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SURPRISINGLY. Oliver Queen had dated/flirted every interesting women who enters the show. It seems Oliver is really good with arrow, and is now qualified to be the Cupid. But who do you think is his best romance? These are the candidates, and my opinions were stated below.

1. Lance Laurel

Well, honestly, I'm not a fan of this woman. Is it just me or some other else find her annoying. She must get her shit together. Drunkard lawyer just lost it. She's been a huge problem to her father and as well as to our hero. I understand that things doesn't go well to her but, she must be strong.

2. Helena Bertinell (Huntress)

I find her story interesting. She was introduced to Oliver as if there was a mystery to discover. I love the scene where they've been fighting in a restaurant, and then sooner discovers their identities. It is just perfect. I've ship this, but knowing that they have different goals and purposes in life, i just gave up, and move on to other ships:).

3. Shado

This tough hot chick helped Oliver big time. She taught Oliver some awesome arrowing skills and stuff. Character with some moves to show-off is a really big criteria to be Oliver's perfect match. She have it. (y)

4. McKenna Hall

Too bad that this Officer had to leave. But her relationship to Oliver is risky. Being a loyal crew to the law, really makes her incompatible to Oliver, who have crossed the law to the nth time. so nuh,

5. Felicity Smoak

I really like their relationship, but it's just complicated. She's like repeatedly assistant-zoned . But i can still feel the sparks. Are you still hoping that they will hook up someday? Yes. But when? I really feel sad for her but Barry entering the picture making Olicity weak. Or no. It just made it stronger for they show jealousy towards others and that's cute, eh?

6. Isabel Rochev

I hope to know more about this woman. She's really hard to predict, and that makes me curious about her role.

7. Sara Lance (Black Canary)

An awesome character who possess a really good chemistry with the Arrow. Cool stunt held by her, and amazing story brought by her. I knew that there's really something about her for Oliver chose her over Laurel during the boat trip. I just love her being around Oliver. Period.

I've not yet settling for someone, but Felicity and Sara are my top finalists.

So who do you think? Comment your opinions/reasons.


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