Season 1 Episode 7

Muse of Fire

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2012 on The CW

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  • The Mob, And A Arrow Love Connection

    Wow this show just keeps getting better and better!

    I loved Oliver's relationship with Helena, it was great to see him finally connect and let his guard down with someone. I loved Laurel and Tommy's relationship development as well.

    I am loving the continuing mythology of this series and cannot wait for next week!
  • Identiy crisis

    This show has so much potential, but this episode was particularly weak.

    The John Barrowman character reveal was brilliant; he's the best Queen on the show by far. Nearly all of the scenes involving Moira and/or Walter are great viewing and even the brief exchanges between them are top class. Otherwise the narrative of this episode was embarrassingly predictable, two dimensional and frankly lazy. Painting by numbers.

    Where this show falls on its face is in the dreary, angsty exchanges between the younger characters. Largely they feel devoid of any depth of feeling, understanding or intrigue. I just can't understand how they're apparently so ready to bang on at length about feelings that you would've thought they would struggle to vocalise in the context of an inner monologue, let alone in a brief exchange with one another. How can they be trapped by their overwhelming convictions, yet at the same time be perfectly capable of discussing them so frankly? The crooning guitarist in background doesn't help either.

    Who cares that Tommy had his trust fund cut off? Are we meant to relate to that? I can't be the only person who thinks a huge leap of faith is called for on the part of the viewer to believe in holier-than-thou, 'I'm one of the good lawyers' Laurel- a woman who clearly spends half the morning doing her make-up and would probably struggle not to wretch at the smell of a homeless shelter.

    It's a great pity that a story with so much potential apparently has to be justified by littering it with soap opera sub-plots. Maybe give the viewers a little more credit.
  • Starling City has a Laguna Beach

    Well, as a fan of DC comics in general, it was delightful to get my first glimpse of another DC hero/vigilante (whatever they're calling themselves these days). I'm also glad that it's the JLU version of Huntress (Helena Bertinelli) rather than the Birds of Prey (Helena Wayne) version, not that I have anything against Batman's daughter. All that being said, I'm hoping Arrow has plans to develop the character in more ways than just being Ollie's rebound (just when you think the CW's grown up). The last scene of the episode completely obliterated my expectations of a professional vigilante team up. I had visions of Oliver teaching Helena how to wield her trademark crossbow. I had hopes. I had visions. Then the last minute of the show turned it into another of the CW's high school dramas. So much for my dreams.

    Kudos to the writers though for not having Tommy and Laurel's date in the same restaurant as Oliver and Helena's (I know we were all waiting for that awkward dramatic moment).

    In other more promising news: Walter is finally back, whoo! I was beginning to think that he'd gone swimming with Robert Queen. And WoW, the writers may not please everybody all of the time, but you've got to give them props for making The Man in the Suit Tommy's dad. If you saw that coming, I hope you've sent in an application to Mystery Inc. because I was in the dark. Looking forward to see how that story line plays out.
  • True flight but dull head

    Arrow continues to fly true with plot and character devleopment... and still got some of those great action scenes. Arrow and Huntress work well together as a couple, right balance in character development of the relationship... but..

    ... I just can't take Laurel and Tommy seriously, frankly they do not gel either as a couple in the context of the program or as regards their scripted exchanges; if a meteor suddenly smacked the two of them then I wouldn't notice the difference to the program or rewally care other than for the improvement to the show.

    Tommy getting cut-off was such a tosser of an issue - poor little rich boy whinning because Dad wants him to take some responcibility and spending 100% of his time hanging out and/or chasing tail.

  • Muse of Fire

    Muse of Fire was a very entertaining and exciting episode of Arrow. I really enjoyed watching because the character development was awesome as Oliver meets Helena and discovers she is similar to him in many ways. It was sad how Tommy's father cut him off and he found out the hard way as he was on a date with Laurel. There were many intriguing elements and plot progressions along with great acting. I liked how every thing played out and the ending was awesome! I look forward to watching what happens next!!!!!!!!!
  • Muse of Fire

    amazing episode. i don't know why many people dont like this episode because i loved it although i want more flashbacks but it was nice to see an episode without the flashbacks. Introducing Helena was great and now i'm in love with the actress playing her she is not soooo hot like Nina Dobrev is but i love her personality i get why Oliver likes her. It also kinda reminded me of the Catwoman and Batman relationship in TDKR. This episode deserves more than a 10 amazing and can't wait for more/

    I loved the new turn in Oliver's heart. At last he lets himself feel something for another person even if it is Helena who by the way seems to be the only one that really understands him. I also adored the kind and covered heart opening of Tommy.

