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  • Boring and unlikely.

    This show is terrible.

    Terrible acting. Awful story. Really stupid.

    I can't believe the score given by users to this stupid show.

    This is a numbing tv show.
  • Nyssa Al Ghul looks so familiar

    I knew that rack looked familiar, but I just couldn't place a nip to the boobie! Finally, I figured out it was Katrina Law, who by some miracle was in many full frontal nude scenes on a real network, lol, sorry CW, but PG shows dont cut it anymore. Its always the nips that give these girls away. Man, her body is built strong!
  • Top Shows - Dark, grounded, compelling, awesome action

    Love the emphasis on the female characters in season 3 so far. It does feel like a team up show. Which is totally fine :DD. Some subtle crossovers are starting with Felicity and I heard Flash, woo!

    Mostly updated except comics, 1-2 ep from season 1 and 2, half way on season 3 (12-July 2015) CW/WB
  • Best Way to Build Muscle Without

    bad in Rockley and if there's a negative response is how they feel well they know that the that they'd still need help you reachyeah but some people can have the other ninety ring containing national and really have no significant difference in with another one stick with the not starchy vegetable and stay .
  • More focus on OTeam Arrow

    I liked this season but i want that S4 focus more on Team Arrow on field (Oliver/Felicity/Diggle). I know that this season had to much drama and darkness but the characters need to grown to another lvl. Give me a more light Oliver, enough with the angst part keep them together and plays things.
  • could have gone better

    Season 3 could have gone better if Slade wilson had his more appearances in the show....

    But this season was truly disappointing...

    As per comics, nobody knew who Ra's Al Ghul was....

    Here the concept got changed entirely.

    need to work on this
  • Minor setback for hopefully a Major comeback

    I'm sorry, but Season 3 of Arrow was disappointing for a variety of reasons. Making Laurel the Black Canary was terrible as I will NEVER take her seriously as someone who can protect the city. Thea becoming Speedy isn't as bad, it will take me a while to warm up to her though. Ra's al Ghul had the potential to be a great antagonist, but Oliver honestly had nothing against him to begin with when you actually think about it. It was really Malcolm's doing (killing Sara) which brought Ra's into the string of things. A lot whining I do agree and they focused it to much on this whole idea of Oliver and Felicity. Lastly, his back story in Japan was quite boring in comparison to being on the Island and the Boat. With that being said I will not takeaway the greatness of this show as I feel like Season 1 and 2 were amazing. Season 3 was a setback for sure, maybe CW cared more The Flash bringing that show into light. I do feel like Season 4 will get Arrow back on track and has a lot of potential. Overall, this is a great show and would highly recommend it to those people who aren't super fan boys and the read the comics, but still like the idea of Superheroes.
  • diversity in the arrow


    Media diversity in the Arrow

    I enjoy watching Arrow on the CW network. The reasons I like this show is it has diversity in characters and focuses on one group of people with a few visible minorities amongst them. Unlike some shows that have an all white cast and doesn't reflect our current society the Arrow shows a variety of visible minorities and most of them have important roles in the show. Although I enjoy watching the show I have noticed that most of the characters are middle classed with wealth.

    Our society consists of many visible minorities that are not shown in this show. I was wondering if they ever considered having someone that has a disability for example like someone in a wheelchair in their cast to better reflect our current society?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

  • Watching Arrow feels like Sadomasochism

    First off, I'll admit I have watched every episode of Arrow, I was vaguely impressed with the show at the start but it seems to have taken a steady plunge towards stupidity.

    Overly dramatic plot lines that I have a hard time caring about, characters that get progressively more silly, I'm looking at you Laurel and a seemingly endless attempt to keep the show 'dark and moody'.

    It wasn't until Flash started up, which shares its universe with Arrow of course, that I realised what was missing from Arrow. Flash doesn't take itself seriously, its a fun show to watch where as Arrow seems to think its a dramatic, powerful show when in reality it should probably just be axed.

    Will I watch next season, probably, as a rule I tend to stick with a show to the end, regardless of how bad it gets *cough* Smallville *cough* but each and every episode makes me literally sigh.

  • !!Less Katie Cassidy < More Willa Holland!!

    I'll agree with the, "too much whining" was going on, but my only real problem this season is Katie Cassidy as The Black Canary. This is one of my favorite shows, but that's just hard to watch. I'm sorry, she was good until she put that costume on and began to fight. It's just not her cup of tea. If that could be dialed back or brought to a screeching halt, that would be great. Other than that I think they've done a great job this season. Smoke did turn into nails on a chalkboard there for a bit, but then she took her clothes off and it was all good. lol jk I really like the show though and hope to see it air for a long time to come.
  • The Arrow is Broken. Fix It!!!!!

    Great actors being forced to read horrible scripts. DC was always 2nd to Marvel and a poor copycat, now the TV series? I skipped lunch as a kid to buy a Marvel comic, never a DC. I wanted to be a fan of the show, but after watching Oliver taking cover behind a moving car in Converse out. Too laughable. Nobody with a brain wants Below Average!
  • Setting up for something major, i hope..

