Season 1 Episode 20

Home Invasion

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Apr 24, 2013 on The CW
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    Arrow "Home Invasion" Review: Stay On Target

    "Home Invasion" set up a lot of the interpersonal conflicts that will (hopefully) end up shaking up the status quo as Arrow enters its final three episodes.

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    Oliver and his team go after Deadshot, only to discover that ARGUS plans to capture the assassin... and recruit him as an operative. Meanwhile, Roy seeks out The Hood while Laurel inadvertently drives a further wedge between Oliver and Tommy. And on the island, Shado teaches Oliver how to use the bow.


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    • Great episode.

      This was a phenomenal episode as Laurel goes into a case with lethal ramifications that bring the Hood back into her periphery, while Diggle goes off on his own little mission. Those two storylines both developed nicely, and it forced Oliver to choose sides, or at least choose a position, and that could be huge moving forward.

      I couldn't care less for Tommy's character anymore. He's useless and I care more about his father than I do about him. Definitely shipping Oliver + Laurel.

      On the other hand, I love the Roy + Thea thing we got going on, and I love everything about Roy right now. Very curious to see where that leads.

      Can't wait to watch the netx one!moreless
    • Hmmmmm

      Only Oliver Queen can get laid on a deserted island. ;) I know, they never said it was deserted, but I could not resist.
    • Strange assassin

      What kind of a hitman goes around killing more and more people in an attempt to silence witnesses? Including his employer. If he's so wound up over people knowing his face, maybe wear a disguise on the job, and stop killing more people and exposing his face?
    • wanted: talented lead actor...

      He's got killer blue eyes & abs. Every episode has him bare bad he has less acting talent than a sock puppet! Everyone around him is developing into complex characters. Moira is such a deliciously real matriarch! Laura could be a soldering compliment to his character, but there's no chemistry from Mr. Turnip! In fact this actor has NO chemistry with any of the female leads! But looks like Thea's cute little bad boy might make a good boy-toy for Ollie. I'm ready for an out of the closet crime fighting duo in prime time. are you? It just might work!

      Also, why is it that every person of color on this show takes the dip, hit and gone? Robert, Ollie's detective girl friend & now Dig (no stranger to the shirtless madness!). Also, are we really gonna believe that "the Glades" is an all white ghetto? Even Lowell, Mass. has more local color than the glades. What's going on here?moreless
    • Forced...

      As comic book TV/Movie vehicles go, this one has been enjoyable, but it seems to be floundering now. Much of this episode was too obviously forced with some overtly slipshod situations. I do hope that we do not lose "Dig" to be replaced by the pretender kid without a personality that is dating Thea. This Roy does not yet qualify for "Red Arrow" and that is obviously where the writers are going with this.

      And that Yao Fei did another turned about was no surprise. The flip flops of the past have been one too many, and my interest is thereby waining.moreless
    J. August Richards

    J. August Richards

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    Al Sapienza

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    Callie Seagram Airlie

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    Manu Bennett

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    Audrey Marie Anderson

    Audrey Marie Anderson

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    Byron Mann

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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    • QUOTES (8)

      • Felicity: I thought it would be helpful to track ARGUS' manhunt for Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot. So I decrypted their communications logs. Which means I just hacked a Federal agency. Which makes me a cyber-terrorist. Which is bad because I really don't see myself fitting in well at Guantanamo Bay.
        Oliver: Don't worry, Felicity, they don't send blondes there.
        Felicity: I dye it, actually. I keep your secrets.

      • Felicity: Couldn't you be friends with someone who's less complicated than your ex-girlfriend, who's your ex-best friend's current girlfriend?
        Oliver: I wear a hood and I put arrows into criminals. So when it comes to complexity... I grade on a curve.

      • Quentin: Okay, look, I'm going to park a patrol car outside your place.
        Laurel: Fine.
        Quentin: And you... you look after her, all right?
        Tommy: I spend most nights at your daughter's anyways. There was probably a better time to tell you that.
        Quentin: Probably not.

      • Laurel: Taylor? Sweetheart? Hungry? You know, I make the world's best macaroni and cheese.
        Tommy: It's the only thing she knows how to make.

      • Thea: Do you have a police radio in your pocket?
        Roy: No, I'm just happy to see you.

      • Felicity: So you're sniping a sniper. Kind of ironic, don't you think? (Oliver stares) Me neither.

      • Quentin: Death by poker. That's a new one.

      • Roy: I know. You think I'm an idiot.
        Thea: I always thought you were an idiot. Now I think you're brain dead.
        Roy: Yeah, you're probably right.

    • NOTES (2)

      • Injoke: At Laurel's apartment, Mr. Blank identifies himself as a policeman named Kesel. Karl Kesel is an artist who worked at DC Comics since 1984.

      • International Airdates:
        Canada: April 24, 2013 on CTV
        UK: April 29, 2013 on Sky1
        Australia: September 18, 2013 on Nine
        Sweden: September 24 on Kanal5
        Portugal: November 24, 2013 on RTP
        Finland: February 13, 2014 on Sub

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Quentin: Well, if it isn't the Wonder Twins.
        Referencing the Wonder Twins, who first appeared on The All-New Super Friends Hour cartoon series, and went on to appear in several subsequent shows featuring the Super Friends. Zan and Jayna are humanoid aliens from the planet Exxor/Exor, and were the Justice League's teen sidekicks. Unlike their predecessors, Wendy and Marvin, Zan and Jayna had actual superpowers. Zan can transform into water ion all of its forms, while Jayne can change into any real or fantastical animal. They were accompanied by Gleek, a blue monkey-like pet with a prehensile tail. They were subsequently incorporated into the comic books where they received more detailed origins and enhanced powers.