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Warner Bros is pushing back the release date for Batman vs Superman to 2016, which puts it in direct competition with the already selected Marvel for a yet unnamed movie. The original release date was for mid-2015, which would have allowed Ben Affleck to be able to jump back into the director's chair by December of 2015, a schedule he already had planned ahead of time. With these new production schedule changes, we may see some drama within the next few weeks that could either end up needing to either recast Batman (don't rejoice yet, anti-Affleck fans, I said could) or needing to switch directors on his next project.

But the real question here is... why?

Why would DC decide to willingly go head-to-head with Marvel, who is a company that while their TV side of things is a little lacking (Hello, Shield and Avengers Assemble), their movie franchise is through the roof. They are midway through Phase 2 of their movie plan and already have Phase 3 planned out to the detail. The likelihood that they'll be losing fans any time soon is very slim. But DC's move to wait another two years before they release the next movie in their rebooted franchise is a strange move. Any fans that were garnered from Man of Steel are going to grow weary or bored with the wait. As far as has been released, there aren't even any other filler movies to keep us satisfied as we wait for this elusive Batman vs Superman movie.

Could it simply be that they want the extra time to get the script perfect as they are claiming? Or is there more going on here? Casting issues? Budget cuts? Character trading? Or maybe it has something to do with the little DC show that could...

By the time production starts on Batman vs Superman, Arrow will already be well into Season 3 production. By the time the movie is released? We'll all be anxiously waiting for the Season 4 finale. Let that sink in for a moment. And by that time? We might be biting our nails, anxiously hoping for Season 6 renewal already, because for all intents and purposes, the Island storyline should be wrapped up by Season 5. That could be the Series Finale just as easily as another season.

Green Arrow has always been a man that has existed in an impossible world where Earth is threatened everyday by things that are way bigger than him. He's never bothered himself with it, and instead has always focused on what matters to him most: Helping the little guy. That is until one day the Justice League came knocking and told him that his heart and care for the little guy is exactly what they need. Today's Ollie isn't quite that guy yet, and that was a good reason for a lot of people to say, "No way. Amell's Oliver can't be a cinematic Green Arrow." And it made sense.

But what about Amell's Green Arrow midway through season 3? What about Amell's Green Arrow at the end of Season 4? Is it outside of the realm of possibility to believe that by then, he will be making jokes as the Green Arrow, using cool new trick arrows every single episode, and be head pattingly adorable as Ollie? Or that within two seasons we may go from just having the Mirakuru to the DC universe expanding to even accepting the fact that there are aliens in the world that fight for the side of good? I think not.

And I have to wonder if the Powers that Be at DC looked at this show, saw how good it was getting, and thought, "...Yknow... Maybe we should just wait and see... Just a little bit longer..."

Who knows? Maybe I'm way off base. But even if I am, could the extra time that they are being given with this new schedule give him the extra nudge they need to look at Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow again? Anything's possible, right?

You never know! But what do you think?



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