    Enough of the romance. This show has potential that's being squandered on soap operatics. Please don't turn into Smallville. I want to know what happened on the island - not oh Dinah and the poor rich boy are going to hook up. Who gives a @Q3!. Take a lesson from the Walking Dead. They're kicking a@2 this season. And the idea that Ollie's sister gave him of opening up to someone - anyone - well he already did that - with his bodyguard. It was a lame excuse to get him and Helena together. Poor writing.
  • Too little emotion

    The character introduction for "The Huntress" or Helena was supposed to be a girl taking revenge for the death of his fiance. I think this is a good episode, but see, the problem is, I didn't feel the sadness when she was talking about her fiance's death.
  • I'm really enjoying it.

    Arrow is starting to really get interesting. I hope this show continues to get stronger and stronger. I agree I think this show needs a little more action but the character development is getting more interesting.

    Keep it going!!

  • Arrow Reigns

    I love this episode. I think that it was well executed and the writers and actors could not have done a better job. This is one of the best new series to hit television this year.
  • Another good, not great, episode

    After a week without an episode, I wasn't really excited to watch Arrow. The series' episodes are great, but so far don't have an arc, so I had nothing to look forward to.

    In this episode the viewers are introduced to a new character: Helena Bertinelli, a girl that is on a personal vendetta, killing the corrupt. Sounds a bit familiar don't you think? She is exactly the same as Oliver. She even said the line: "No one can know my secret" as she was snapping a guy's neck; just like Oliver said in Arrow's very first episode. But when Oliver found out she was killing the bad guys, he started criticizing her, telling her that she was wrong and they, Oliver and Helena, were nothing alike. I found that totally hypocritical! They were doing the exact same thing: riding Starling city of mobsters. They did have one difference: their motive. Oliver is trying to fulfill his father dying wish; Helena wants to avenge his fianc's death. Helena blames his father for the death of his boyfriend, Michael. Yes, her father sent one of his guys to kill Michael, but Helena's fianc was killed because he was suspected of treason. A laptop full of information of Helena's father was found in Michael's bag, so he was killed. Turns out that laptop was Helena's. So, in my opinion, if she wants to blame someone for Michael's death, she should blame herself. She was already investigating her father and knew what he was capable of, why would she leave all that information somewhere easy to be found? More importantly, why would she implicate her boyfriend?

    Tommy and Laurel's relationship is going good and strong which is not good news. She is going to end up with Oliver eventually and I just found out that Tommy will turn into Oliver's archenemy: the archer Merlyn. I'm guessing Arrow's creators wanted to appeal to Smallville fans by having a best friend that will turn out to be the worst enemy, or maybe they just want drama. While watching Smallville I suspected (but really hoped I was wrong) that Clark and Lex were going to turn on each other because of Lana and I was right. Now I'm guessing Oliver and Tommy will turn on each other because of Laure. Again, I really hope I'm wrong.

    Some good things did happen in this episode. First we found out that John Barrowman's character is Tommy's father. This is great news because it means I'll see more of Barrowman. However, his relationship with Moira and their businesses are still in the shadows.

    At last somebody said what I've been screaming every time I watch an Arrow episode. Moira said to Thea, that they have to remember that Oliver spend five years on a "deserted" island, away from civilization. That the doctor told her, Moira, that the Oliver they lost might not be the one they found and that they have to be patient with him. At last somebody puts in perspective what Oliver went through. Of course, Thea couldn't understand and her reply was "So what, he gets like a free pass?" maybe thinking Oliver is just acting detached and lying about things because he wants to party a lot, I don't know.

    Thea still gets on my nerves. She is so stiff and she growls her words, she doesn't open her mouth when she speaks! On a previous episode's review I noted she was improving, I guess those scenes were just a lucky shot.

