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  • worst of the worst writing

    arrow was great but now these writers and and everyone working on the show should just quit, the series has gotten so bad that it made me vomit uncontrollably of only 1min into watching, Shame on you for writing such hogwash nonsense and the fight scenes are a million times worst than that of the ( WWE ) a rating of -10
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  • Needs new ideas

    Season 1-3 were great awesome season 5 awsome main bad character Prometheus was one of the best.

    Season 6 well awful for me it was the worst season and the season finale not very impacting it doesn't make me wait on edge I feel season 7 needs a new bad guy find and something out the box , also the constant team petty arguments was like a teen high school show.

    Also season may give better quality if it was 13 shows rather than 23/24 without filler episodes.

  • dragon episode sucks

    arrow is so full of bull every episode nothing is ever accomplished bad guys always winning while arrow always comes up short in stopping the madness to much violence with no rhyme or reason arrow supposed to be the good guy but never stops the bad guys dragon episode so unbelievable it makes you wonder who is writing this mess come on man this makes no sense and viewers are being subjected to this nonsense season 6 is so bizarre it is so unreal I know this is tv but give me a break ! would like to see more justice than all the criminals always coming out on top
  • stop blaming Oliver for everything

    So tired of Oliver having to apologize to everyone for everything he does. The guy is ripped into by all the characters and yet no one puts Rene, Dinah, or Feilicity in check. Rene is a rat who wants to help the feds lock up Oliver. Dinah met with the Vigilante w/o telling the team about it, so she bascially did it behind the team's back. Felicity is the one who helped free Cayden James when she started working for helix. But everyone likes to call Oliver out for what they consider wrong doings. Am I missing something? I guess the writers want to create drama, but can they stop treating the hero of the show like he is the only flawed character.

    And I am just curious... so Rene is going to rat on Oliver because the fbi lady wants vigilantes in jail. So what happens when she pressures Rene to rat on other vigilantes? Is everyone still going to sympathize with Rene because of his kid, or are people going to actually see Rene for what he is...

    Anyone else share my sentiments???
  • Well written, keeps me coming back for more...

    Suppose the thing I like best about this show is the fact Green Arrow has no superpowers, and is simply well trained and motivated. The story arcs have gotten a little silly at times, but overall this is just good fun.

    I have never had any season film as terribly bored as this. I wasted my money and time. Its no use watching seasons 4 -7. Its totally bored. It SUCKS. Believe me.
  • Arrow

    Please kill Felicity and her mom. Make Arrow back into the dark spirited person he was at first. This unrealistic " you're a good person " shit is killing me. No wonder Batman can kick his ass and other people's when he's inclined to. The writing SUCKS. Every episode Ollie feels Diggle is trying be so righteous. Man kill the enemies and move
  • Not for me

    Show for drama queens and kings. Pretty people fucking around. I do believe, our boy Oliver, has only met a few female characters he hasn't fucked, or tried to. And yes, it's a DC superhero show! Or, it tries to be.

    If you are a teenage girl, you will love the show, due to pretty people, shirtless men and shit, pointless, repetitive drama writing, or CW show in short,

    If you enjoy good writing and normal humans, don't bother. Acting is good, for a Maybelline commercial with a bit of ham, prepare for eye darting on every commercial break.
  • hurt!

    news flash guys, seaso 1&2 were the best .now its just repetative and i also hate how the great al sa him always take a beat from evry villain that pops up . and please somebody shut felicity's mouth, noone likes her rumbling or just kill her noone wld mind..

    Gosh ,this show is starting to look like the power rangers. yea s05 sucks
  • no no no

    this show was somewhat enjoyable now i can't watch it anymore it's boring please cancel this
  • Used to be good, now it's crap

    The recent episode where they said that an AR-15 is the same thing as a military M16 during a clearly-scripted gun-control tirade is when I realized this garbage of a show had fully jumped the shark. Seasons 1-3 were good. Now it's just conveniently dropping political "facts" like Curtis saying black people are 3X more likely to die from guns whilst failing to mention that blacks are massively over-represented in committing gun-related crime America. Maybe they should make Curtis a pacifist while they're at it - you know, to show he "really" cares about blacks in America. I wouldn't be surprised if they added an intergalactic bisexual obese genderfluid Bernie Sanders doppelganger from the 7th dimension in the next season who takes out enemies with xis radicalism.

