Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • Great!

    This was a different kind of episode in which we delve into something not on the list. Instead, it's a series of bank robberies, as Oliver - with the help of Diggle - finds another way to help the city.

    I have to admit that I wasn't too fond of the island scenes today - the hallucinations are all well and good, but in essence nothing actually happened in those scenes that we couldn't have guessed. I hope the next episode continues off on where the previous one left off there.

    But the seriously good stuff from the present day was interestinga and all up, a very good series of events to follow.

    Looking forward to more!
  • just a rip off

    I gave this episode a one the start of the show where the bank robbery takes place is just a straight ripoff from the movie Point Break - nothing like modern television writers pinching scenes direct off a movie.
  • Great History

    This episode delves deeper into the history of how Oliver first discovers the list and finds the will to survive the island. The bank robbers add an interesting twist to Oliver's father's history. However, I want to know when we are going to figure out how he learned to fight and shoot the arrow. It seems to be droning on a little bit.
  • A few cards short of a full deck...

    Far removed from their comic-book counterparts, Arrow's ''gritty'' take on The Royal Flush gang lends the hour a certain pathos and drive that not only animates Oliver in ways I hadn't seen previously (he felt much more human here), but also manages to push the arc forward quite a bit. Elsewhere, it's refreshing to note that Digs sees himself as the Nightwing to Arrow's Batman rather than the Alfred to his Wayne. And I even noticed a genuine glimmer between Dinah and Tommy this week, which certainly trumps their lack of chemistry during the last handful of episodes. There are still a lot of standstill plots, of course: Mamma Queen's insecurities (''I'm so rich and throw all of these lavish parties! Why doesn't my son appreciate my lavish parties? He'd have probably been better off staying on that island!'') and Thea is still as inconsistent as ever (although Willa Holland does wonders with what little she is given) and the overall denouement doesn't quite hit home, either. Overall, though, this was a solid episode, one that manages to improve upon a few of the niggles that plagued the show up until now. Let's hope Arrow can keep on the right track!
  • Verry cool

    I love it

    I am so touched by this episode. The whole Oliver's attitude, reaction and behaviour towards human weaknesses amd mistakes of the past was praiseworthy. Anyway, i hope Thea and Tommy's relationship mve on to another more affectionate level because Laurel doesn't really love Tommy. Also i would like to complain about the non existing scenes between Oliver and Laurel, oh come on give us something to wait for. In a few words A FANTASTIC, TOUCHING AND MEANINGFUL EPISODE
  • Missed the MARK

    Am loving this show so much faster and better than Smallville. This show has all the ingredients of something familiar and something surprising.

    This episode started with the 'Royal Flush' gang of plain old bank robbers. It was good to tie this in with the mission that Oliver has set for himself. He is so focused on who to burn that he's overlooking the 'minor' crimes in front of him. It was good to get Diggle to keep it real and rooted in the ground. Unfortunately, once Arrow goes after the small fish, I lost interest. In a round about way the men at the top screwed the little people - but I don't care. I want to see the Enron and Lehman Brothers of this world suffer. Their crimes kill more than bank robbers. So it was hard to focus on the bank robbers.

    Thea and Tommy moved into the spotlight and I was somewhat bored by that too. Thea is ok as the little sister but not as a Joanie loves Potsie episode. Less of these two.

    The most disappointing part for me was the flashbacks on the island. After a week or two - what is the motivation to carry on? Oliver was a spoilt, reckless and hopeless playboy. After a fortnight without a toothbrush - I guess he was ready to blow his brains out. And then Obi Wan comes to him and says 'go to the dark side'. In 'Revenge' Emily Thorne has a real connection to make things right, from her Dad falsely accused and being carted off to years in jail. She reinvents herself to avenge dear old Dad from those nasty neighbours and their nasty company. Back to Oliver - who was probably oblivious to any corruption - he suddenly finds the will to set things right? Did not weigh up.

    Loving the DCU name dropping. Keep that up. I expect Bialya and Kahndaq to be referred to.

  • To the point

    I am a hard guy to get a 10 out-of but Arrow gets a 10 despite some misgivings because they dealt with really tough issues head-on.

    When Diggle brings Oliver to heal "you have a narrow definition of being a hero" and declares that there is more than one way to fix the cities problems then he is the one shooting straight and true.

    This is backed up by the dream sequences and yet at the same time other plot elements are moved forward e.g. romance and distance.

    Sure, there wasn't as much action as usual but even in this area there were some interesting introductions e.g. the "trick arrows" that hit and then secure items e.g. cash bags.

    It's great that Diggle is exactly as they agreed - a partner rather than a side-kick and that Oliver listens to him.

    Yup - I really liked this episode because it was cleverly and properly written, acted and directed - as fan-tare TV goes it hit all the sweet spots.
  • Arrow not as sharp

    So a bank-robbing family (very reminiscent of the Royal Flush Gang) decides to bring the noise to Starling City this week. This of course means that our Emerald Archer has to take a break from the ominous 'List' that he's inherited and shift gears from white collar to blue collar crime. One benefit of this change (in my limited opinion) is that the 'monster of the week' is a little more human than his wealthy counterparts; Oliver's late father is even portrayed as the real villain of the week at various portions of the episode. This change also lets us see Green Arrow as less of the murderous vigilante and more of the everyday hero which he proclaims he isn't. It must be stated, however, that Arrow's fight scene with the Ace of Spades was weak in comparison to the fight scenes of the previous episode.

