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Thought that went through my head (not a spoiler) . . .

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    After watching the latest episode of Arrow, I took a quick / light nap and woke up with an idea of a shocker for the series plot.

    What if the group taking over the city had dealings with the Russians and they had to meet the local Russian Captain (Oliver Queen) for some reason?!

    There are lots of possibilities but in most (if not all of them) we'd get to see the shock / horror on Mrs. Queens' face when she realizes her Son is the Russian representative and a Russian Captain, too. Additionally so many of the others in the group would have a new "respect" for Oliver and it could give him a real insight to the group, as well as access.

    Yeah, weird stuff to wake up tor, right? Well sometimes I do wake up to thought about short stories or even long story / novel. I just would prefer a writing partner, but have ZERO idea on how to find one (successfully). Any advice / thougths?

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