Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • Arrow not as sharp

    So a bank-robbing family (very reminiscent of the Royal Flush Gang) decides to bring the noise to Starling City this week. This of course means that our Emerald Archer has to take a break from the ominous 'List' that he's inherited and shift gears from white collar to blue collar crime. One benefit of this change (in my limited opinion) is that the 'monster of the week' is a little more human than his wealthy counterparts; Oliver's late father is even portrayed as the real villain of the week at various portions of the episode. This change also lets us see Green Arrow as less of the murderous vigilante and more of the everyday hero which he proclaims he isn't. It must be stated, however, that Arrow's fight scene with the Ace of Spades was weak in comparison to the fight scenes of the previous episode.

    In other news, the Lord knows I've been complaining about Tommy's absences and insignificant appearances since the second episode, but who knew the writers would come back with the very Tommy-centric episode that was Legacies. I guess I'm just hard to please, but I was looking forward to seeing Tommy' in relation to Oliver not so much Tommy in relation to Dinah and... Thea? (Side note: Thea's drunk voice could put Alvin and the Chipmunks out of business. I'm usually okay with Willa Holland's performances, but I guess lovedrunk from Tommy was just way to much for her to try to pull off).

    Ollie's heart to heart with Mama Queen was touching if you overlook the fact that their both hiding things and are really on opposite sides of the war that the Emerald Archer is waging on Starling City's elite. Overlook that and their scenes together were MasterCard priceless.

    Loved the DCU references (the ones I picked up on that is). Hearing Keystone City (home of the first Flash) and Coast City (home of a Green Lantern) mentioned made me smile; I look forward to seeing many a DCU characters before the season finale.

    By no means a bad episode, but by no means the best.