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  • Lost Souls

    Felicity doesn't take Oliver's rebuffing well. . FREELY FOR YOU
  • Laurel is becoming a little too stupid

    She never sees how ridiculous and self centered her decisions are, in particular the inane decision to bring Sarah back even after the problems with Thea's blood lust. Seriously, what did she expect ... and now she blames Oliver .... aie. Do something .... please.
  • John Constantine

    Pleaseeee make JOHN CONSTANTINE show by The CW
  • If I Didn't Know Better

    I'd say that this show is written by 55+ yr old Jewish Men and Women. So much whining, guilt, hypocrisy and finger pointing. Uggh. Every time you turn around some is making someone else feel guilty about something, or whining about something. And it's unrealistic to have a woman's hair so perfect after a 2 minute fight scene. No one ever seems to sweat.

  • Love This Show!!!!

    I love this look forward to Wednesdays every week. The combination of personalities and skills is wonderul!
  • Great escapism TV

    I remember watching Arrow when it first came on and not being particularly interested, but after binge watching the entire first season of The Flash what got me hooked was the character of Felicity Smoak so of course I had to check out the show where she was a main character and the rest is history. This season is shaping up to be a winner but the foreshadowing of events to come in the premiere episode was a bit alarming. Look forward to seeing the rest of the season.
  • Please stop with the PC BS.

    Show was good when it started. Now everyone in the cast is a superhero, homosexual crap. WTH? Can't these producers just stick to what made Green Arrow popular to begin with? Why all the agenda based garbage? Seriously.
  • Moving on to Season 4

    Moving on to Season 4 - first 2 episodes.

    Neil McDonough as the bad guy! Ok, I'm in, this actor is pretty damn amazing. Loved him in Justified. He was also in Suits and was also terrific in the show.

    He will make Arrow really interesting this season. Of all the bad guys we've seen, he might be the best. No whining, just being evil with a plan. I am going to love it.

    And his role provides him with mystical abilities, so, this might be a good way to get more Constantine on the show. At first, I figured that Constantine will have a hand at helping Sara get resurrected somehow, perhaps he will have a spell to help deal with the madness, but, seeing that we have a really mystical evil adversary, Constantine might have a few episodes in the season.

    Green Arrow monicker, finally!

    The new costume is looking good, I like the other one, but I can see this one as a progression. it is lighter and as such, I suspect the season will see 'Green Arrow' in more public places.

    The city went through so much shit, it's now called 'Star City'. Didn't see that coming, but its a good call.

    Oliver running for Mayor.. That I saw coming, that was a no-brainer, a direct port from the comics.

    I can see the threads now.

    Laurel will get her sister revived, predictable.

    Speedy/Red Arrow going having after effects of the Lazarus Pit, ok, well, while it is predictable, my understanding is that the madness affects you most when you first get out of the pit. But hey..

    We got Mr. Terrific... kind of.. I don't mind he being gay, but Mr. Terrific is typically both brains and brawns. Not so much brawns on this one.

    Wonder if the crazy, wacky invention will be the T-Spheres.

    We know that Ray Palmer isn't dead, so, how is he coming back... I mean, he's gonna have to come back, he is one of the stars in the new 'Legends of Tomorrow" tv show as the Atom.

    But, the surprise kicker is the alliance between Detective Lance and Damian Darhk, that one.. Not so sure I get the angle yet.

    Still, for what it's worth, this show started off good, saw the first two episodes and I'm hooked as usual.

    The island flashback, wonder if that is going to be a tie in to the tomb scene between Barry and Oliver.

    Some people are complaining about Oliver's fighting skills. Wonder why? I mean, when he fought with his sister, he was holding back, he had too. Beside that, well, you know, let's give him a break!

    Fun fun fun.


    Ok, let's start by saying that Arrow is getting better and better.

    And season 2 is delivering quite nicely so far.

    Let's see, what do we have,

    1) Black Canary

    2) League of Assassins and Ra's Al Ghul

    3) Professor Ivo

    4) The

    5) Brother Blood

    6) Amanda Waller


    Slade Wilson / Terminator


    This is good, a lot of Teen Titans influence as well as some Batman.