    In other news, the Lord knows I've been complaining about Tommy's absences and insignificant appearances since the second episode, but who knew the writers would come back with the very Tommy-centric episode that was Legacies. I guess I'm just hard to please, but I was looking forward to seeing Tommy' in relation to Oliver not so much Tommy in relation to Dinah and... Thea? (Side note: Thea's drunk voice could put Alvin and the Chipmunks out of business. I'm usually okay with Willa Holland's performances, but I guess lovedrunk from Tommy was just way to much for her to try to pull off).

    Ollie's heart to heart with Mama Queen was touching if you overlook the fact that their both hiding things and are really on opposite sides of the war that the Emerald Archer is waging on Starling City's elite. Overlook that and their scenes together were MasterCard priceless.

    Loved the DCU references (the ones I picked up on that is). Hearing Keystone City (home of the first Flash) and Coast City (home of a Green Lantern) mentioned made me smile; I look forward to seeing many a DCU characters before the season finale.

    By no means a bad episode, but by no means the best.
  • Legacies

    Legacies was a phenomenal episode of Arrow and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of character development, a great story about redemption and a lot of drama. It was awesome watching the characters interact. I liked how John and Oliver were practicing with metal bars and how John pushed Oliver to be a bigger hero than he intended. I also liked watching Tommy try to win Laurels heart in new ways. There was a lot of great action and it was awesome to see the character development and plot progression. I liked how every thing played out and look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Not as good as previous ones.

    This episode wasn't as good as the previous ones. It did had action and drama, but the story wasn't presented correctly. At times I was lost and didn't understand what Oliver was talking about.

    On the other hand, I did like how Oliver and Diggle's relationship is evolving. They have this love-hate relationship that works wonders. They admire each other, but they are not afraid to stand up to one another.

    On various occasions Moira approached Oliver to talk about their relationship. Moira wants the Oliver of five years ago. She still can't understand that he was on an island for five years! An island where he had to fight and kill to survive. Moira expects her son to just open up and be her BFF. She is not being realistic. What Oliver needs to do is buy an apartment for himself. That way he won't have to deal with his mother and he won't have to make excuses for every time he goes out.

    I missed Detective Lance on this episode. On the other hand, I had too much of Thea on this episode. In the scene where she and Oliver are talking, she seems more real, I thought she was improving. But then, in the scene where she was supposed to be drunk, she was so stiff and fake. I couldn't understand her and not because she was drunk and not speaking clearly, but because she wouldn't open her mouth and every word sounded forced and whiny.

    I do like Laurel and Tommy as a couple, to bad she is going to end up with Oliver eventually.

    Another good thing from this episode: now we know were the list came from. Since the notebook appeared blank the first time I was suspicious. Why would a billionaire have a blank notebook on his pants while on a yacht? It didn't make any sense to me. Now we know why and, let me tell you, I loved it. I was expecting Oliver to write the names sometime, somehow, but this is way better.
  • Bam!!

    I'll be watching the entire series as long as it's on. I'm glad that the CW is continuing to make a comic book TV series, and add some interesting villains. So far I've been watching all the episodes with my co-workers at DISH on our lunch break, and we can't get enough. I've been recording all the episodes on my Hopper DVR from DISH, so that I can watch all the episodes again with my wife when I get home from work. I like having a DVR because I can watch my favorite shows more than once. So far this series is awesome, and I can't wait for the next episode!

    It's getting better for Amell & co! And what I noticed for this episode is that the voice over was kept to a minimum: C+ for that. Writers : You're getting better!

    I also liked the fact that Diggle keeps pushing Oliver though they could do better, but we'll just say that they're working th ekincks out. I would have liked their interactions to be "bumpier" in these early days but the last episode prevented that. At least he's not acting like Oliver's bitch.

    The case of this week was a nice step out of Oliver's vendetta. After all, if he cares so much about helping the people of Starling City, he needs to help the people of Starling City.

    Though I don't like Moira, I like the story behind her. But I don't want the writers to humanize her. At least not yet. I would have liked her to have had an active role in the death of her late husband. I would have liked a game of minds between her Oliver. But that is wishful thinking on my part.

    Unfortunately for Thea she's become another dead weight of the series like Laurel and Tommy. The writers need to work on that.

    Other than that, I'm starting to, dare I say, like it....All I can I is keep it up.
  • Family Matters

    I am just loving this series!

    I liked this episode a lot, it really showed how important family is.

    Oliver interactions with his mother were very strained but I liked how he and her made up at the end.

    Oliver's flashbacks to the island this time were extremely poignant because we saw just how truly lost he was without his father. I liked the very last flashback the best because it showed that he could survive without his dad.

    It was equally amazing to watch Oliver and Diggle's partnership/friendship continue to flourish, they really do make one hell of a duo!

    I am super excited to see more episodes of this brilliant series!
  • Loved it

    The Arrow series is still being awesome with its real life action, drama, and even romance. Its a nice break from Oliver and Diggle hunting down the corrupt upper 1%ers, we get to see them tangle with a modern take on the Royal Flush Gang, Dinah (Laurel) and Merlyn (Tommy) continue to bond while Oliver reconnects with his mother (funny seeing a rich mother and son eat at a fast food joint). Overall good episode.