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I gotta say...

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    [1]Nov 12, 2012
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    This is an especially amazing year for TV in general. I'm actually trying to stay current with 5 shows which is surprisingly easy with this line up...

    The Walking Dead

    Sons of Anarchy



    And of course, Arrow

    I have loved the other 4 over the years and I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but Arrow is already my favorite show currently on TV. I find the first few episodes even more enjoyable than Smallville in it's glory days. I was really hoping to see Hartley take the role at first, but I think this new guy suits the part much better for this specific series.

    Keep in mind, this is coming from a guy with no particular genre interest besides drama (and perhaps a supernatural element to spice things up, but not really necessary). If it isn't over-the-top girly or kiddish I always give it a shot.

    EVERYONE needs to give this show a chance... just try to look passed the few cheesy lines because it gets better with each and every episode.

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    As long as we're at it, I gotta say that 'Muse of Fire' restored my faith in the writers overall vision...but I'll get to that in a sec.

    1st, I gotta get this out: I know I'm a bit of a relic in my comic tastes. I come from the standpoint that the best DC characters were at their best when they were (mostly) segregated away from the rest of the DCU- Like Swamp Thing, Death, John Constantine, Green Arrow, The Sandman, Lucifer, & Preacher (among others) I mean, Don't get me wrong...for what it's worth, I can appreciate super-people running around in spandex saving the city/world/galaxy & whatnot, but even as a little kid, deep down I hated stereotypical superheroes. While my friends would go for Superman & Batman, I knew that it was a good thing Ghost Rider was Marvel, otherwise he'd have burnt the souls of both those hairy boyscout p***ies to a crisp with Hellfire.

    Anyway, I was thrilled when I first watched the Arrow pilot & realized it wasn't connected to Smallville & instead set the framework for the darker era Green Arrow that I happily latched onto in the books

    (and just for the record, I didn't start out hating Smallville or anything. That came later. The 'no tights, no flights' rule was brilliant & although I couldn't stand the 'meteor freak of the week' thing, the Jor-El side stories made the weekly freak bs totally worth it. Ironically, it was about the time that GA started appearing on the show that I came to the conclusion that Smallville leapt a shark in a single bound...but I figured what the hell, as ridiculous as it is, at least some form of GA is on screen gaining mainstream exposure & it's not as stupid as the GA version that was running around with that lantern dude in the 70's)

    Ok, enough with the tangents, yeah?

    I tend to cringe when Arrow does DCU crossovers even though for the most part so far it attempts to keep realism in mind as much as possible. After watching tonight's episode, (& a couple weeks checking out a decent cross section of the more modern comics in order to see how they've changed since the Iron Age) I've relaxed my old-school geek reflex. I believe I have a better understanding now of what the writers are going for overall & I'm cool with it.

    It makes me willing to rewatch the Royal Flush & Deadshot episodes with new eyes

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