    Nothing wrong with this, all good.

    Nanda Parbat .. again.. so, Malcolm was an assassin for the League of Assassins, one could pretty much make that a safe assumption.

    Of course, in DC Comics, Nanda Parbat is a hidden city, home of the goddess Rama Kushna and the reason for Boston Brand to become Deadman.

    So, I'm hoping there will be an appearance by Deadman and perhaps even a story arc to find out what the connection between Nanda Parbat and the League of Assassins is. Does the city need saving? who knows?

    Now Professor Ivo, this is quite the surprise, he's the one who design Amazo, the Android that could replicate the Justice League's powers. In here, he's some scientist trying to find a serum which give people super-human strength. Am I guessing this is the Venom drug from Bane?

    The Black Canary was using a device for her 'canary' cry, so, no super-powers there.

    Anyways, this is a keeper ladies and gentlemen, this is now a really cool show. I'm glad they didn't keep Smallville's Green Arrow and that they restarted with new actors.

    It's a better show than Smallville, period.
  • Olie's getting bad at fighting

    I was drawn into this because of his fighting skills, it's getting pretty bad in every episode now. All the new comers are way better fighters than him and it's just getting on me nerves. I love the show but what they are doing with the character isn't good enough. Make him the person who he was during the first couple of seasons. Don't get me wrong but his suit looks like it's been made up for halloween or something..
  • Writers have made Oliver Queen softer than Charmin

    I've seen every episode hoping that the show will get better but I am a fool. The writers have turned Oliver Queen into a bitch.
  • Suite needs to be amended

    I agree. I don't like the new suit either. The original had a nice rustic appeal. The shoulder guards are out of place with the rest of the suit. We just need him clutching a gridiron ball and the picture will be complete.

    To albundyhere,

    There's a plethora of shows such as jordyshore & american horror story that I'm sure can satisfy all your needs. Or you could simply go thru your prolific collection of penthouse magazines, that your parents have yet to discover....

    I saw the s04 e01 all is gud... bt one thing i dont like it is the suit of the arrow . The old suit was very good looks good.
  • What happened to

    I have only one question when it comes to Arrow. What happened to Sirus Gold and will he ever come back as his alter ego?
  • Boring and unlikely.

    This show is terrible.

    Terrible acting. Awful story. Really stupid.

    I can't believe the score given by users to this stupid show.

    This is a numbing tv show.
  • Nyssa Al Ghul looks so familiar

    I knew that rack looked familiar, but I just couldn't place a nip to the boobie! Finally, I figured out it was Katrina Law, who by some miracle was in many full frontal nude scenes on a real network, lol, sorry CW, but PG shows dont cut it anymore. Its always the nips that give these girls away. Man, her body is built strong!
  • Top Shows - Dark, grounded, compelling, awesome action

    Love the emphasis on the female characters in season 3 so far. It does feel like a team up show. Which is totally fine :DD. Some subtle crossovers are starting with Felicity and I heard Flash, woo!

    Mostly updated except comics, 1-2 ep from season 1 and 2, half way on season 3 (12-July 2015) CW/WB
  • Best Way to Build Muscle Without

    bad in Rockley and if there's a negative response is how they feel well they know that the that they'd still need help you reachyeah but some people can have the other ninety ring containing national and really have no significant difference in with another one stick with the not starchy vegetable and stay .
  • More focus on OTeam Arrow

    I liked this season but i want that S4 focus more on Team Arrow on field (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle). I know that this season had to much drama and darkness but the characters need to grown to another lvl. Give me a more light Oliver, enough with the angst part keep them together and plays things.
  • could have gone better

    Season 3 could have gone better if Slade wilson had his more appearances in the show....

    But this season was truly disappointing...

    As per comics, nobody knew who Ra's Al Ghul was....