    End the show this season. It's over. Not even worth streaming from bootleg sites online.
  • Seriously

    Well, I used to like watching this show until they decided to call me stupid for owning an ar15. I guess the writers have never heard of the 2nd amendment and believe that guns, not people, are the problem with high murders right now in our inner cities. Can't we just honestly enjoy an entertaining show without getting political for a change.
  • It has had rough times but it's still such an enjoyable and mostly mature DC TV adaptation

    This and Flash are the shows that really brought DC love in me. I have been a fan of this show since it's first season. It took a while to become such a great show for me but It paid off so well. Second half of season 1 was really great and you started to care more about Oliver Queen as The Hood (later, Arrow and lastly Green Arrow) and you started to love other characters such as Felicity, Diggle, Malcolm Merlyn, Laurel, Roy and even Thea, who was annoying in first half of season 1 but it was undertandable why. The flashbacks were interesting, action scenes are brutal, the drama was compelling and story arc ended so well. The love triangle was annoying in season 1 but thankfully, that wasn't focused too much in season 1. Then season 2 started and the show has become one of the best comic book adaptations ever. It was so crowded but still each characters got to shine. Sara's comeback from death paid off beautifully and villains Deathstroke and Brother Blood were such compelling villains of the show and Roy, Diggle, Laurel and Felicity got more screentime to shine. After it's ending, season 2 has become one of the best tv seasons ever imo. Later season 3 really made the show jump the shark so fast. It still had great stuff like Ray as Atom and Nyssa got focused more but the drama went too soap opera-ish and nonsensical. Story revolving around Sara's actual death really dragged the story of this season and it has become such a frustration, Olicity romance really ruined Oliver and Felicity's characterization. Speaking of Oliver, in last couple episodes of season 3, he really learned nothing from keeping secrets from his loved ones and him acting like he actually lost his mind to Ra's al Ghul really derailed his character. Not the mention, he basicly killed his morality that was built so beautifully in season 2. Ra's al Ghul was such a bland villain as well. Season 4 started off promising and pretty interesting, Damien Darhk was so charismatic, Constantine's guest appearence was amazing, Sara was brought back from death and it became less dramatic. Later in it's second half, it repeated same mistakes of season 3. It became soap opera-ish again, Felicity got ruined more and not the mention the character we still loved in season 3 really made dumb and annoying decisions that really annoyed the heck out of me. Thankfully so far season 5 really fixed the mistakes and it saved Oliver's and Felicity's character. The whole keeping secrets faded away. Now the characters started to trust each other again and new additions of the team (Curtis, Rene and Rory) have become good characters and Prometheus is so far a good villain of the show. I still have skeptism over the storylines of this show and season 3 and 4 really made me love this show so less but overall, this is still a pretty good show. It's not so perfect but it's still a pretty enjoyable action show for CW.

    Season 1 - 8/10

    Season 2 - 10/10

    Season 3 - 5/10

    Season 4 - 6/10

    Season 5 (so far) - 9/10

    Grade - 7.5/10

  • Hair Trouble

    Please put Curtis back in the labs. I was so happy when Thea went "civilian" full time, so I didn't have to watch her awkward fighting. I can't take Curtis and his poorly matched stunt double. Also, please explain who is braiding Curtis's hair on the ride over to fight bad guys.
  • Lost the plot in season 3...

    Up until S3 Arrow was pretty good. But now, it seems that no one can get killed any more, as there is always a magical way to bring people back to life. Even Oliver can fall at least 100m onto a rock ledge after being stabbed through the heart, and then be revived with a few herbs.

    And of course, everyone can now become a master martial artist and expert archer after only a few weeks training. Apparently they haven't heard of things called guns. Essentially, they jumped the shark with both the intro of The Flash and Oliver's magical recovery after his fight with Ra's. Up until that point I liked the show because it was believable, if fanciful. Now it's just silly. For this reason I far prefer Daredevil, but apparently S3 for that is still some time away
  • I can sum up every Arrow episode

    Arrow - "Even though I totally need my teams help to stop this threat before it gets out of control I cant risk any of you getting hurt". "Oh, damn I've messed up again, okay guys I need your help now".

    I have enjoyed the show, the action, but I am getting tired of the Arrow team letting evil people live, get locked up, only to return again. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come up with new villains,and stop bringing the dead back. Watch the evil people kill so many, Star City should be empty by now. You must stop letting the evil live. It's obvious you are a bunch a liberal morons who can't get new ideas. Most fans I speak with have gotten tired of the show. Same ole same ole. STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come up with new villains.
  • crossover episodes

    The crossover episodes have been automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, funky fresh! and I want more! Loved it! On a separate note, I want to see Oliver and Felicity back together.

    Please stop! The camera spinning around 2 people is overdone. You use it too much and for too long. It is no longer a dramatic effect. It is nauseating.

    I don't hear the dialog going on when you're using the vertigo effect. I either tune out waiting for the end of the scene or I fast forward through it. You're not moving the story along.

    If you really, really need to use this camera motion again, try going counter-clockwise for a change. I truly hope you never use it again, though.

