Season 1 Episode 7

Muse of Fire

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 28, 2012 on The CW

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  • Another good, not great, episode

    After a week without an episode, I wasn't really excited to watch Arrow. The series' episodes are great, but so far don't have an arc, so I had nothing to look forward to.

    In this episode the viewers are introduced to a new character: Helena Bertinelli, a girl that is on a personal vendetta, killing the corrupt. Sounds a bit familiar don't you think? She is exactly the same as Oliver. She even said the line: "No one can know my secret" as she was snapping a guy's neck; just like Oliver said in Arrow's very first episode. But when Oliver found out she was killing the bad guys, he started criticizing her, telling her that she was wrong and they, Oliver and Helena, were nothing alike. I found that totally hypocritical! They were doing the exact same thing: riding Starling city of mobsters. They did have one difference: their motive. Oliver is trying to fulfill his father dying wish; Helena wants to avenge his fianc's death. Helena blames his father for the death of his boyfriend, Michael. Yes, her father sent one of his guys to kill Michael, but Helena's fianc was killed because he was suspected of treason. A laptop full of information of Helena's father was found in Michael's bag, so he was killed. Turns out that laptop was Helena's. So, in my opinion, if she wants to blame someone for Michael's death, she should blame herself. She was already investigating her father and knew what he was capable of, why would she leave all that information somewhere easy to be found? More importantly, why would she implicate her boyfriend?

    Tommy and Laurel's relationship is going good and strong which is not good news. She is going to end up with Oliver eventually and I just found out that Tommy will turn into Oliver's archenemy: the archer Merlyn. I'm guessing Arrow's creators wanted to appeal to Smallville fans by having a best friend that will turn out to be the worst enemy, or maybe they just want drama. While watching Smallville I suspected (but really hoped I was wrong) that Clark and Lex were going to turn on each other because of Lana and I was right. Now I'm guessing Oliver and Tommy will turn on each other because of Laure. Again, I really hope I'm wrong.

    Some good things did happen in this episode. First we found out that John Barrowman's character is Tommy's father. This is great news because it means I'll see more of Barrowman. However, his relationship with Moira and their businesses are still in the shadows.

    At last somebody said what I've been screaming every time I watch an Arrow episode. Moira said to Thea, that they have to remember that Oliver spend five years on a "deserted" island, away from civilization. That the doctor told her, Moira, that the Oliver they lost might not be the one they found and that they have to be patient with him. At last somebody puts in perspective what Oliver went through. Of course, Thea couldn't understand and her reply was "So what, he gets like a free pass?" maybe thinking Oliver is just acting detached and lying about things because he wants to party a lot, I don't know.

    Thea still gets on my nerves. She is so stiff and she growls her words, she doesn't open her mouth when she speaks! On a previous episode's review I noted she was improving, I guess those scenes were just a lucky shot.

    The ending was totally predictable and expected. I still don't know how I feel about it.