Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on The CW

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  • Best one since the start!

    This episode was really good as it featured a lot more character developments than other episodes, as well as some big momnts such as the Walter/Moira confrontation.

    On top of that, the take-down wasan unconventional one to say the least, but it was good all the same, and it fit into the episode nicely in that it didn't eat up too much time away from the great events.

    I'm looking forward to more - the stuff on the island in particular was really intriguing!
  • Good but a bit stiff

    The episode was great. At first its progression was slow; I was thinking this episode would not be as good as the previous ones. But, after about 15 minutes, the drama and action started to pick up, and afterwards it turned into a rollercoaster ride. As with every other Arrow episode, the second half of this episode was packed with plot twist and questions left unanswered. Hopefully, they will be explained next episode.

    The background story keeps developing. At first, I asked myself why would so many people be on an island thought to be deserted. Apparently, Oliver's mentor escaped to that island and there are some people (some kind of dangerous organization) looking for him. It still hasn't been explained who is Oliver's mentor and why did he flee to that island; or why that organization is looking for him so desperately.

    John barrowman character keeps appearing, which is great. He is brilliant. But we still knew nothing about him. We don't even know his name! Through this episode we learned that he isn't just a bad guy, but apparently the leader of the bad guys. Moira told him "I've done everything you've asked for" So maybe he's got something on the Queens.

    I still don't know what to think about Walter. I don't know if he's good or bad. If he is good, then he is really good. But seems so mysterious I can help but think he is hiding something. And let me tell you, if he is bad, he is playing it perfectly. He is acting like the hurt, betrayed husband, which makes Moira feel bad about herself. But, if he is really bad, then he is just playing her. Is frustrating not to know!

    While watching this episode I felt so sorry for Detective Lance. Like Laurel said: he lost one daughter and his wife. He has suffered much. But he is doing what he can to save his city. I don't like it when he is presented like the bad guy, because he is actually the good guy of the series. Yes, he has a grudge against Oliver and sometimes he may act on it but we can't blame him for trying to catch "The Hood", because The Hood is the one that is actually breaking the law and killing people. Don't get me wrong, I'm on Arrow's side. Like I said before, I love that he is willing to do what's necessary to reach his goals. But that doesn't mean I don't understand Detective Lance's position.

    Laurel is not improving, she still feels forced, and I still don't like her. Her "big" entrance to the court was clichd and totally expected. The "romantic scene" between her and Oliver also felt forced. Although, I have to admit, I loved it when she admitted that she had been too focused on what she had suffered to think about what Oliver when through. When she found out he was tortured, she started to think about him and understand him.

    The part where Oliver talked about being tortured on the island was great. It was touching. I have a great visualization and imagination, so when he said he was tortured, I could just picture it. It must have been hell for him those five years. It must be hell for him right now. He confessed he is barely sleeping and eating. He is having nightmares when he does sleep and things in his daily life keep reminding him of that horrible past. He is definitely living a sad life, if it could even be called a life.

    But, being honest, besides the scene in which he is taking the polygraph test, Oliver looked forced on this episode. He looked stiff. We he gives his speeches about ing what's right he just stiffens up. What's worse he was so stiff in this episode that having to listen and watch his attempt at a joke was painful. Thea tells Oliver that he gave her an arrow head as a gift when he returned; implicating that Oliver could be The Hood. Oliver, jokingly, answered that he was glad he didn't got her a shot glass with a panda on it, otherwise she would think he was Panda Man. Oliver said so serious I didn't realized he was telling a joke until he finished and Thea laughed.
  • Under the Green Hood

    A more tightly woven tale this week, as things begin to heat up with everyone screaming bloody archer and pointing all fingers toward Oliver. With only five episodes under its belt, you have to give the show some credit for tackling such an obvious plot point, usually headlined as finale-worthy material, so early in the game.

    We also catch our first glimpse of Deathstroke and, while brief and to the point (that point being Deathstrokes knife slicing and dicing Oliver), his appearance marks the best fight sequence of the series to date. Deathstroke Vs Island-Green Arrow is a whirlwind of kicks and punches, effortlessly displayed without the hindrance of close-ups of actors' reactions, this was one awesome stunt-man throw down extravaganza. More, please!

    Elsewhere, things are picking up where Ma Queen is concerned, although the Suits & Daggers aspect comes off a little heavy-handed at times. At least we know she's not completely heartless. Mrs Back-stabber 2012 maybe, but not entirely heartless.