  • slightly above mediocre

    Arrow isn't awful but it's like watching a soap opera where each character, especially the Arrow is constantly feeling sorry for themselves and whining and blaming themselves. That whining and feeling sorry is getting really really old. Felicity's character is so predictable, annoying and boring. The Malcolm Merlyn character's relationship with Thea is the same story over andover and over. I dont think I can watch a season 5. Blllaaahhhhh
  • Terrible show

    The show is terrible. Another chance at Hollywood trying to make everything politically correct. It's literally a joke. Why do they always have to great shows and throw in all the crap. They are trying to hard for diversity with the gay superhero that has zero training. Or all the women super heroes. We get it you wanna make it diverse. But don't force it.
  • Smh!!

    The show was great the first 2 maybe 3 seasons. But it was destroyed by the writers. It quickly became a soap opera not just with Oliver and felicity. Everyone became so overly emotional, the only ppl who were within reason 85% of the time was Thea, Lance, and Oliver. Even Diggle kept acting like a little girl. I stopped watching before season 4 even got half way through. The flash is life and I pray to God they don't ruin that either.
  • bad one

    Bad bad Bad
  • Disrespectful

    I am so pissed off seeing several mistakes being made, first off Guggenheim you are supposed to keep canon characters alive, i loved felicity the 1st two seasons but shes literally becoming a mary sue this show is not a soap opera its supposed to be action, and for the record disrespecting the content shows you dont care for the show or its fans .. hah im definitely not watching this after the crap you pulled on Laurel...
  • Watching S4 Ep21 I realised how bad the show is becoming, the Dhark thing should end soon

    Too much episodes and stupid mistakes occurred with Dhark, too much unneeded magic!!! The Arrow is becoming so irritating to watch, please remove stupid Dhark waving hand and killing people, remove the stupid memories of oliver and make the show more realistic and easier to swallow.
  • hopefully they got it!

    watching arrow from the beginnig it just got more and more annoying. With Sara Lance going (she is perfect on LoT) the whole show should change name (Olicity) and character (Soap) Hopefully the writers got the massage of disapointed fans and change the way it is going. There are signs! Olicity gone, even a new IT nerd in the cave! I wish they would get rid of Diggel aswell. He constantly missunderstands everything and isn't any usefull. I will continue watching but it goes on that boring, season 5 is not in my schedule.
  • Arrow as a whole

    Shows on point so far although the action has slowed down a lot, I'm happy Canary character is gone (Laurel) extremely annoying it's like every other episode she was getting man handled and canary Is a beast n not to many ppl or villains can got toe to toe, they just need to revise that character sorry just my preference. Really would like to see Arrow get back to the take no prisoners kick ass arrow from season 1&2.
  • Shame

    Season 1 and Season 2 was way better, it was easy to sympathize with the characters and the plot was more coherent and complex. But now its the opposite; I don't feel much for season 4. This season is just drama filled and involves unnecessary magic, it I just takes away the essence of the show. The oliver and felcity relationship is not working. it not even real. oliver has no real emotion. feliciy is a bright soul. Her and palmer was better together. her and oliver dont match. There is alot of repetivtie lines, lack of solutions, and self-blaming. What makes it more of down pour is the flashback. The flashbacks from season 1 and 2 were more relate-able to the story line, show different aspects in the past lines, and the characters had a look. In season three the flashback are just bland. It barely correlates to the season's tribes and tribulations. Its just continuous and focused on the same thing. The characters looks the same as the present, like what happened to the Oliver from the flashbacks in season 2. I'm still waiting to see how this all ties to the first flashback from the first episode, Oliver as the real green arrow, when he got of the island when he had all that hair and beard. The show is just ok and not awesome, and the flash and arrow timeline is just another topic thats crazy
  • Trainwreck with no hope in sight...

    What a mess Arrow has become. I used to sing the praises of this show after the first 2 seasons. I told everyone I could think of that if they weren't watching the show already, they were missing one of the best comic-book adapted TV shows ever. I can't say that any longer. It has simply gotten more and more awful as the last two seasons have gone on. Killing Laurel was a cop out. It's lazy storytelling. Much of the shows failures is because it turned into a soap opera with season 3 well into this season and continues. I said from the very beginning putting Oliver and Felicity together was a mistake and I was right. The flirting aspects of their relationship was quaint but it didn't need to go beyond that. Once they concentrated on those two, everyone else went into the background. What they should have just done is killed all the supporting characters and left those two and called it "The Adventures of Oliver and Felicity" because that's what the show has now become. I'm done with the show after this season. There's a far better show on TV right now and it's called The Flash, which puts more of an emphasis on the action and all the characters.
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