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Team Arrow has been growing as of the last two episodes alone and this worries me. In the very beginning this show struck me as dark (still does at times) and I loved it! The main reason for it was because there wasn't really any safety net for Oliver. Then Diggle came along which was fine, more than fine it was great and later Felicity. I was completely fine with that! Every superhero needs their Oracle or their Chloe if we go for something closer to home (home = CW).

As of late, Roy has been invited to Team Arrow and he's all superpower-y. I hate it. Absolutely hate it. More of this:

This however:

Before he became all superpower dude, we saw a lot of similarities between him and Oliver. Only difference was experience and skill. We saw a lot of hand-to-hand from Roy that was clever, fast, agile and intended to take down bigger opponents. Take into account his awesome parkour skills and if Oliver would've taught him how to use a bow (not necessary now is it) we might just have seen the Red Arrow we all know and if you know him probably hate but I do love him so that's that. Just don't give him the New 52 trucker hat and I'll love the producers!

I can assume we won't be seeing much of his parkour or any weapons use, for anything other than keeping him calm since they made that obsolete to his Hercules fists.

No more of this *sheds a tear*

Who knows. Me for one am hoping they de-power him or something.

Now onto the Sara problem, or rather Sara good..? Yeah I don't know what I just wrote but in any case, Sara has apparently also joined Team Arrow. Yaaaaay! No. She does have a Bo staff so that eases my pain but do send her off to the Birds of Prey already. She is just one too many in the lair and I personally think she takes away the danger of any encounter. We know that Oliver can't die because he's the main protagonist but when the team is this big then I come to the conclusion that no one can die because the safety net is so very very huge. Safety nets in shows like this takes away the thrill (will never stop watching this show so doesn't matter too much) and I want my shows to stay on top!

What else makes her bad for the team? Well if you haven't noticed, Diggle hasn't been doing anything at all. That was before her but still... I think it's nice that they're bringing in a story for him (presumably the one about Suicide Squad). It's so obvious that Deadshot will be part of Waller's suicide squad but I still can't wait to be introduced to them!!!

Felicity on the other hand will have some interesting moments now that Moira probably blames her for everything wrong in her life and not to mention how it must be seeing Oliver hooking up with the only other female in Team Arrow.

Only included Roy pictures because his development is what's breaking me down.

Feel free to discuss, about anyone in Team Arrow or what you think about the Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey!
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