Season 1 Episode 3

Lone Gunmen

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 2012 on The CW

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  • Intense!

    This was another great episode, and better than the last one which I did like.

    The flashback scenes are both interesting and confusing - I want to know more... all I can tell right now is that he wasn't alone there, at least not after getting there originally.

    Meanwhile the Deadshot stuff was very interesting and all, and the final scene of the episoed was super interesting and really well done!

    It's setting up nicely - I look forward to next week!
  • Lone Gunmen

    This episode introduced one of my favorite villains Deadshot. His incarnation in this show is much better and more badass than his version in Smallville where he was a cowboy (i like cowboys but it doesnt fit this character sorry smallville). This show is bringing DC Characters fast and i can't wait to meet more of the character in Arrow. (Spoiler Alert) In the end of the episode deadshot was shot but i dont think he is dead as per the comics oliver takes his eye and i want that to happen because i want to see more of his specially now that olver may have taken his eye (if he will be back he will come back with vengeance and revenge on the green arrow and that would be awesome to watch).
  • UBER IMPRESSIVE!! Each Better Than The LAST!

    This was an amazingly captivating episode of Arrow! It's definitely not like all the other procedural shows out there which by the middle you're watching the clock an wanting to go for a lil break to the men's room or lady's room as it were. But with Arrow, its like it goes by so FAST! It's over before you know it! An better than that, its entertaining throughout with character development, backstory on the villian, DEADSHOT, and more fascinating, the flashbacks!!! Those were wicked cool! I cannot wait to hear more on why the commandos were looking for him. Was it because of his father's involvement with organized crime, or was it simply another mystery that is the ISLAND? Im not entirely sure, or haven't quite made up my mind as to what my opinion might be as of yet, but i am indeed HOOKED! I also, for sure look forward to a bitter onslaught of nemesis' for Oliver to overcome this season as well as a massive amount of backstory on the island to put our curiosity in check! Perfect 10 in my book.
  • Great balance between action and drama

    The series has been getting better and better. The director has taken advantage of all their high points. More importantly, they're doing it slowly. Each episode there is a bit of character development, a bit of background story. They're not eager to show off everything in the first part of the season, which is good because they won't run out of ideas early. Like Heroes: the first season was amazing. Then, it was horrible, like they were trying too hard. Hopefully, Arrow won't go through that, and the writers will evenly distribute the story, the drama and the action.

    The background story keeps developing. They are slowly explaining how Oliver survived five years on that island, and how he learned all of Arrow's abilities. The island, as it turns out, wasn't desolated. People are living in it; dangerous people. Fortunately, Oliver found himself a protector. Probably the one that teach Oliver everything he knows.

    This episode the villain was Deadshot: a hit man that never misses a shot. Oliver found about him when Deadshot killed Oliver's target. And thus the race began. Deadshot wanted to kill some people on Oliver's list. Oliver likes to give the bad guys an opportunity to do what's right and only kills when it's necessary. So, instead of targeting the bad and wealthy of Starling City, Oliver focused on taking out Deadshot and protecting the wealthy. It was a nice twist. Especially because Oliver alone couldn't protect everybody, he needed help. I thought this was going to be Dig's big brake, but instead Oliver asked Detective Lance's help.

    Two characters keep growing on me bit by bit: Dig and Moira. Dig is slowly becoming the perfect sidekick. He is doing his job protecting Oliver, but being as perceptive as he is, Dig already suspects Oliver is Arrow, and admires him for that. I think Dig will eventually become an Arrow enabler, especially helping Oliver with his alibis.

    I'm liking Moira more and more. I don't know if she's really good, or if she's bad, or if she is a bad person with good feelings. I haven't forgotten she sabotaged the yacht and kidnapped Oliver in the Pilot. But Snow she's behaving more motherly towards Thea and Oliver. She seems so nice and ready to change and become the mother she never was. I don't think she's faking it. I think she's lowered her guard. Last episode she said Oliver didn't knew anything, so maybe she really thinks that and now feels at ease. Thus, being able to act more motherly around her children.

    Thea have changed too. She's becoming wilder and more realistic. At first Thea, as a character, felt forced. Now she literally seems like a girl that likes to party and do drugs; a girl that was damaged by her father and brother's death. The moment in which my perspective of Thea changed was when Moira talked with her about Robert Queen. Both of them felt real, a mother and daughter bonding. Even though, in the club scene between Thea and Oliver, Thea still felt forced.

    This episode introduced a new character, besides Deadshot: Felicity Smoak, an IT technician. She was funny and dorky, I love her. I really hope she becomes a recurring character. Being a DC character maybe she will.

    Arrow is doing a great job maintaining its regular balance between drama, action and suspense. I can't wait for the next episode.
  • From Drama to Action

    Arrow is bringing its A-game. The poisoned bullets were very impressive. Escape the shot and you'll still die. This show opens new questions. Every ending is a cliffhanger. Which is good but risky. The bullets VS arrows thing was a kick-ass fight scene. It looked so awesome. Also, Laurel and Tommy looks better together.