    The ending was totally predictable and expected. I still don't know how I feel about it.

  • Not quite what I was expecting...

    With each passing week, I've done my best to keep my inner-fanboy at bay, viewing each episode with new eyes and judging the series on its own merits, until now. I don't want to come across as a DC nut (because I'm not), but when it comes to Helena Kyle, there are a few prerequisites that I don't think the series quite managed to capture. I tend to enjoy most iterations of Huntress - she's badass! - from her Justice League debut to that Birds of Prey series that I'm only half-ashamed to admit enjoying.

    Here, while there are undercurrents of a darker persona fans of the character are accustomed to (that slots in nicely with Arrow's oh-too-serious tone); her debut on this series left me rather whelmed . Not over, not under, just whlemed . Given the same kind of tortured millionaire treatment of our titular hero, Oliver Queen, Helena lacks her usual arsenal of sassy one-liners and fatal kicks that make her a character worth watching!

    Even with Kelly Hu and BSG's Tamoh what's-his-face guest starring, the hour never manages to rise above its own mediocrity. It's superheroics by-the-numbers. And with more wishy-washy, puppy eyed scenes on hand, this is The CW in spades.
  • tempo de compartilhar o presente.

    H cinco anos Oliver Queen estava na ilha de Lian Yu, longe de sua famlia, amigos e todas as menininhas safadinhas as quais costumava levar para jantar em Starling City. No foi fcil para o playboy inconsequente se adequar nova vida, tomado pelo dio e sede de vingana, e lutar por sua sobrevivncia. O passado de Oliver foi responsvel por formar o presente de desafios e elaborar uma nova viso de mundo. Dessa forma, 'Muse Of Fire' mostrou como um episdio pode ser interessante do ponto de vista do presente. Sem flashbacks, tivemos um dos melhores episdios da srie at aqui.

    Escrito por Geoff Johns, tambm responsvel pelos episdios 'Legion', 'Absolute Justice' e 'Booster' em Smallville, 'Muse of Fire' um primor de histria porque aborda de forma maestral os sentimentos de dor, dio, solido e vingana de seus protagonistas. um episdio espetacular por introduzir uma antagonista a altura de Oliver Queen e desenvolver suavemente a mitologia da personagem com o conhecimento que Johns possui. S como registro, Geoff Johns reconhecido por trabalhos nas histrias da Sociedade da Justia da Amrica, Lanterna Verde e Flash.

    Nossa histria se inicia quando um atirador misterioso comea a assassinar pessoas relacionadas com a mfia de Starling City: Paul Copani, capanga de Franco Bertinelli e responsvel pelas negociaes entre a Bertinelli Construction e a Queen Consolidated, assassinado em frente Bitch Queen. Assim fomos introduzidos famlia Bertinelli. Disposto a entender os interesses de Franco com sua me e Starling City, Oliver faz uma visitinha na Manso Bertinelli para tratar dos assuntos relacionados ao Departamento de Cincias Aplicadas Robert Queen. Felizmente, China White foi introduzida na trama para nos deixar aproveitar os momentos deliciosos entre Helena e Oliver Hot Queen.

    Helena decidiu se sacrificar ao jantar com Oliver no Russo's e fez questo de intensificar o clima libidinoso que j estava no ar desde que os dois trocaram olhares na Manso. A conversa transitou por assuntos dos mais diversos: famlia, amor, cruzes, safadeza e solido. Todo mundo sabe o que Helena queria perguntar ao rapaz que passou cinco anos isolado numa ilha. Se ele se sentiu feliz por estar sozinho?! Helloooo! Voc queria saber como ele se "resolvia", ainda que j soubesse a resposta. Safadezas e terceiras intenes parte, a trama se desenrolou para que o Arqueiro descobrisse a identidade da Caadora e vice-versa. A caa, felizmente, foi Oliver Queen.

