Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 07, 2012 on The CW

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  • Under the Green Hood

    A more tightly woven tale this week, as things begin to heat up with everyone screaming bloody archer and pointing all fingers toward Oliver. With only five episodes under its belt, you have to give the show some credit for tackling such an obvious plot point, usually headlined as finale-worthy material, so early in the game.

    We also catch our first glimpse of Deathstroke and, while brief and to the point (that point being Deathstrokes knife slicing and dicing Oliver), his appearance marks the best fight sequence of the series to date. Deathstroke Vs Island-Green Arrow is a whirlwind of kicks and punches, effortlessly displayed without the hindrance of close-ups of actors' reactions, this was one awesome stunt-man throw down extravaganza. More, please!

    Elsewhere, things are picking up where Ma Queen is concerned, although the Suits & Daggers aspect comes off a little heavy-handed at times. At least we know she's not completely heartless. Mrs Back-stabber 2012 maybe, but not entirely heartless.

    As always, I find Stephen Amil's acting wooden and distracting. His limited acting range and go-to facial expression (see: blank slate) make Oliver a hard character to like. Stephen lends this version of Oliver a smugness that's unbecoming, even more so when it's called upon him to be Oliver PRETENDING to be smug/smarmy. I just don't buy any of it. And this isn't something that falls squarely on Mr Amil's broad shoulders, either. The writing for Oliver is too inconsistent; he's caring one minute, condescending the next, he loves to dish out lectures as much as he does bad party speeches (and seriously, broah, your sister is one shot away from her first AA meeting, and you throw a prison-themed party in her face?). We're to believe that he's cunning and alert, can read people well and contain his demons at the same time, but with only one real facial expression, Amil lacks the subtle range to carry such a complex character off convincingly.

    Overall, though, this was another step in the right direction. Action, angst, arrows? This is a series still finding its own voice, I'm gonna stick with it for another while.
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