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Nov 24, 2015
The 14 Best New Characters of the 2015-2016 Fall Season
A bumbling lawyer, a scared security guard, and a man who can use his whole brain are among those who made the list.
he's back!
Nov 21, 2015
Colton Haynes Is Bringing Roy Back to Arrow
Arsenal is coming back, but what does that mean for Thea?
Season 4 Episode 7, "Brotherhood" Reactionary Review
Nov 20, 2015
The Prodigal Brother Returns
Recap: Last week, Ray was finally rescued! Turns out he was captured by that rascally Neal McDonough! How they managed to catch him I don't know. He was tiny! How the f*ck did they find him in a building? Idk and I doubt they may ever say. Ray decided to keep his alive status a secret tho, setting him up for Legends. Felicity also kinda started trippin cuz she was freaking out on Oliver. Granted he invited her mom without her permission but then she said a whole bunch of weird junk about how she lost herself in him? It seemed like she was considering breaking up with him just as Ray was found which I didn't like. Luckily, homegirl got her ish together after her mom talked some sense into her cuz I was 5 seconds away from drop kicking Felicity in the face. And I ...Read more
brother's keeper
Nov 19, 2015
Arrow "Brotherhood" Review: Light It Up
Diggle discovered that Andy was still alive, but he wasn't exactly happy about it. Also: the stunts were off the chain this week.
Nov 16, 2015
Suicide Squad: Dream Team

Ok- everyone loves the concept of the Suicide Squad but the Suicide Squad MOVIE –maybe not the best idea in the history of the DC Universe.
What they SHOULD have done, as I have said REPEATEDLY, not only just on comments here on but also to friends, passers-by, random people on the street etc.-is that they should have made a Suicide Squad a spin-off show from Arrow and Flash! Just like Legends of Tomorrow is gonna be! Except with ONLY bad guys as main characters!
Obviously, that’s not got happen now. They have killed off Deadshot on Arrow, for the express purpose of him not confusing people with the Will Smith version in the movie. DC wouldn’t even ALLOW Harley Quinn on Arrow, after the brief cameo she had in season two. (I read that the Arrow people had big plans for her but they ...Read more
Season 4 Episode 7, "Lost Souls" Reactionary Review
Nov 12, 2015
Ray Has Finally, FINALLY, Been Rescued.
Recap: Last week Laurel pulled a "what about me" at the most inopportune time ever and irritated the sh*t outta everybody. I'm not even gonna discuss Laurel right now. Y'all already know how she irks my nerves. Let's move to what's really important: JOHN CONSTANTINE. He was awesome. It was revealed via flashback that he had met Olive back on the island. Oliver decided to give him a little ring since Sara was running around killing everybody due to not having a soul. They did manage to successfully resurrect her soul so that means another foundation was laid for Legends. The last little bit of info from last week is that it was revealed that Andrew, Diggle's brother, was a criminal who was taken out by HIVE. That was a hard pill for Diggle to swallow. New episode time....

Man, it sucked seeing Ray ...Read more
Nov 12, 2015
Is Vandal Savage the real Brain behind H.I.V.E?
Here's a theory I posted a few weeks ago about Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow main plots. So be careful, big spoilers to follow !

A few weeks ago, we learn that Damian Darhk, the "big bad" of Arrow this season, will appear in both Legends Of Tomorrowand The Flash. While his presence on The Flash is a total surprise, him appearing on Legends is not farfetched.

Indeed, Darhk presents a lot of similarities with the "big bad" of Legends, the immortal caveman Vandal Savage.

First, they both have a pretty unusual relationship with death. Damian Darhk used the water he stole from the Lazarus Pit for decades, while Vandal Savage lived for centuries since the beginning of mankind. It wouldn't be much of a surprised that a man like Darhk drew the attention of Savage. They probably know each other for a long time already. In the ...Read more
Nov 12, 2015
Arrow "Lost Souls" Review: Small Problems
Felicity had a little meltdown after discovering Ray had been alive all this time and was being held captive by Darhk.
so many costumes
Nov 10, 2015
Here's Your First Look at This Season's Major Arrow-The Flash Crossover
Mark your calendars for what's sure to be a crazy event.
Season 4 Episode 5, "Haunted" Reactionary Review
Nov 05, 2015
Recap: Laurel locked Demon Sara up in her basement and told her dad and he flipped out cuz DUH. His dead daughter is back. He then tried to kill her because she's like literally a demon or something or but Laurel being dumb as f*ck as per usual stopped him and like guilt-tripped him in to not killing her only for Sara to up and escape. She will almost certainly kill everybody. There was also a lame storyline about some rogue cops but I didn't care about it to much other than the fact that Tara was in it. And Oliver did find out about Quentin working with Neal McDonough and he got made cuz he always looked up to Quentin as better than him and he didn't like seeing the guy he thought was the gold standard wallowing in filth with a supernatually powered bad ...Read more
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