Season 1 Episode 2

Honor Thy Father

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • Strong.

    An interesting second episode with more development of Laurel which was definitelyy a plus.

    Still not too sure what the mother is up to, but I'm definitely finding it fascinating and looking forward to where it may go.

    The last scene was interesting... what does it mean? I guess we'll find out soon, but the flashbacks are promising.
  • Much better pacing with some descent drama moments and advancing conspiracies but not without convenient writing...

    The second episode of the Arrow was undeniably much better edited and had a much better pacing than the Pilot and enough time to dig into some of the characters and offer us some moments to make us care. The mother Theressa conspiracy plot is now confirmed and the protagonist is getting more and more likeable whereas his flashbacks get a turn to show us what happened on the island.

    However, the show has a great amount of convenient writing when it comes to the protagonist who can disappear in 1 second in the middle of an empty space area, he happens to be at his ex-girlfriend's apartment and can dodge bullets with his free running movements. Hilarious writing is also present with an iconic white-haired Asian girl who represents the mafia and wants to protect their connection in town by killing the lawyer who has a case against them with a full-assault at her apartment (like that won't raise any suspicions!!) and some great combat skills to fight Oliver.

    That being said, slightly better than the Pilot episode but still has great flaws and needs more family drama to counterbalance/and a more realistic action.
  • omg awsome

    wow im desprite to find out who the hell shot an arrow in his back like omg
  • good!

    Very good
  • Honor Thy Father

    This episode actually improved over the awesome pilot. The show reminds me alot of the Nolan batman series but this time it's Green Arrow and most of his family is alive so i want to see who will now his secret first. I love the Diggle he is a great character like alfred but young and has moves. Laurel is growing on me as i love Katy Cassidy in everything she does from Supernatural i even watched the episodes of Gossip Girl that she was in although i hate that show.
  • Good follow-up

    The second episode of this series had much going on. Every character had its own storyline, plus the recap of what happened in the pilot (in case someone missed it) made the episode feel crammed. Still, it was a really good episode; just not as good as the Pilot.

    The episode didn't start with the regular "Previously on" Instead, the story presented in the Pilot was summarized within this episode; through dialogues and Oliver's narrative.

    We got to see more of what happened to the island. And we got a glimpse of, apparently, how Oliver Queen became the Green Arrow. I mean, no matter how good he could've been before the island I bet he couldn't have learn Russian, hand-to-hand combat, archery and how to make arrows all by himself. When I saw the Pilot I remember thinking that is was weird that Oliver would've had well-built arrows and a wooden box to keep them in.

    Honor Thy Father had as many storylines as possible, even more: Arrow trying to make justice, Oliver deciding whether or not to work at Queen Industries, Laurel and Tommy's secret affair, Thea's drug problem and traumas, what happened on the island, and many more. I understand they wanted to cover as many ground as possible in the firsts episodes, but it actually kept back the developing of the main story.

    My favorite quote of the whole episode was spoken by Oliver to his father's tomb:

    "You asked me to save the city. To right your wrongs. I will. I swear. But to do that, I can't be the Oliver that everyone wants me to be, which means that sometimes to honor your wishes... I need to dishonor your memory. I'm sorry."

    It was really powerful and even gave me goosebumps. It reminded me too much of Batman, especially "The Dark Knight":

    "Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now."

    I know Green Arrow is an archery-based Batman so

    One thing I didn't liked about this episode was how everybody expected Oliver to carry on with his life as if the past five years wouldn't have happened. His mother wanted him to be in charge of Queen Industries. His best friend, Tommy, wanted Oliver to party and sleep around like they used to. And Thea wanted him to open up and tell her everything that happened in the island, like he had just experienced a bad dream. They can't understand that he went to a trauma, probably experiencing PTSD right now. I know some people don't believe in psychotherapy, but I really hope they make him go. Although I don't believe he would be Arrow if he weren't as damaged.

    Oh oh, I almost forgot. It would be amazing if the writers would put Lionel Luthor as the co-author of sabotaging the yacht! I don't know if that's how it happened in the original story but that's how it happened in Smallville (as I was kindly reminded by my brother). Oliver's mom Moira and Lionel had an affair and killed Robert Queen. Of course the whole foundation and purpose of choosing a different actor to play Oliver was that Arrow wouldn't look like a Smallville spin-off. So, I guess my wishes won't come true, as the writers would probably keep Arrow as an independent story, away from other heroes from DC.
  • not sure yet

    Getting a twilight vibe of this show, same as bad. Curious how it's gonna develop, but not sure if I'm gonna keep watching it. Lawyer's getting on my nerves...needs to take a lot of acting lessons.
  • ''can I spend a few years on that island? I wouldn't mind picking up several languages, a black-belt and a six-pack''

    The second episode of Arrow carries a lot of the strengths of the pilot over with it, as well as some of its niggling weak points, too. However, what the pilot lacked was a very cool, laconic Kelly Hu sporting a naff wig and awesome blades, being all cool and laconic-like. So there is that.

    This version of Oliver Queen is proving to be a little difficult to get used to. As I mentioned last week, from a physical stand-point, he's definitely got the look and skill-set (and the action this week was awesome, once again); but his personality is so dry it makes me want to pop a lozenge. And, uh, okay, I know that Oliver has been through a lot - he watched his dad blow his brains out just before dropping his son a cryptic bomb AND he had to defend his dad's rotting corpse against those evil, bloody seagulls (''mine. MINE'' -- Oh, Finding Nemo!). I'm not expecting quips every second, but even the ''playboy'' version of Ollie carries a woodenness you could carve your name into if you were bored and had a penknife.

