Season 2 Episode 6

Keep Your Enemies Closer

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Nov 13, 2013 on The CW
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A.R.G.U.S. recruits Diggle to rescue Lyla, who has disappeared in Moscow following a lead on Deadshot. Oliver and Felicity volunteer to go with their friend, but run into trouble when Isabel insists on accompanying them. Meanwhile, Moira's attorney suggests that Thea stop dating Roy because it's hurting Moira's defense.


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  • From Russia with no love.

    I'm Russian and I'm watching this show in English. What was my reaction after I heard about going to Moscow? Facepalm... Russia again. Gosh, is it difficult for producers to look for some real information about Russia? First, Oliver speaks Russian very very bad. Mhm, no. It was awful actually. Sometimes I didn't understand what he was speaking of. Anatoly said: "This is 500.000 rubles" when he bought a car. 500.000 rubles for car :) It's about $15.000. That's right, for Mercedes :) Wrong car numbers and etc. Everybody says Koshmar about Gulag prison. It's like Russians would make the movie about United States where prisoners live in Alcatraz prison. And not kOshmar but koshmAr. Light name. I'd say Pizdets.moreless
  • Really good.

    A great episode that takes us beyond American borders and into Russia for an exciiting and very personal case for Diggle. Interesting to learn who Lyla really was to him - that one I did not see coming, but it was exciting nonetheless.

    The stuff from the past was also pretty interesting - Sara is definitely a complex person after everything that happened to her, and I really want to know more about all that.

    Overall, a very enjoyable hour - looking forward to the next one!moreless
  • 9.5
    I've been wanting this hole Felicity and Ollie vibe to come is definitely some sexual tension there and I hope that at some point they do hock up!!
  • Poor Felicity.

    So Isabel's not such an ice maiden after all, felt sorry for Felicity, she seemed upset when she found out that Oliver slept with Isabel.
  • Really Diggle? A Bing search?!

    Pretty good episode all round, but lost it when Diggle decided to search Bing to find out what HIVE is!

    Dig, you know Felicity is pretty good at that stuff, right?

    Did he expect a more-than-likely clandestine force to be on Bing?

    Product placement in the show irks me....
Jimmy Jean-Louis

Jimmy Jean-Louis

The Captain

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Teryl Rothery

Teryl Rothery

Jean Loring

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Briana Buckmaster

Briana Buckmaster


Guest Star

Caity Lotz

Caity Lotz

Black Canary

Recurring Role

Audrey Marie Anderson

Audrey Marie Anderson

Lyla Michaels

Recurring Role

Summer Glau

Summer Glau

Isabel Rochev

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    • Quentin: (to Roy) Thanks. It's been a while since I arrested you. I'd forgotten how good it feels.

    • Slade: I will not be the reason something happens to you.
      Shado: Then we're in agreement. Because I make my own choices.
      Slade: You are a strong woman.
      Shado: When I care about someone, there's nothing I won't do for them.
      Slade: Another thing... we have in common.

    • Isabel: Underneath that swagger, I see you pretty clearly.
      Oliver: Really? And what do you see?
      Isabel: You're intelligent. Driven. And lonely.
      Oliver: How do you see that?
      Isabel: Because it's what I see when I look in the mirror.

    • Felicity: What were you thinking?
      Oliver: What?
      Felicity: Over 64 million women over the age of consent in Russia, and you sleep with her.
      Oliver: So we're not doing the "what happens in Russia stays in Russia"?
      Felicity: We're still in Russia.

    • Deadshot: If I say she's in there, what's keeping you from shooting me?
      Diggle: Honor. You should try it sometime.

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