Season 1 Episode 2

Honor Thy Father

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 17, 2012 on The CW

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  • ''can I spend a few years on that island? I wouldn't mind picking up several languages, a black-belt and a six-pack''

    The second episode of Arrow carries a lot of the strengths of the pilot over with it, as well as some of its niggling weak points, too. However, what the pilot lacked was a very cool, laconic Kelly Hu sporting a naff wig and awesome blades, being all cool and laconic-like. So there is that.

    This version of Oliver Queen is proving to be a little difficult to get used to. As I mentioned last week, from a physical stand-point, he's definitely got the look and skill-set (and the action this week was awesome, once again); but his personality is so dry it makes me want to pop a lozenge. And, uh, okay, I know that Oliver has been through a lot - he watched his dad blow his brains out just before dropping his son a cryptic bomb AND he had to defend his dad's rotting corpse against those evil, bloody seagulls (''mine. MINE'' -- Oh, Finding Nemo!). I'm not expecting quips every second, but even the ''playboy'' version of Ollie carries a woodenness you could carve your name into if you were bored and had a penknife.

    My biggest issue right now is that, while I see potential in a lot of the characters (especially awesome Kelly HU with her wig and knives), I feel that the dynamics between the characters seem too forced and...blah...for lack of a better word. I mean, seriously, am I the only one that gets creepy boyfriend/girlfriend vibes from Ollie's scenes with his sister? And I think Oliver is a little too old to be playing the ''you're screwing my MOM, omfg'' card at this stage in the game. Get over it, mate, and MOVE THE EFF out already. Even Oliver's scenes with Dinah (sorry, but, go away with your Laurel self!) just felt too on the nose. (And, I'm totally ranting right now but it drives me INSANE on TV shows when a couple is sharing a romantic drink/ice-cream and the guy ALWAYS sits on the floor instead of the perfectly cushioned couch directly behind him. UGH.)

    But let's get off my period for a second. This show still kind of rocks. In terms of pacing, the episode flew by and I really do like some of the characters (like the bodyguard, I forget his name). This really is only the second episode and almost every single CW show I watch right now had more than a few mishaps before finding their grooves (Vampire Diaries, Nikita, Supernatural etc.). The production values are solid, the action is flippin' impressive, and there's a hell of a lot of potential here for a really strong series.

    But let's not get ahead of ourselves. I would like to see more emphasis on a true origin story and not just snippets here and there. I mean, really, can I spend a few years on that island? I wouldn't mind picking up several languages, a black-belt and a six-pack (minus the scars, though, thankyouplease).

    As for the ending, it certainly left me wanting more. More cliff-hangers like that and less try-hard writing and this show will be one to watch in no time at all.