    A Caadora uma personagem criada por Joe Staton, escritor de quadrinhos e ganhador do Eisner, o Oscar da nona arte. Staton o responsvel pela ideia original da personagem e por todas as outras verses que surgiram. Inicialmente, a personagem foi criada com o nome de Helena Wayne, filha de Batman e a Mulher Gato em um dos universos paralelos da DC. Helena se torna a Caadora depois que sua me assassinada e ento decide se vingar dos assassinos. Sua recriao, em 1988, mostra a personagem como Helena Bertinelli, filha bastarda de Franco Bertinelli, e fruto de um affair entre Maria, sua me, e Santo Cassamento. Nessa verso, sua famlia tambm assinada pela mfia e a aventura como Caadora tambm iniciada por vingana. Helena Bertinelli dessas personagens que tem inmeras histrias diferentes com universos paralelos. Durante sua jornada j participou da Liga da Justia, das histrias do Batman, namorou Dick Grayson (Robin) e atuou como Batgirl. Sua histria mais conhecida como integrante do grupo Aves da Rapina, formado por superherinas, e que inclui a Canrio Negro de Dinah Lance. Inclusive, o antigo canal The WB, hoje CW, produziu em 2002 uma temporada com 13 episdios da srie Birds Of Prey. A srie tinha como base as Aves de Rapina da DC Comics. A recepo do pblico foi ruim e a srie foi cancelada.

    A jornada de Helena Bertinelli em Arrow baseada em sua histria dos quadrinhos, com algumas adaptaes sutis. A famlia seu alvo de vingana por conta da morte injusta de seu noivo, Michael Staton (clara referncia ao criador da Caadora). A Bertinelli filha descobre as relaes de seu pai com a mfia e est disposta a cumprir sua tarefa de vingana porque acredita que, em algumas situaes, essa a melhor forma de justia. Por ter uma identificao ideolgica com Oliver, a parceria entre os dois funcionou neste primeiro momento. A personagem apareceu para dar um alvio a todas as mentiras que o Rainha estabeleceu para proteger sua famlia.

    O Drama Queen se estabeleceu na Manso com a fragilidade de Moira depois da tentativa de homicdio e a ausncia de Walter do outro lado do travesseiro. No bastasse a presena de Thea para fazer piadinhas a respeito da TV americana, tivemos os momentos mais fofos e compreensivos do episdio. Moira convenceu Chzinha de que todos possuem segredos e tem o direito de guard-los. Nesse momento visualizamos a tentativa de manipular a filha a seu favor. Bitch Queen possui segredos relacionados com a mfia e o homem misterioso. o tal do Mr. Merlyn. Antes de falar da famlia mgica, devo citar a genialidade dos produtores/escritores/criadores de Arrow ao criar o universo expandido da srie.

    Descobri nos ltimos dias que esto sendo lanadas semanalmente HQs digitais da srie. As histrias cumprem o papel de nos apresentar elementos que no foram desenvolvidos na srie: tramas que no teriam espao no mundo de imagens e sons, mas podem ser compartilhadas no mundo digital. Ao fim de cada episdio lanada uma HQ que ajudar a compreender melhor o episdio seguinte. Portanto, importante cair de olhos grandes nas pginas digitais para compreender melhor esse universo delcia. Tudo isso para dizer que em uma das edies vemos como Moira conseguiu recuperar o Queen's Gambit e descobrir que o naufrgio foi causado pelo Mr. Merlyn e uma bomba implantada no iate. J sabemos que Moira, Robert e o Mr. Merlyn tinham uma parceria mafiosa e so integrantes de um grupo secreto. Basta-nos saber at que ponto vai essa parceria. Inclusive, lembram do Scott Morgan, empresrio do ramo de energia de Starling City que foi citado por Oliver no episdio passado? Em umas das HQs vemos a histria de Scott e como ele morto pela prpria mfia, na presena do Mr. Merlyn e Moira. bapho de primeira, camaradas! As HQs so disponibilizadas no site da DC Comics por 0,99 dlares e para aqueles que no tiverem a oportunidade de ler, trarei semanalmente o resumo de cada uma delas. No fim deste texto, trouxe o resumo das que j foram lanadas.

