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Cyrus Gold ????

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    [1]Dec 20, 2013
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    Is no one going to talk about the elephant in the room?

    I know, people know who Cyrus Gold is right?? For thoughts that don't know. Cyrus Gold is the real name of the Mr. Dead Man Walking himself. Solomon Grundy. And not one thread was made. Until now.. We have been hearing a lot of DC names dropped, but there using there given names. Not there comic book bad guy names. Not yet anyway such as. Deathstorke, The Huntress, Royal Flush Gang, Deadshot, Count Vertigo, The League of Assassins, and Ra's al Ghul. The show has introduced in a short time a host of DC characters. But, everyone wants , what?? You know, what you want. Superman!! Well this is not he's show. And you all ready know that, with the Man of Steel having done very well at the boxoffice. Their not going to let him show up on Arrow. Him or Batman. Dam shame too. Well! at least we get to see Barry Allen struck by lighting, and we know what happens! But, they won't let us see it yet. Keep them wanting more, is the name of the game. Bas***ds. This has been my little rant... Lets here Yours...

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