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Anyone who has been watching season 2 of Arrow can't have missed all the references to S.T.A.R. Labs that have been airing on the local news - initially I thought that it would just be a way of introducing The Flash, but what if it is something more?

And yes, this is going to get nerdy, so if comic book references annoy you - stop reading now.

Ok, are they gone......good.

Its been speculated that DC is hoping to go down the MARVEL route and establish a multi format franchise for its various properties, and some see Arrow as the beach head for the TV arm of this plan. So far its done a good job of introducing human characters, both heroes and villains - but what about the meta humans?

Well I think S.T.A.R. Labs is as good an opportunity as DC could wish for - an accident at a big laboratory! Multiple casualties, developing multiple powers!

But as there are so many possibilities, I am going to limit myself to the possible impact on the Arrow universe, so any characters tied to either The Outsiders or JLA could be included - as Ollie has been a member of both groups


We already have a Black Canary and possible Speedy/Red Arrow (Roy Harper). Its been widely publicized that The Flash will be introduced, but why stop there? What follows is a list of possible heroes that could be tied to a S.T.A.R. Labs incident -

Cyborg - after The Flash, Cyborg would be the obvious choice for a hero made via a lab accident. He is present in most of the current formats. Present in the comics, TV cartoons and the animated movies. He is a prominent member of Young Justice and the JLA.

The Atom - Ray Palmer is a scientist, so he is a possibility. An accident at S.T.A.R. labs could be used to explain how he makes the breakthrough in his size changing experiments.

Metamorpho - THAT TRUCK! As he already has a small tie in to Arrow - via the chemical factory in the Dollmaker episode - this is a bigger possibility than most. So be on the lookout to see or hear the name Rex Mason in the Arrow continuity.

Fusion - couldn't get a pic for this one. An energy being comprised of Ed and Beth Wilder, whose metagenes were activated by a radiation accident in lab 9 at S.T.A.R. labs

Deadzone - no pic either. A navy seal who get fused with combat armor at.....S.T.A.R. labs

And the farthest possibility =

Plastic Man - I know a lot people would sh*t on this idea, and it might get tiresome after a while - but an insane shape shifting skeeze would be funny. This will probably never happen...but I can dream!

I'll cover villain possibilities in a couple of days time.

Were there any DC heroes I missed that has an origin story that could tie into a S.T.A.R. labs accident?
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