Season 1 Episode 22

Darkness On the Edge of Town

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 08, 2013 on The CW

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  • Loving it!

    This episode was explosive - that last scene alone absolutely is one of the best scenes of anything I've ever seenn. Hood and Dark Archer learn one another's identities in a very blatant manner, and with the events going on at the same time in the Glades, it is quite simply chilling to think of what could happen next.

    Moira's life is falling apart on many fronts, and I absolutely love her character and am keen to see what she does next, now that she has almost nothing to lose.

    Can't agree more about Felicity - she is glamorous. Love her!

    I also love Roy and I hope he gets his meeting with the Hood... although we might need waiting until Season 2 for that with so many other storylines coming to a head in the season finale.

    CANNOT wait to see that finale!
  • Charming !

    Felicity Felicity Felicity Felicity Felicity and that's all she's CHARMIING !

  • Yao Fei?

    I'm surprised that nobody noticed that Yao Fei's death is a big inconsistency in the storyline. Early in this season Diggs asked Oliver during one of their training sessions "Who taught you that?" and Oliver answers "His name was Yao Except he apparently never got the chance to teach him anything. So, writers! please, pay attention to what you're writing, because this is really annoying to see such mistakes in a great show!
  • Felicity good performance

    felicity was great sexy charming I big up with the flirting loved the episode
  • Good episode, bad moderators and script writers...

    When i was watching the episode I noticed a blooper in it - Felicity says: there's at least a teraflop of data to go through". Wierd how no-one noticed while filming it that they got their units wrong(ought to be terabytes). Even wierder is the fact that there was a comment in this site before me about the same blooper but it seems to have been deleted. When you search google for "Oliver asks Felicity about the download, she says that there's "at least a teraflop of data to go the first result you get is from but as it seems the comment has been deleted.

    On a brighter note: the episode was a good fast-paced one and not a boring moment. 9.5 points from me(loses 0.5 because of the blooper)
  • Just one week

    Just one lomg week to see how this plays out. It was a fantastic episode, great pace, lots of action and a bit of emotions. These were the somehwat lesser part of the episode. Although I get why Tommy needs to see Oliver and Laurel together to get his final push to go to the dark side, I never get why people in tv-series never close their windows.
  • Darkness On the Edge of Town

    Darkness On the Edge of Town was a perfect episode of Arrow because the story brought all aspects and sub plots into play. There was lots of action, character development and suspense. It was awesome watching the team break into Merlyn headquarters. Felicity did good but I'm surprised how she tripped up. Oliver manipulates a situation forcing his mother to reveal herself in front of him. Diggle in that outfit was funny. The Undertaking is revealed further and it is a massive plan. It was great to see the end action scene with an exciting ending. I can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!!!!

  • Second review of Arrow because...

    this was another fantastic episode. Of course the show is rapidly heading to the season finale and this sets everything in place for next week's finale. Diggle is getting more involved and Oliver sets plans to take down Malcolm once he figures out what is going on. The story line to figure that out is great and Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle's penetration of Malcolm's HQ is exciting and harrowing. We also find Oliver confronting his mom in a unique way to figure out what she knows and is involved in as well as Walter's request for a divorce as he learns of her plot involvement. And in the background the island story really becomes ruthless as Yao Fei is blackmailed and then murdered. I am wondering if next week will answer all the questions and resolve the many plots or if we will be left hanging for season two?
  • Revelations and Reconnections

    Wow this was a impressive penultimate episode for this season, however it wasn't as focused as last week's it was still pretty good.

    Seeing Diggle, Felicity and Oliver break into Merlyn industries was really great.

    Watching Fire's plan unfold was truly shocking and I like how it seemed to integrate into the present storyline.

    Roy and Thea's subplot is getting tedious.

    Laurel and Oliver's emotional revelation was satisfying but I have a feeling it isn't going to last.

    Also I am really confused by Malcolm Merlyn's reaction to The Hood's identity

    I am super excited for next week to see how this mildly awesome 1st Season wraps up!

  • Idiot!

    Great episode, but somehow predictable as well. It was like everything was falling into place into how I thought it might go down. Nice to see, but I say again predictable. But I must say John Barrowman is amazing!!!