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Why has The List suddenly become irrelevant?

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    [1]Nov 10, 2013
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    Why has The List suddenly become irrelevant in season 2? Those who have failed the city, whom Oliver hadn't crossed off by the end of season 1, are still out there. Just because their plan of destroying the Glades that they were working towards actually succeeded, doesn't now mean that they shouldn't be punished. It probably means that now they are even more deserving of a visit from the hooded man.

    Merlyn's Undertaking, for which they all had some part in, led to the death of thousands of people, and except for Moira Queen, no one else has been held up as responsible. Not by the law, nor by Oliver and team who are well aware of the names on The List.

    The List is now even more relevant; if Oliver couldn't stop them before the fact, then they are even more deserving of punishment after the fact, because they have gotten away with it.

    At the very least Oliver should turn The List over to the police with the message, "These people are responsible for destroying the Glades."

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    [2]Nov 26, 2013
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    I think the problem lies in that the source, Oliver's dad, is not as credible as we all thought. And, as a correction, thousands of people did not die. The prosecutor said often enough it was around 500.
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    [3]Dec 16, 2013
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    He became convinced that the Undertaking was what his father was ultimately leading him to and decided to face that head on than just piece meal and then he is trying to lose the vigilante angle. He could just pass it on to the police, but I don't know what good it would do, a lot of the names he hadn't gotten to are likely good citizens.

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    [4]Mar 31, 2014
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    Because he realized that to keep his promise to Robert he would have to keep being an killer, he didn't want to be a killer anymore respecting Tommy's memory. But I think the list will be back when Oliver discovers that the League of Assassins infiltrated Starling City through the administration, as the new elected mayor Moira will bring Nyssa and his followers to the city, unaware of their real agenda, of course.
    Oliver will find out that every name on Robert's list (and the Undertaking) is linked to the League, which will force him to face his own mother to find the truth. And the truth is that the Queens (and other influential families of Starling City) have a long, deep connection to the League. Oliver will discover that what the League is trying to do to Starling City they've already done in other places (Gotham City included), but others stopped them, so he will take the task of stopping the League in his hands. Even though it means to face his own mother to do it.
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