    Here the concept got changed entirely.

    need to work on this
  • Minor setback for hopefully a Major comeback

    I'm sorry, but Season 3 of Arrow was disappointing for a variety of reasons. Making Laurel the Black Canary was terrible as I will NEVER take her seriously as someone who can protect the city. Thea becoming Speedy isn't as bad, it will take me a while to warm up to her though. Ra's al Ghul had the potential to be a great antagonist, but Oliver honestly had nothing against him to begin with when you actually think about it. It was really Malcolm's doing (killing Sara) which brought Ra's into the string of things. A lot whining I do agree and they focused it to much on this whole idea of Oliver and Felicity. Lastly, his back story in Japan was quite boring in comparison to being on the Island and the Boat. With that being said I will not takeaway the greatness of this show as I feel like Season 1 and 2 were amazing. Season 3 was a setback for sure, maybe CW cared more The Flash bringing that show into light. I do feel like Season 4 will get Arrow back on track and has a lot of potential. Overall, this is a great show and would highly recommend it to those people who aren't super fan boys and the read the comics, but still like the idea of Superheroes.
  • diversity in the arrow


    Media diversity in the Arrow

    I enjoy watching Arrow on the CW network. The reasons I like this show is it has diversity in characters and focuses on one group of people with a few visible minorities amongst them. Unlike some shows that have an all white cast and doesn't reflect our current society the Arrow shows a variety of visible minorities and most of them have important roles in the show. Although I enjoy watching the show I have noticed that most of the characters are middle classed with wealth.

    Our society consists of many visible minorities that are not shown in this show. I was wondering if they ever considered having someone that has a disability for example like someone in a wheelchair in their cast to better reflect our current society?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

  • Watching Arrow feels like Sadomasochism

    First off, I'll admit I have watched every episode of Arrow, I was vaguely impressed with the show at the start but it seems to have taken a steady plunge towards stupidity.

    Overly dramatic plot lines that I have a hard time caring about, characters that get progressively more silly, I'm looking at you Laurel and a seemingly endless attempt to keep the show 'dark and moody'.

    It wasn't until Flash started up, which shares its universe with Arrow of course, that I realised what was missing from Arrow. Flash doesn't take itself seriously, its a fun show to watch where as Arrow seems to think its a dramatic, powerful show when in reality it should probably just be axed.

    Will I watch next season, probably, as a rule I tend to stick with a show to the end, regardless of how bad it gets *cough* Smallville *cough* but each and every episode makes me literally sigh.

  • !!Less Katie Cassidy < More Willa Holland!!

    I'll agree with the, "too much whining" was going on, but my only real problem this season is Katie Cassidy as The Black Canary. This is one of my favorite shows, but that's just hard to watch. I'm sorry, she was good until she put that costume on and began to fight. It's just not her cup of tea. If that could be dialed back or brought to a screeching halt, that would be great. Other than that I think they've done a great job this season. Smoke did turn into nails on a chalkboard there for a bit, but then she took her clothes off and it was all good. lol jk I really like the show though and hope to see it air for a long time to come.
  • The Arrow is Broken. Fix It!!!!!

    Great actors being forced to read horrible scripts. DC was always 2nd to Marvel and a poor copycat, now the TV series? I skipped lunch as a kid to buy a Marvel comic, never a DC. I wanted to be a fan of the show, but after watching Oliver taking cover behind a moving car in Converse out. Too laughable. Nobody with a brain wants Below Average!
  • Setting up for something major, i hope..

    I'll admit, there has been a fair amount of whining this season, not alot, but more than i like. Especially, from felicity, and a bit from thea.. .. Hoping that will be dialed back a little more, because it was really aggravating to see her on screen after awhile.. Hmmm, actually the laurel hate has been a little unfounded for me this season, i mean we barely ever see her, and when we do she's been pretty much going with the flow as of lately. She's stepped up for the team as well, going up against her father and his little crusade.. Can't say i've been having issues with her character, even her fighting style is improving.. I'm really adjusting to her as the black canary.. Also, been very satisfied with Malcolm's presence .. he's really been my favorite character on the show.. They really need something to back it off that ledge of being a total teen soap, but it's still a good show all in all.
  • Make the CW Earth 2!!!

    A little while back, DC confirmed that their TV and Movie Universes will be separate.

