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BLAM! Arrow Photo Recap, E302, "Sara"
Damn it, this was sad. It is hard to be funny when all you want to do is eat carbs and mainline ice cream, but it's always good practice, so let's go for it. One of the things that makes Arrow so compelling (along with all the pretty people and omg arrows) is that, along with the general WTF-ness of the comic world there are moments of very real-world emotion that are very well written and acted, and holy Whedon, patron saint of all geeks who want to be taken seriously, this was one episode that really played to that concept. Props given, let me joyfully lampoon everything I just said.

We begin the morning after, with Oliver, Roy and Felicity walking into the Arrow Cave. Felicity is complaining that re-doing their phone system is a lot of work when she is stopped dead in her tracks by ...Read more
what death teaches
Oct 16, 2014
Arrow "Sara" Review: Mourning and Moving On
In the aftermath of last week's big death, Team Arrow pursued its only lead: a new archer who was killing business tycoons.
Oct 15, 2014
W00t, Arrow S3E1 Photo Recap, "The Calm"
Hey y'all! Here we are back again, ready to both 1) intellectually get drunk and make out with and then 2) emotionally be slapped and then drunk-hugged by our favorite 'ship. If you are a comic book geek (I was one, too), you are reading the wrong recap. No detail about the show as it relates to the source material for the most part, just a decided Olicity slant and my irrational dislike of Laurel, so fair warning. If you haven't read these before, all my S2 edits are here. Let's dive in.
You know it's Arrow because there is a dark alley, a runaway truck, said truck driver getting punched in the face by Oliver while Diggle and Felicity run backup. PSA for the Starling City villians: If any of your plans start with "Let's get a truck and...." just go home. It isn ...Read more
Oct 09, 2014
Arrow: Which Felicity Would You Rather Have Dinner With?
When Arrow started its third season, we were back with the flirting between Oliver and Felicity. As Noel so well described in his review of The Calm, the season opener was for a large part the start of Oliver’s journey to see whether or not he can be Oliver Queen AND the Arrow without one or the other taking up too much space in his life. So, in trying to be both of them and after having been lectured by Diggle about matters of the heart, he asked Felicity out on a date. I heard Olicity shippers throwing parties and setting off fireworks all around the world to celebrate it. But we know how it ended: it knocked them out in several ways.

After the kiss we have been waiting for for so long and an emotional goodbye that fitted their characters, Felicity is single again. So there are ...Read more
a new start
Oct 09, 2014
Arrow Season 3 Premiere Review: One Flew Over the Side of a Roof
Just as Oliver thought he had a handle on being Oliver Queen and the Arrow, Ray Palmer and a new Count Vertigo showed up to call everything into question.
super Q&A
Oct 06, 2014
The Flash Is Out to Make Superheroes Fun Again: EP Andrew Kreisberg Teases Arrow's Zippier Cousin
Despite its status as a spin-off of Arrow, The CW's new superhero drama feels much closer in tone to Smallville; here's what to expect.
Sep 30, 2014
WHAT UP PLAYAS Arrow S3 "iTunes Sneak Peek" Photo Recap
This featurette was hard to find, beautiful and elusive like an albino king cobra, and potentially just as deadly. Andy K is here to tell you some things you'll like, some things that will make you chew your nails to the third knuckle and other things that you will pretend you just never heard because you don't want to leave fingerprints on your screen from pointing emphatically.
As always, I reserve the right to ignore anything that doesn't interest me or that we have seen before in other previews, and no apology for my rampant Olicity. Let ...Read more
Sep 25, 2014
Photo Recap, Arrow S3 "High Speed Chase" Trailer
Back when I used to buy trading card packs and the first thing I did when I opened them was look through them and pronounce judgement: "Got it, got it, NEED IT, got it, NEED IT...." The repeat cards I already owned were put away for trading purposes, and that ...Read more
Sep 25, 2014
Photo Recap, Arrow S3 "First Look" Trailer
Previously posted on my Tumblr, but also posting here.

I can't resist this fandom, and because the calendar won't oblige me by segueing directly from August to October, you get this: the first of two photo recaps of the teaser trailers. Skipping the first minute of this one ...Read more
Sep 23, 2014
What What, Arrow S2e23 "Unthinkable" Photo Recap.
In case you didn’t know, I am doing these AS I watch, first viewing, so all my reactions are real-time. On to the show-Sh*t is going DOWN, you guys. Know how I know?
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Arrow is a modern retelling of the DC Comic character Green Arrow. Multi-millionaire playboy Oliver Queen is missing, and presumed dead after a shipwreck at sea. He is found five years later, having survived on a desert island off his wits and by mastering the bow and arrow. When he returns to Starling City however, he discovers that it is rife with corruption and crime. Oliver decides to put his skills to use by taking on the persona of Arrow and becoming the vigilante that Starling City needs.

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Green Arrow has been portrayed two times by a real life actor, and voiced in twelve separate cartoon/animations starting in 1973.