Season 1 Episode 6


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2012 on The CW

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  • Missed the MARK

    Am loving this show so much faster and better than Smallville. This show has all the ingredients of something familiar and something surprising.

    This episode started with the 'Royal Flush' gang of plain old bank robbers. It was good to tie this in with the mission that Oliver has set for himself. He is so focused on who to burn that he's overlooking the 'minor' crimes in front of him. It was good to get Diggle to keep it real and rooted in the ground. Unfortunately, once Arrow goes after the small fish, I lost interest. In a round about way the men at the top screwed the little people - but I don't care. I want to see the Enron and Lehman Brothers of this world suffer. Their crimes kill more than bank robbers. So it was hard to focus on the bank robbers.

    Thea and Tommy moved into the spotlight and I was somewhat bored by that too. Thea is ok as the little sister but not as a Joanie loves Potsie episode. Less of these two.

    The most disappointing part for me was the flashbacks on the island. After a week or two - what is the motivation to carry on? Oliver was a spoilt, reckless and hopeless playboy. After a fortnight without a toothbrush - I guess he was ready to blow his brains out. And then Obi Wan comes to him and says 'go to the dark side'. In 'Revenge' Emily Thorne has a real connection to make things right, from her Dad falsely accused and being carted off to years in jail. She reinvents herself to avenge dear old Dad from those nasty neighbours and their nasty company. Back to Oliver - who was probably oblivious to any corruption - he suddenly finds the will to set things right? Did not weigh up.

    Loving the DCU name dropping. Keep that up. I expect Bialya and Kahndaq to be referred to.

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