    My biggest issue right now is that, while I see potential in a lot of the characters (especially awesome Kelly HU with her wig and knives), I feel that the dynamics between the characters seem too forced and...blah...for lack of a better word. I mean, seriously, am I the only one that gets creepy boyfriend/girlfriend vibes from Ollie's scenes with his sister? And I think Oliver is a little too old to be playing the ''you're screwing my MOM, omfg'' card at this stage in the game. Get over it, mate, and MOVE THE EFF out already. Even Oliver's scenes with Dinah (sorry, but, go away with your Laurel self!) just felt too on the nose. (And, I'm totally ranting right now but it drives me INSANE on TV shows when a couple is sharing a romantic drink/ice-cream and the guy ALWAYS sits on the floor instead of the perfectly cushioned couch directly behind him. UGH.)

    But let's get off my period for a second. This show still kind of rocks. In terms of pacing, the episode flew by and I really do like some of the characters (like the bodyguard, I forget his name). This really is only the second episode and almost every single CW show I watch right now had more than a few mishaps before finding their grooves (Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Supernatural etc.). The production values are solid, the action is flippin' impressive, and there's a hell of a lot of potential here for a really strong series.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I would like to see more emphasis on a true origin story and not just snippets here and there. I mean, really, can I spend a few years on that island? I wouldn't mind picking up several languages, a black-belt and a six-pack (minus the scars, though, thankyouplease).

    As for the ending, it certainly left me wanting more. More cliff-hangers like that and less try-hard writing and this show will be one to watch in no time at all.
  • Enjoyable

    I enjoyed this second episode, but I wasn't overwhelmed by awesomeness. There where quite some things that seemed like a repeat of the pilot. Also, I'm wondering if it will continue to focus on the same bad guy every episode that both Laurel and Oliver are haunting. Surely it wont go unnoticed that whenever Laurel is trying to bring someone down, that person gets in trouble with the Green Arrow. I'm curious to see what happenend on the island though, and will definitely keep watching.
  • Deja Vu?

    Cool episode but did anyone else noticed that the set where he fights the chinese chick at the docks looks ALOT like the set of the last episode of Falling Skies season two?
  • He's got a sensei!

    I knew it! No one learns languages stranded in an island alone. The man on the island made it so much more interesting now.
  • Arrow has a 50/50 chance of making it to next year

    The episode was overly dramatic and cliche but so was Star Trek TNG when it started, try a little harder and motivate the writers. What's up with Paul Blackthorne's hair? Are you trying to give him the 'I'm a drunkard and just got out of bed look'?
  • 'Arrow' shows promise.

    After a slow-paced beginning, 'Arrow' is finally off at top speed. This episode's opening narration - the narration in general - was a lot stronger than that of the 'Pilot', as was the pace of the action. The fact that a fight sequence occurred within seconds of the opening scene proves that 'Arrow' is ready to shift gears and bring viewers up to speed with the direction of the series.

    Pros: The flashback scenes provided much more information in 'Honor Thy Father' than they did in the 'Pilot'. The shaking camera effect employed during the flashback scenes is also to be praised; it brings out the contrast between Oliver's unnerving past and his seemingly steady present. Not to mention the lovely aerial shots of 'Starling City' that were employed in this episode.

    The exchange between Dinah ('Laurel') and her father added another dimension to both characters and provided additional information about the late Sarah Lance (who I fully expect to appear something in the future). Likewise, Thea's 'grieving sister' monologue gave her a depth that was not expected quite so soon.

    Now, any person with a morsel of sympathy would have shared Mama Queen's expression at Oliver's utter disregard for his father's memory, had she not shown, what appears to be utter treachery, in a following scene. This storyline appears to be the most intriguing.

    Cons: Tommy has already begun to fall into the backdrop. Appearing in only two scenes, in which his presence was barely significant and served mainly to provide information about other characters, Tommy's character was given no depth or insight in this episode, yet it is clear from the 'Pilot' that he will play quite a role in this saga.

    Overall, the series is already beginning to improve, and developing fans can only hope that the show's renewal is not based on the current number of viewers.
  • Honor Thy Father

    Honor Thy Father was a superb and very entertaining episode of Arrow and I really enjoyed watching. The story was pretty great and very well written. I liked the character development and plot progression. There was a lot of intrigue and complex character relationships. It was interesting to see more of Laurel and her father. There were so many excellent scenes and note worthy moments. I liked how every thing played out. I look forward to watching what happens next because this series is awesome! The music was sensational, the editing was great and the over all production was excellent. I can't wait for more!!!!!!!!!
  • Just one word...Wow!!

    That's pretty much what describes this episode. It blew my mind. I, like the rest of the fans here, can agree that the show has moved in an acceptable pace. They went into the root cause of what made Oliver became the Green Arrow.

    I'm glad they showed flashbacks of the island and the emotions and tribulations he went through. I loved they way the also brought more mystery and yet answered some of the questions that popped up in the pilot episode. The mix of action and emotional attachment to Oliver's character was outstanding to say the least. Dialogue was better and acting was on the par(No Emmy award acting atleast) ;).

    The producers definitely want to take Arrow seriously I think and they did an excellent job with Honor Thy Father. They have us hooked, which was highly essential after the fast-paced Pilot episode, and that can only lead to more mouth-watering episodes, deadly characters and emotional roller coasters. CW, keep it coming!!!
  • I am LOVING this show!

    Wow this second episode was really great.

    It moved the story along incredibly well. It was really awesome seeing Kelly Hu guest star on another CW show again she was so badass in her role!

    Seeing the many characters slowly but surely develop is so cool to watch.

    I am loving the mystery surrounding Moria what exactly is she up to? Whatever it is is doesn't seem good!

    Diggle is a great character I really like his developing friendship with Oliver!

    Oliver's narration and actions in this episode were much more motivated by feeling this time around than just actions and it was amazing to watch.

    I am super psyched for next week to see what this series has in store!