Season 1 Episode 2

Honor Thy Father

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • 'Arrow' shows promise.

    After a slow-paced beginning, 'Arrow' is finally off at top speed. This episode's opening narration - the narration in general - was a lot stronger than that of the 'Pilot', as was the pace of the action. The fact that a fight sequence occurred within seconds of the opening scene proves that 'Arrow' is ready to shift gears and bring viewers up to speed with the direction of the series.

    Pros: The flashback scenes provided much more information in 'Honor Thy Father' than they did in the 'Pilot'. The shaking camera effect employed during the flashback scenes is also to be praised; it brings out the contrast between Oliver's unnerving past and his seemingly steady present. Not to mention the lovely aerial shots of 'Starling City' that were employed in this episode.

    The exchange between Dinah ('Laurel') and her father added another dimension to both characters and provided additional information about the late Sarah Lance (who I fully expect to appear something in the future). Likewise, Thea's 'grieving sister' monologue gave her a depth that was not expected quite so soon.

    Now, any person with a morsel of sympathy would have shared Mama Queen's expression at Oliver's utter disregard for his father's memory, had she not shown, what appears to be utter treachery, in a following scene. This storyline appears to be the most intriguing.

    Cons: Tommy has already begun to fall into the backdrop. Appearing in only two scenes, in which his presence was barely significant and served mainly to provide information about other characters, Tommy's character was given no depth or insight in this episode, yet it is clear from the 'Pilot' that he will play quite a role in this saga.

    Overall, the series is already beginning to improve, and developing fans can only hope that the show's renewal is not based on the current number of viewers.