    Depois de citar o drama de Moira e seu envolvimento com a mfia, devo falar de Thea. Ela definitivamente a personagem mais amada desse samba cheio de estrelas e tem mostrado que no veio ao mundo para ficar calada, quieta e no colocar o dedo na ferida da sociedade. Alm de assumir o papel da menina que vai causar azia na cidade inteira, nossa especialista em chs tem estabelecido uma carreira promissora de conselheira. Fico imaginando um consultrio montado: div e panfletinhos distribudos no Glades com os dizeres "Venha ao meu consultrio tomar chzinho de camomila e ter os seus problemas resolvidos. Curo seca de exilado em ilha por cinco anos, reuno casais nada carismticos que comem pizza gelada e te ensino a como dar vexames em festas badaladas. Preo camarada!'. Tenho certeza de que a riqueza da Queen caula iria triplicar, mesmo que ela s fizesse isso por hobbie, como sempre tem feito.

    Em relao a Tommy, no podemos dizer que ele est por cima da carne seca e todo trabalhado na riqueza. Papai Merlyn resolveu fechar o cofre do filho em Gringotes, que s queria piar como canrio macho na gaiola da passarinha. A jornada passou da comida japonesa para a indiana e terminou no sof de Laurel, com a iminncia de uma refeio gelada na mesa. Nos quadrinhos, Laurel ama sushi! Deixando a pobreza de Tommy de lado, preciso explicitar o quanto estou satisfeito com o desenvolvimento da relao entre os pombinhos. Definitivamente o casal tem qumica e merece alguns episdios de felicidade at que Oliver retome seu lugar de direito. Tommy que fique esperto, porque com tanta sensualidade trabalhada em Lian Yu, o pobreto agora est em desvantagem. Meus votos sinceros para que antes da disputa entre amigos role um Kamasutra a dois, a trs.

    Enquanto Oliver pagava a conta de seu jantar com Helena e Laurel pagava a comida indiana, John Diggle protagonizou a chatice do episdio e no vai ganhar muito espao nesta review. Quem realmente merece destaque Quentin Lance, que destilou sua mgoa de cabocla e avisou Oliver do perigo que estava correndo ao jantar no Russo's. Agora que eles esto quites, a briguinha pode recomear. Apoiado!

    No fim das contas, Walter Steele voltou, Nicki Salvati foi morto e a guerra entre gangues est batendo porta. A importncia da Trade Chinesa est ficando cada vez mais clara e a relao entre Caadora e Arqueiro tem tudo para se aprofundar da melhor forma possvel, se que me entendem. Foi um episdio bem escrito, coerente com a apresentao de elementos a que se props e introdutrio para os conflitos dos prximos episdios. As atuaes continuaram excelentes, com exceo de Jessica De Gouw que fez uma Helena difcil de se levar a srio. Estou feliz por Oliver ter encontrado uma alma gmea e no estar mais sozinho no dio. Afinal, dizer a verdade libertador e todos temos segredos.

    . Muito amor Thea fazendo a linha irm dedicada. Todos ns amamos.

    .2. Foi ver a placa da moto, Oliver? Urrm, senta l e toma ch! Thea mais esperta que isso, esqueceu? Ela a ligeirinha.

    .3. "s vezes, Oliver, eu no entendo voc. E por s vezes quero dizer QUEEN; Thea.

    .4. Oliver Queen: a Lindsay Lohan dos ricaos!

    .5. "No one can know my secret", frase dita por Helena neste episdio, a mesma frase dita por Oliver no primeiro episdio da srie.

    .6. Todo pai vilo luta esgrima, isso?! Vide Lionel Luthor.
  • Deja Eeeuuuw!

    The episodes are starting to blur together. For a while it was fun bit of mindless escapism and now I can feel the edge of monotony creep in. The breaking point was the atypical comic book . of supposedly a mob princess who can't shoot great by in hand to hand can take out one or mob strong arms, the last of which she pins and holds with one hand faster than the male protagonist.

    Give me a break... please! It's not only deja woes within the show but also like I've now seen these characters many times over. Something better than unbelievable cliches had better come along soon.
  • Good again.

    Another solid episode - I really loved the Helena character and I'm hoping we get more of her because she added alot to the show in one episode.

    Meanwhile other developments were semi-interesting - admittedlty in some other episodes, a lot more has happened, but it was enough to keep me enthused and into the show.

    Looking forward to more!