having a twilight zone outer limit experience but with superheroes.
Overall it's really enjoying story and fight scenes. I'll start recording the new episodes with the hope of getting caught up somewhere in the spring.
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