    What kind of plant is that?

    He's Bratva? What does that mean? Where'd that tattoo came from?

    Is Warren Patel actually involved in this?

    PS. I love that he's getting allies especially Diggle.
  • There is just so much potential here. I hope that after a few more episodes, Arrow can tap into it.

    Three weeks in now and Arrow is already showing signs that it will be a series worth investing your time in, once the kinks are ironed out and the blades sharpened. The underwritten narration/exposition needs to stop (about two episodes ago), and thankfully that will soon be addressed once Oliver's circle of sidekicks grow, as is the case come episode's end.

    And, I can't believe I'm saying this, but we get it, Oliver Queen is nicely shaped: Enough with the gratuitous shirtless scenes. (Again, I'm in disbelief at myself right now.)

    Meanwhile, on LOST, we find out at a little bit more about Oliver's vacation on the island. Only, it's not enough. I really would like more time spent on delving into this aspect of how he became the man he is today, cos with so many concurring present-day storylines crammed into one episode, it undercuts the awesomeness that is Deadshot. And no-one should ever undercut Deadshot. The mysterious archer who is helping out our stranded playboy is a bit of a head scratcher: I'm gonna shoot you with a bow to save your life. What a top-notch guy. And who was he referring to when he said ''they'd'' kill Oliver? The Others? All I'm saying is that Oliver should watch out for some polar bears. And Jack. Especially Jack!

    It seemed a little odd to take out such a note-worthy DC villain so early in the game, especially when you take into consideration that there really wasn't much of a character there to begin with. The action-scenes with Deadshot were slickly handled (and his unnervingly casual bloodbath was just that -- casual and unnerving); but I expected more here from this storyline. What's the point in tapping into DC's roster of villains if you're not going to pay them service? The look and style of Deadshot meshes well with the tone of the show, but I personally preferred Smallville's iteration, if only for the slick bullet-time sequence.

    A lot of the drama this week also bored me. Theo still feels like an ex-girlfriend of Oliver's, and the whole family dynamic is too stilted to find in anyway engaging. I really got a kick out seeing Dinah er, kick and punch that Max fella ( cos, ya know, Black Canary-ness) but I also can't really stand whatever is not happening between her and Merlin.

    There is just so much potential here. I hope that after a few more episodes, Arrow can tap into it. I appreciate that it's not simply relying on its DC brand, and is attempting to create an ensemble cast first and tackle DC villains second, but the writing needs to be tighter and the show needs to take itself a little less seriously. I'm not looking for Batman & Robin camp here, but everyone outside of Merlin just needs to lighten the eff up a little.

    I had lost interest in shows period i was hardly watching television because quite frankly I was bored by every show... Arrow saved me though this show is extremely intesnse and amazing...
  • Is Arrow faster than a speeding bullet?

    Renowned DC Comic characters are already beginning to show their faces on the newest live action DC series. The first up is Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot, whose appearance created quite a stir. Whether it was the deranged look in his eyes, the names tattooed on his body, or the bullets flying out of his arm, Deadshot's presence was quite chilling... and Very entertaining.

    The appearance of a such a DC character so early on in the show suggests that we may see quite a few more before this season wraps, I for one am certainly looking forward to that.

    While this episode has a plethora of noteworthy scenes, I must give the spotlight to the scene I've personally been waiting for since the Pilot, that is, some hint, an inkling even, that Dinah 'Laurel' Lance is in fact the blond-wig-wearing-crime-fighting-motorcycle-riding Black Canary that we all know and love.

    The best part of 'Arrow' at this point is that every episode is better than the last. And every episode provides the hope that the show will only get better. If only it had a rallying vigilante theme song...
  • Lone Gunmen

    Lone Gunmen was an awesome and perfect episode of Arrow. I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of significant character development as we got to know Thea and Moira a little better along with the tensions between them. It was also intriguing to see flash backs to the island and to learn more about Dead Shot. There was action, intrigue, glitz and glamor. It was awesome watching Oliver come up with a plan for his lair and getting involved with the Russian Mob to find a killer. It was also great to see Oliver learn about Tommy and Laurel. It was touching seeing Tommy and Laurel talk about being together. The last few action scenes and flash backs to the Island were amazing! The ending was intriguing as John discovers who saved him. I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Dead Shot Was Quite Deadly!

    Once again this episode delivered!

    It had such great suspense.

    I thought that Dead shot was a pretty cool villain of the week, however it seemed that he was still no match for Arrow!

    I am really enjoying the mystery and mythology of this series.

    Seeing Olivier's time on the island was extremely cool and intriguing.

    I loved learning a bit more about Diggle.

    I cannot wait 4 next week!
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