    Whatever your opinion on that (mine is 50/50), accept that fact for the purpose of this post.

    What I want the CW to do in light of that, is confirm that they are Earth 2.


    By introducing certain things and characters that nullify any change of Arrow and Flash's world intertwining into the MoS world.

    I'll start with the two major characters headlining the movie Universe at the moment.

    Bruce Wayne (Batman):

    Confirm his existence and (here is the defining part) confirm his death.

    Before you blow up, google "Flashpoint Batman".

    In the CW they should confrim that a number of years ago, in Gotham, Bruce Wayne was murdered (in place of his parents).

    Thomas and Martha are alive (and a lot older).

    Thomas became (now retired) Batman, and Martha went mad and became (now incarcerated) The Joker.

    Thomas would be a good tie in to assist Oliver with both regaining his company and his Vigilante mission.


    Again sticking with Flashpoint.

    Kal-El never came in contact with the Kent family.

    Upon landing, the government found him and kept him locked away in secret all these years.

    Great way of ensuring there will is no Superman

    Not a bad plot device for the Government. (RnD on Kal. Bio weapons, enhancements

    Green Lantern (Guy Gardner):

    In certain incarnations of Hal Jordan's origin, it is said the the actual first choice for the ring is Guy, but Booster Gold came back in time and influenced both their locations so that Hal was chosen instead.

    Do that, but maybe have Barry accidently (or deliberately) influence Guy for the favorable choice.

    Guy would really drive home the CW's attempt at their own World in the DC multiverse by changing things up with GL.

    Also Guy could be easily introduced similar to the way they did Barry (pre-hero).

    He was a cop for a time, before getting fired ect.

    Bring him into Arrow or Flash as a normal cop, show the story of him as a cop for a while, then show what happened to get him fired and then give him the ring.

    There is the possibility of a spin off GL show, but given most of it is based in space, would be hard to expect a huge audience retention. Better off having guest team up eps I reckon.

    WW & Aquaman:

    The obvious questions may arise given most of the JL members have been dealt with.

    It would be easier (and I think the right move) not to have these two.

    Simply say that there has been no reason for any Themesciran to visit the world of men, and same goes for Atlanteans providing no events threaten the seas.


    Would be a good addition to this universe, would fit well, even if he does start off as a high school mate of Barry's and his dad to join the STAR Labs team (possibly to replace Wells?)

    I don't think these all sound too far fetched, and would be great nods to fans and a great way to individualise the CWDCU!!
  • @ alisonmaguire

    I Soooooooo much agree with you! I love this show too, but what in the world are they doing with Laurel. I cannot stomach watching her as the canary, and the fact that the show has created its own (iron man) is silly.

    What are they going to do with Oliver now, now that he is "exposed". How can they go further with a storyline of "arrow' when he can no longer be the arrow. Im confused....
  • o grande show em queda

    I do not know how the writers will leave this alley when wished to make Oliver the next Ra's al Ghul, this desfeixo is complicating the the staff is getting smaller and Oliver still without taking a decision.
  • Good show gone bad

    I have watched this show from the start and it was brilliant for the CW, and the second season was good but what are they doing now??

    Laurel is just plain awful in so many ways!!! (do us a favour and kill her now)

    Atom is a joke!!! (failed superman, now i know why.. his acting is just shocking)

    Let's hope they get some new writers soon before the rating drop that low it get's cancelled.

  • 3rd season is soooooo bad... hope they kill laurel soon!!

    The show was great till the first half of season 3... though season 3 itself is not even half as good as season the first half of season 3 it has become plain stupid, I dunno what the writers are smokin these days! Please stop with the whole laurel - black canary thing.. just let that character die in peace... and stop making every damn person into a ninja warrior... Also, don't understand how Diggle can sit in the arrow cave and send out laurel (who has two left hands when it comes to fighting skills) to take out bad guys???? The Ra's Al goul is so bad, you brought in two notches down from what he is in the comics...

    I will watch it till the end of this season, but if it continues to be this bad, I'm done!! Had initially rated it 9.5, bow down to 8...
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