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I confess to being somewhat skeptical of Arrow when it was announced a couple of years ago. In my mind, failures like The Cape were still fresh memories, and the CW's previous DC show Smallville was a bit too tween for me, its final efforts to create a DC Universe hindered by budgetary constraints and some bad writing.

So, when the first step of the Arrow creative team was to wipe the slate clean, and go for a new incarnation of the Green Arrow (no disrespect intended to Justin Hartley, but Amell makes for a better GA), my hopes got a little higher.

And they continued to rise with the first trailer, and then even more with the excellent action-packed pilot. I felt the show´s tone, both plotwise and visually, was on the spot, and it told a story I wanted to hear, not only as a comic book fan, but as a general TV viewer, as well.

The first season had its ups and downs, but delivered in spades on the drama, action and establishment of a credible universe, which always felt much larger, and more organic, than, for instance, Agents of Shield, who relies too much on inconsequential name dropping and movie references (I must point out that I'm more of a Marvel comic book fan than a DC one). Standouts would be the almost island exclusive episode "The Odyssey," one of the most fun and exiting hours of TV I've ever seen, and the season finale, which cleverly shook up the show's status quo, while setting up lots of plot lines.

The sophomore slump is an affliction that usually affects young TV shows that start out great, and descend into a fiery pit in their second year, like Heroes did. Even Lost suffered from that, its second season being the weakest of its run.

Not Arrow, no siree. The writing team came out full steam ahead, developing plots from the first season, and introducing us to a coerent universe that appeals to both comic book fans and general public: even someone who doesn't know what the hell is an "Amazo" is will be thrilled by the nefarious plans of Professor Ivo and his quest for the Mirakuru (or Miraclo) serum. The island flashbacks continue to be some of the best parts the show delivers, and I love how they are becoming increasingly relevant to the present storyline.

After several episodes that developed old characters like Thea, Roy, Felicity (that girl is the best!) and Diggle, while introducing a couple of new ones like Sara Lance/Black Canary, the show is pushing on a bold direction, kicking open the doors to a bigger canvas: discovering that the big bad from last season, the Dark Archer, is but a disavowed and unimportant member of the League of Assassins is an example of that expansion. Add that to the introduction of Slade Wilson to the present storyline as a main villain; the leader of the aforementioned League Ra's Al Ghul, with his connections to Batman, and the Mirakuru/Miraclo serum (which will undoubtedly connect to the proposed Hourman show), and you get a DC Universe with enough potential to crossover to the big screen.

Sure, there are some kinks to iron out, Laurel Lance being the most notable, but, as far as I can tell, Arrow could become the show that sets the template for superheroic TV.

That said, bring on more episodes starting January the 15th!!
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