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Wednesday 8:00 PM on The CW (Returning October 8, 2014)
Just a caveat before I get into the review of this week's episode - I am completely unfamiliar with the Arrow comic book canon, so if I am missing out any inside information please let me know.

This week's cold open started off with a shirtless Oliver exercising on his favorite piece of gym equipment:

The action then turned to the story that we would follow through the rest of the episode. We began with a scene of two anonymous bikers attempting to ambush a FEMA truck.

However, Roy was continuing his goal of achieving redemption for himself and also fulfilling his desire to save the city much like his hero the Hood. Roy heard about the hijacking on a police scanner and by some miraculous good fortune just happened to be in the right place to intervene.

Roy managed to eliminate one of the hijackers, but was run off the road by the second hijacker completely totaling his car and leaving him a little bit worse for wear.

Meanwhile, Roy's efforts to save the FEMA truck turned out to be for naught as the white haired woman in charge of the triads (China White? - has her name ever actually been said during the show?) killed both drivers and stole the FEMA truck.

Oliver and Diggle then had a short conversation about the difficulty in restarting the Vigilante's activities without a clearly defined list of targets. Oliver also took a chance to ask Diggle about his relationship with Carly after hearing that her workplace had been robbed only the day before. It was at this point that Thea received the phone call informing her that Roy had been arrested once again. In the police station Laurel was not happy with Roy and his continued attempts to be a hero. Laurel attempted to convince Roy that the Hood wasn't a figure that should be looked up to by telling him the story of how she had once been seduced by his actions into believing that he was a force for good, but that he had failed her in the end.

Thea was not a happy camper about Roy's return trip to jail and stormed out after Laurel released him without charges. Oliver then took a turn to try and talk a little bit of sense into Roy.

Oliver and Roy connected for a moment over their shared sources of motivation before Roy filled him in on what the Triads were doing with the FEMA trucks. Apparently the Triads were stealing much needed medicine that was heading to a hospital in the Glades and no one was successfully doing anything about it. This sounded like a good starting point for the Hood's next assignment so Oliver and Diggle went to check out the hospital the next day. We were then introduced to Alderman Blood who was having a press conference outside the hospital deploring the conditions of the medical care available to the residents of the Glades.

Blood's reception to Oliver was not exactly "nice" and Oliver made his exit quickly as he was serenaded with boos from the crowd. Back in Queen Consolidated Felicity was not thrilled with her new job assignment as Oliver's executive assistant.

However, Diggle had a more devil may care attitude about their respective secret identities as he went with one that could only be described as fantastic. Team Oliver was able to track down when the next FEMA shipment was headed out and Oliver Hooded up. We were then introduced to a new bad guy who is apparently now partners with the Triad.

Again, apparently this is another character from the comic book, but we were given no identification for him other than that he is Wolverine and I will refuse to call him any other name until we the TV viewership are given one. I am just anticipating the Flash episodes were we don't heard the name "The Flash" for 5 episodes. Anyway, Oliver's intervention was unsuccessful as the police arrived too late to save the FEMA truck, but just in time to mess with Oliver because as Felicity pointed out - they have their priorities in order. Also, Laurel was there for some reason, because I guess low level district prosecutors always ride along with the police at night

After Oliver expressed his frustration with the police to Felicity and Diggle about their interference with his efforts, Felicity took him to task about everything else that was going on with his friends (primarily Diggle). Apparently, Diggle and Carly had broken up because Diggle wasn't able to fully separate his real life and his life as the Hood's sidekick. It also did not help that Diggle was still plagued by the thought that Deadshot (who killed his brother) was still alive and free.

Oliver's first attempt at making amends came in a meeting with Blood (really guys? not a huge fan of this super blatant name) where Oliver staked his claim that he was his own man and did want to help the Glades. He put forth the idea that he would become the face of the Glades recovery effort by throwing a fundraiser for all of his "elite" friends, which seemed to be the one thing that would satisfy Blood's desire to see some movement from the upper class.

Oliver's next stop on the making amends train was to Laurel's office in the form of the Hood.

Essentially Laurel blames the Hood 100% for Tommy's death (conveniently forgetting the fact that Malcolm was guy who set off the earthquake machines and that Mrs. Queen was also involved - oh and also that hey isn't this the police's job in the first place). Okay, as much as I think her rationalization is ridiculous - it actually makes sense. Finding a single person to focus all of the blame on when something bad happens is extremely common and it actually works (for me at least) to move the Laurel-Oliver-Hood plotline forward. After this Debby-Downer of a situation for Oliver he headed to the fundraiser that he was supposed to be throwing with Blood.

Unfortunately for Oliver/Hood the latest FEMA truck delivery coincided with the timing of the fundraiser leaving Oliver with a decision to make - would he try and reclaim the Hood's mantle as a force for justice or would he try and wear the White Cap in his public life as Oliver Queen. In the end, he chose to try and save the Hood, which left Blood fuming with Oliver's disregard for the people of the Glades.

Team Oliver's plan to distract the police from getting involved in his business came with an anonymous phone tip of a Hood sighting and a hacked video feed courtesy of:

Once again it came down to a fight between the Hood (this time with Diggle) versus the Triads and Wolverine. Diggle's vigilante outfit left a lot to be desired

Oliver eventually defeated Wolverine using one of his electrical arrows and Diggle was in a fight with China White before Oliver arrived to make sure things didn't get out of hand.

Back in Queen Tower after a successful day Oliver and Diggle had a heart to heart to clear things up.

Oliver then took it upon himself to bring Roy into the fold in the perfect way without letting Roy know his identity. Roy would be Oliver's eyes and ears in the Glades to provide him with future targets.

However, Oliver's next decision was a poor one and I would say costly, but this is a TV show and I'm sure there is an out here somewhere.

This Week on the Island

Oliver struggled with his turn as a killer last week with Shado and Slade taking turns trying to help Oliver come to terms with the two sides of himself.

Slade's approach was to be his usual gruff self and come from the angle of being a soldier, while Shado approached it as Oliver's need to protect her and be a hero. This led to some shirtless hugging between Oliver and Shado and of course a reminder that for some reason we have a love triangle on the island now.

Then we got down to the interesting storyline on the island - who were the men from last week and what did they want? Slade and Shado found a map on the bodies and Slade recognized it immediately, because (and he was so happy about this)

The map led to a cave with misshapen skeletons of Japanese soldiers from the 1940s. This is also apparently where Oliver decided

How do you think Arrow should introduce important comic book canon characters? Should they be given names or should we be expected to know who everyone is?

Do you like the way Season 2 has setup the Laurel-Hood dynamic?

What is Blood's gameplan here?

And just so you know where I stand on this little matter:

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