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9 hours ago
Arrow: Who Is The Strongest Woman
Though Arrow has not always been great in it’s choice of women, it has shown to be able to develop some of them to a level we even might like them. This of course next to the women we love from the start or the ones we choose to embrace after a short period of time.

But now we are in season 3 and so much has happened. In true Arrow mode we have seen abduction, fights, beauty, bruises, muscles, tone, haircuts, jobs changes, high heels, pumps and this could be said of only one of the women.

Are they all about Oliver Queen? All of the women have played some part in his life, but they have not all been his friend or even lover. He is the centre of the story, but he is not the centre for the women. For them it is the story as ...Read more
hey, ra's
Arrow "The Magician" Review: Vows of Vengeance
Nyssa has officially joined the hunt for Sara's killer, and while she's convinced it's Malcolm Merlyn, Oliver isn't so sure.
3 days ago
¿Qué pasa? Arrow E303 Photo Recap, "Corto Maltese"
At beginning, we get a flashback, but not Oliver’s. Thea's.

***FLASHBACK ALERT*** Starling City, Six months ago. We see Thea get into Malcolm Merlyn’s car and she asks him where they are going. He tells her she can choose, as he is “a very well traveled man ...Read more
Oct 25, 2014
First Arrow now Thea..
Following on from the interview with Stephen Amell, there was also an interview with Willa Holland done on the same day. Like the Amell interview there are lots of things Willa wasn't allowed to talk about but clearly wanted to, so expect to see videos from her phone leaked on the internet soon. No, not those kind of videos.

Oct 23, 2014
Arrow/Flash Crossover Spoilers and More in Stephen Amell Interview
A lengthy and very in-depth interview chock full of goodies for any Arrow fan.
"suffering is optional"
Oct 23, 2014
Arrow "Corto Maltese" Review: Thea MIA
The boys took a trip to Corto Maltese in search of Thea and a potentially rogue A.R.G.U.S. agent.
Oct 21, 2014
The Official Felicity Smoak OHSH#T Hair Index
My original image made its proud appearance on my S2E22 recap, and was a tongue-in-cheek comment on just how often you can tell the state of peril Team Arrow is in by the lovely Miss Smoak's 'do.

Here's a link to all my other Arrow edits/recaps, if you're interested, and here's the one that started it, a hard 9:
Now that we're into S3, it occurred to me that there were a couple of instances that could easily have fit upon this scale, so I'll include them below and add to the scale ...Read more
a.k.a. danny brickwell
Oct 20, 2014
Arrow Casts Vinnie Jones as DC Comics Villain Brick
The character will appear in Episodes 10, 11, and 12.
Oct 20, 2014
BLAM! Arrow Photo Recap, E302, "Sara"
Damn it, this was sad. It is hard to be funny when all you want to do is eat carbs and mainline ice cream, but it's always good practice, so let's go for it. One of the things that makes Arrow so compelling (along with all the pretty people and omg arrows) is that, along with the general WTF-ness of the comic world there are moments of very real-world emotion that are very well written and acted, and holy Whedon, patron saint of all geeks who want to be taken seriously, this was one episode that really played to that concept. Props given, let me joyfully lampoon everything I just said.

We begin the morning after, with Oliver, Roy and Felicity walking into the Arrow Cave. Felicity is complaining that re-doing their phone system is a lot of work when she is stopped dead in her tracks by ...Read more
what death teaches
Oct 16, 2014
Arrow "Sara" Review: Mourning and Moving On
In the aftermath of last week's big death, Team Arrow pursued its only lead: a new archer who was killing business tycoons.
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Arrow is a modern retelling of the DC Comic character Green Arrow. Multi-millionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing, and presumed dead after a shipwreck at sea. He is found five years later, having survived on a desert island off his wits and by mastering the bow and arrow. When he returns to Starling City however, he discovers that it is rife with corruption and crime. Oliver decides to put his skills to use by taking on the persona of Arrow and becoming the vigilante that Starling City needs.

The show stars Stephen Amell in the title role.

Green Arrow has been portrayed two times by a real life actor, and voiced in twelve separate cartoon/animations starting in 1973.