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Mar 01, 2015
WELP. Arrow Recap E315, "Nanda Parbat"
R’as is busy soaking the leather so it’s pliable when his daughter wanders in to tell him something he already knows, namely that Oliver is alive and didn’t kill Sara.
imageimageNyssa brings up that her father never approved of Sara, but R’as says it’s because ...Read more
cool or not cool?
Feb 27, 2015
It's Official: The CW Is Developing a Combined Spin-Off of Arrow and The Flash
The network appears to slowly be transitioning to an "all-comics, all-the-time" approach.
a Cage of one's own
Feb 26, 2015
Arrow "Nanda Parbat" Review: What You Can't Refuse
Oliver now has a very big choice to make.
Feb 25, 2015
Aloha! Arrow Photo Recap E314, "The Return"
I usually don't take photos of the flashbacks, but this week most of the happy fun times were back in 2010 Starling. Open on Lian Yu, Where Oliver and Thea are basically killing time between angsty memories and mosquito bites.
Oliver complains that Malcolm taught Thea to cheat, and ...Read more
a not-so-happy reunion
Feb 19, 2015
Arrow "The Return" Review: If I Could Turn Back Time... I Wouldn't
Thea and Oliver traveled to Lian Yu, where they did battle with a newly released Slade.
Feb 18, 2015
Arrow Casts a Hellboy Alum as the DC Supervillain Deathbolt
Metahumans are coming to Starling City.
Feb 17, 2015
Meow. Arrow Recap E313, "Canaries"
Last week’s episode was hard to watch over and over again, if only because it was so freaking depressing on every single angle, but this episode brought me back in terms of the balance I like to see on this show, so I felt like I could tackle a recap. Fair warning, you may not agree with my viewpoint and I have seen a lot of complaints about others’ opinions on the show as well, but hopefully we can all agree with the fact that involvement is better than apathy, and that we all have a right to think whatever. That said, on with the recap!
Cold open, Classic Canary vs. New Canary. Not sure why they decided to open with this. You named the episode “Canaries” for crying out loud writers, no need to literally beat it into us. Still, it gave me the chance to see how ...Read more
Feb 14, 2015
Five Women We Wish Were Still Alive
As bad as it is to be a citizen in Starling City – with those yearly acts of terrorism – it seems that being a woman in the Arrow-verse is even more terrifying. One day, you’re living it up, the next you’re being shot in the head, stabbed in the chest, or murdered by some other gruesome (and unnecessary) means. It’s time to call a Ya-Ya Sisterhood meeting to discuss five demises that could have been avoided.

1) Sara Lance / The Canary

Cause of Death: Killed by Thea under Malcolm’s mind-control herbs in order to manipulate Oliver into fighting Ra's.

Don't let that lengthy C.O.D fool you, we all know that Sara died so that Laurel would take up the Canary mantle. Sure, we can understand the writers’ reasoning: inundating Starling with two Canaries would be overkill, and why would Laurel don that trendy ...Read more
Feb 12, 2015
Arrow First Look: Deathstroke vs. Speedy!
What would you like to do now, Mr. Wilson?
a tale of two birds
Feb 12, 2015
Arrow "Canaries" Review: No More Secrets (Except for That One)
Vertigo returned with a new a strain of his patented fear drug as Oliver and Laurel clashed over Laurel donning Sara's costume.
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