    As always, I find Stephen Amil's acting wooden and distracting. His limited acting range and go-to facial expression (see: blank slate) make Oliver a hard character to like. Stephen lends this version of Oliver a smugness that's unbecoming, even more so when it's called upon him to be Oliver PRETENDING to be smug/smarmy. I just don't buy any of it. And this isn't something that falls squarely on Mr Amil's broad shoulders, either. The writing for Oliver is too inconsistent; he's caring one minute, condescending the next, he loves to dish out lectures as much as he does bad party speeches (and seriously, broah, your sister is one shot away from her first AA meeting, and you throw a prison-themed party in her face?). We're to believe that he's cunning and alert, can read people well and contain his demons at the same time, but with only one real facial expression, Amil lacks the subtle range to carry such a complex character off convincingly.

    Overall, though, this was another step in the right direction. Action, angst, arrows? This is a series still finding its own voice, I'm gonna stick with it for another while.
  • Awesome!!!

    Arrow is simply WOW, just 5 episodes have aired and it is 100 times better then a lot of super hero movies.... Episode 5 was amazing with a bit of more story and character development. and the cast is awesome in their characters but best of all the relatively new comer Stephen Amell has nailed the character of Oliver Queen.... He is almost as powerful as Christian Bale in Nolans Batman....
  • Damaged

    Damaged was another surprising and very entertaining episode of Arrow. I really enjoyed watching because there were awesome flash backs showing more of what happened to Oliver on the Island. It was intriguing to watch him maneuver his way out of being charged as the vigilante. I liked the character development and plot progression. More layers of complexity were revealed as Moira's connections are becoming more transparent. I liked watching Laurel defend Oliver and also question him about the poly results. I liked how every thing played out and the action was great! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Solid and backups

    The script and cast were all pretty solid in this episode - with the flashbacks being with fitted into the plot (and not giving too much away).

    The secondary plot (Mum and c/o) fits in nicely and moves alonside the prmary plot.

    And Oliver is delivering his tag line more effectively - but how come the villains get a chance but the henchmen get the pointy end of the arrow straight away more often than not?

    Diggle was quite right to tell Oliver off as his plot to throw the suspicion of being Green Arrow onto others was full of holes and if it weren't for others doing the heavy lifting (Diggle as GA substitute, Laura to defend him, and even Det. Lance saving him and being the "foil") then it could all have ended with Oilver in the can. He really does have to think things through not just for himself but the effects of his actions on others...

    Happy to hang in on a solid action series to date.
  • 'You have failed this city'.

    Once again, Arrow has not failed it's new, and hopefully expanding, fan base. The action-packed-drama-filled-emotionally-charged episode that was Damaged may arguably be one of the best this season, then again, Arrow gets better with each new episode.

    The greatest highlights of this episode have to be the fight sequences. Whether the fights were better choreographed than in previous episodes, or the presence of Deathstroke the Terminator as one of the fighters simply supercharged the action, I can't say; I'm biased and Deathstroke makes everything better.

    To offset the profusion of superbly choreographed action sequences found in this episode, audiences are also exposed to the severe emotional turmoil experienced by various characters. We see Oliver showing both the physical and emotional scars he received on the island, we see Detective Lance drinking away his deceased daughter and absent wife, and we see, possibly for the first time, a truly emotional scene between Moira and Walter; it was brief, but it said a lot.

    Additionally, Stephen Amell is getting better at delivering the Arrow's mantra: 'You have failed this city.' I used to cringe in previous episodes as the line sounded forced and full of the cheese, but it was well deviled at the end of this episode and its timing was perfect.

    Couple the aforementioned with an allusion to the Shawshank Redemption and Dinah's casual remark to 'fishnets' (wink wink) and the result is another worthwhile episode of Arrow.
  • A Great Insight Into Oliver's Psyche!

    Wow this show just keeps getting better and better!

    I loved all the flashbacks to Ollie on the Island, him getting tortured was super difficult to watch but at the same time it was compelling.

    Oliver's arc in this episode is nothing matters but his mission.

    It became vastly apparent this episode, that Ollie is feeling more alone and burdened than ever because of the immense pressure his 'Hood' alter ego is putting on his personal relationships, especially Laurel and Thea.

    I like that he now has Diggle to lean on I'm still super stoked to see them team up.

    All in all I am still in love with this show and I cannot wait for next week!

  • AIRING AT 8:00pm

    is this show airing at 8pm tonight??
  • Hellz Yes

    God I just luv this show. Every episode just gets better and more interesting. Appearance of Death Stroke was a HUGE plus in Damaged. I figured he'd be the guy running the merc's but torturer suites him just fine :)

    This show better not get cancelled anytime soon. Just like Smallville, I wanna see 10 years of this awesomeness! I think we all know Beauty and the Beast isn't going to make it, so I think that will give CW ever more rope to work with Arrow hopefully.