Season 1 Episode 2

Honor Thy Father

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on The CW
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    Arrow "Honor Thy Father" Review: The Second-Episode Blues

    All in all, "Honor Thy Father" was not a great second episode, but it had some good stuff sprinkled throughout.

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    A corrupt businessman, Martin Somers, hires a Chinese assassin named China White to eliminate Laurel for finding out too much. While protecting Laurel, Oliver is offered the chance to take back control of the company.

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    • Much better pacing with some descent drama moments and advancing conspiracies but not without convenient writing...

      The second episode of the Arrow was undeniably much better edited and had a much better pacing than the Pilot and enough time to dig into some of the characters and offer us some moments to make us care. The mother Theressa conspiracy plot is now confirmed and the protagonist is getting more and more likeable whereas his flashbacks get a turn to show us what happened on the island.

      However, the show has a great amount of convenient writing when it comes to the protagonist who can disappear in 1 second in the middle of an empty space area, he happens to be at his ex-girlfriend's apartment and can dodge bullets with his free running movements. Hilarious writing is also present with an iconic white-haired Asian girl who represents the mafia and wants to protect their connection in town by killing the lawyer who has a case against them with a full-assault at her apartment (like that won't raise any suspicions!!) and some great combat skills to fight Oliver.

      That being said, slightly better than the Pilot episode but still has great flaws and needs more family drama to counterbalance/and a more realistic action.moreless
    • omg awsome

      wow im desprite to find out who the hell shot an arrow in his back like omg
    • good!

      Very good
    • Honor Thy Father

      This episode actually improved over the awesome pilot. The show reminds me alot of the Nolan batman series but this time it's Green Arrow and most of his family is alive so i want to see who will now his secret first. I love the Diggle he is a great character like alfred but young and has moves. Laurel is growing on me as i love Katy Cassidy in everything she does from Supernatural i even watched the episodes of Gossip Girl that she was in although i hate that show.moreless
    • Good follow-up

      The second episode of this series had much going on. Every character had its own storyline, plus the recap of what happened in the pilot (in case someone missed it) made the episode feel crammed. Still, it was a really good episode; just not as good as the Pilot.

      The episode didn't start with the regular "Previously on" Instead, the story presented in the Pilot was summarized within this episode; through dialogues and Oliver's narrative.

      We got to see more of what happened to the island. And we got a glimpse of, apparently, how Oliver Queen became the Green Arrow. I mean, no matter how good he could've been before the island I bet he couldn't have learn Russian, hand-to-hand combat, archery and how to make arrows all by himself. When I saw the Pilot I remember thinking that is was weird that Oliver would've had well-built arrows and a wooden box to keep them in.

      Honor Thy Father had as many storylines as possible, even more: Arrow trying to make justice, Oliver deciding whether or not to work at Queen Industries, Laurel and Tommy's secret affair, Thea's drug problem and traumas, what happened on the island, and many more. I understand they wanted to cover as many ground as possible in the firsts episodes, but it actually kept back the developing of the main story.

      My favorite quote of the whole episode was spoken by Oliver to his father's tomb:

      "You asked me to save the city. To right your wrongs. I will. I swear. But to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that sometimes to honor your wishes... I need to dishonor your memory. I'm sorry."

      It was really powerful and even gave me goosebumps. It reminded me too much of Batman, especially "The Dark Knight":

      "Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now."

      I know Green Arrow is an archery-based Batman so

      One thing I didn't liked about this episode was how everybody expected Oliver to carry on with his life as if the past five years wouldn't have happened. His mother wanted him to be in charge of Queen Industries. His best friend, Tommy, wanted Oliver to party and sleep around like they used to. And Thea wanted him to open up and tell her everything that happened in the island, like he had just experienced a bad dream. They can't understand that he went to a trauma, probably experiencing PTSD right now. I know some people don't believe in psychotherapy, but I really hope they make him go. Although I don't believe he would be Arrow if he weren't as damaged.

      Oh oh, I almost forgot. It would be amazing if the writers would put Lionel Luthor as the co-author of sabotaging the yacht! I don't know if that's how it happened in the original story but that's how it happened in Smallville (as I was kindly reminded by my brother). Oliver's mom Moira and Lionel had an affair and killed Robert Queen. Of course the whole foundation and purpose of choosing a different actor to play Oliver was that Arrow wouldn't look like a Smallville spin-off. So, I guess my wishes won't come true, as the writers would probably keep Arrow as an independent story, away from other heroes from DC.moreless
    Ty Olsson

    Ty Olsson

    Martin Somers

    Guest Star

    Emma Bell

    Emma Bell

    Emily Nocenti

    Guest Star

    Tristan Jensen

    Tristan Jensen

    Bodyguard 6

    Guest Star

    Kelly Hu

    Kelly Hu

    China White

    Recurring Role

    Colin Salmon

    Colin Salmon

    Walter Steele

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    Annie Ilonzeh

    Annie Ilonzeh


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      • Oliver: The day I went missing... was the day I died. Five years in hell forged me into a weapon, which I use to honor a vow I made to my father, who sacrificed his life for mine

      • Oliver: This guy gets more air-time than the Kardashians, right?
        Thea: Five years on an island and you still know who they are.
        Oliver: I've been catching up. It's nice to see how much our culture has improved while since I've been away.

      • Oliver: It's fine, Walter. I've been in a courtroom before.
        Tommy: Four times, by my estimate. You know, there was the DUI, the assault on that paparazzi douche bag. Stealing that taxi, which was just awesome, by the way. And who could forget peeing on the cop?
        Moira: I wish everyone would.

      • Moira: I hired you to protect my son. Now, I'm not a professional bodyguard, but it seems to me that the first requirement would be managing to stay next to the man you're hired to protect.

      • Oliver: Sorry to give you so much grief.
        Diggle: I served three tours in Afghanistan, Mr. Queen. You don't even come close to my definition of grief.

      • Laurel: I'm a lawyer. I live to argue.
        Quentin: I'm your father. I live to keep you safe.

      • Oliver: I'm a jerk. Before the island I was a jerk. And now I'm just a... a damaged jerk.

      • Diggle: And I think I'm just beginning to understand the kind of man you are.
        Oliver: Shouldn't take you very long. I'm shallow.

      • Oliver: I wanted to give Martin Somers a chance to confess and face a court's justice but he chose to go after someone I care about instead. He's still going to face justice. It'll just be a different kind.

      • Oliver: (to his father's tombstone) You asked me to save the city, to right your wrongs. I will. I swear. But to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that sometimes to honor your wishes... I need to dishonor your memory. I'm sorry.

    • NOTES (4)

      • Injoke: The legal aid office that Laurel works at has the acronym CNRI. In the comics, Laurel fights crime under the superhero guise of Black Canary.

      • Injoke: The Nocenti family is named after Ann Nocenti, a writer for both Marvel and DC, who has worked on the Green Arrow series.

      • International Airdates:
        Canada: October 17, 2012 on CTV 2
        UK: October 29, 2012 on Sky1
        Sweden: February 12, 2013 on Kanal 5
        Portugal: April 21, 2013 on RTP
        Finland: October 10, 2013 on Sub

      • China White

        Chien Na Wei first appeared in Green Arrow: Year One Vol 1 #3 (October 2007), and was created by Andy Diggle and Jock. In this retelling of Green Arrow's origins, China White is the head of a drug cartel who has her minion Hackett embezzle money from the Queen fortune to finance her poppy fields in the Fiji Islands. Oliver is later stranded on the island and defeats her, destroying the poppy fields. This is her first appearance outside of the comic books.

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