    I'll admit, there has been a fair amount of whining this season, not alot, but more than i like. Especially, from felicity, and a bit from thea.. .. Hoping that will be dialed back a little more, because it was really aggravating to see her on screen after awhile.. Hmmm, actually the laurel hate has been a little unfounded for me this season, i mean we barely ever see her, and when we do she's been pretty much going with the flow as of lately. She's stepped up for the team as well, going up against her father and his little crusade.. Can't say i've been having issues with her character, even her fighting style is improving.. I'm really adjusting to her as the black canary.. Also, been very satisfied with Malcolm's presence .. he's really been my favorite character on the show.. They really need something to back it off that ledge of being a total teen soap, but it's still a good show all in all.
  • Make the CW Earth 2!!!

    A little while back, DC confirmed that their TV and Movie Universes will be separate.

    Whatever your opinion on that (mine is 50/50), accept that fact for the purpose of this post.

    What I want the CW to do in light of that, is confirm that they are Earth 2.


    By introducing certain things and characters that nullify any change of Arrow and Flash's world intertwining into the MoS world.

    I'll start with the two major characters headlining the movie Universe at the moment.

    Bruce Wayne (Batman):

    Confirm his existence and (here is the defining part) confirm his death.

    Before you blow up, google "Flashpoint Batman".

    In the CW they should confrim that a number of years ago, in Gotham, Bruce Wayne was murdered (in place of his parents).

    Thomas and Martha are alive (and a lot older).

    Thomas became (now retired) Batman, and Martha went mad and became (now incarcerated) The Joker.

    Thomas would be a good tie in to assist Oliver with both regaining his company and his Vigilante mission.


    Again sticking with Flashpoint.

    Kal-El never came in contact with the Kent family.

    Upon landing, the government found him and kept him locked away in secret all these years.

    Great way of ensuring there will is no Superman

    Not a bad plot device for the Government. (RnD on Kal. Bio weapons, enhancements

    Green Lantern (Guy Gardner):

    In certain incarnations of Hal Jordan's origin, it is said the the actual first choice for the ring is Guy, but Booster Gold came back in time and influenced both their locations so that Hal was chosen instead.

    Do that, but maybe have Barry accidently (or deliberately) influence Guy for the favorable choice.

    Guy would really drive home the CW's attempt at their own World in the DC multiverse by changing things up with GL.

    Also Guy could be easily introduced similar to the way they did Barry (pre-hero).

    He was a cop for a time, before getting fired ect.

    Bring him into Arrow or Flash as a normal cop, show the story of him as a cop for a while, then show what happened to get him fired and then give him the ring.

    There is the possibility of a spin off GL show, but given most of it is based in space, would be hard to expect a huge audience retention. Better off having guest team up eps I reckon.

    WW & Aquaman:

    The obvious questions may arise given most of the JL members have been dealt with.

    It would be easier (and I think the right move) not to have these two.

    Simply say that there has been no reason for any Themesciran to visit the world of men, and same goes for Atlanteans providing no events threaten the seas.


    Would be a good addition to this universe, would fit well, even if he does start off as a high school mate of Barry's and his dad to join the STAR Labs team (possibly to replace Wells?)

    I don't think these all sound too far fetched, and would be great nods to fans and a great way to individualise the CWDCU!!
  • @ alisonmaguire

    I Soooooooo much agree with you! I love this show too, but what in the world are they doing with Laurel. I cannot stomach watching her as the canary, and the fact that the show has created its own (iron man) is silly.

    What are they going to do with Oliver now, now that he is "exposed". How can they go further with a storyline of "arrow' when he can no longer be the arrow. Im confused....
  • o grande show em queda

    I do not know how the writers will leave this alley when wished to make Oliver the next Ra's al Ghul, this desfeixo is complicating the the staff is getting smaller and Oliver still without taking a decision.
  • Good show gone bad

    I have watched this show from the start and it was brilliant for the CW, and the second season was good but what are they doing now??

    Laurel is just plain awful in so many ways!!! (do us a favour and kill her now)

    Atom is a joke!!! (failed superman, now i know why.. his acting is just shocking)

    Let's hope they get some new writers soon before the rating drop that low it get's cancelled.

  • 3rd season is soooooo bad... hope they kill laurel soon!!

    The show was great till the first half of season 3... though season 3 itself is not even half as good as season the first half of season 3 it has become plain stupid, I dunno what the writers are smokin these days! Please stop with the whole laurel - black canary thing.. just let that character die in peace... and stop making every damn person into a ninja warrior... Also, don't understand how Diggle can sit in the arrow cave and send out laurel (who has two left hands when it comes to fighting skills) to take out bad guys???? The Ra's Al goul is so bad, you brought in two notches down from what he is in the comics...

    I will watch it till the end of this season, but if it continues to be this bad, I'm done!! Had initially rated it 9.5, bow down to 8...
  • Great Show

    I really enjoy Arrow. The show just keeps getting better every episode. I was sad to see Sara killed off. I thought she was a good character in the show. I have enjoyed watching Laurel even get into the fight. A much better story line than last seasons alcohol bender. Felicity, Oliver and Diggle are great together. One of the most entertaining shows on TV.
  • Downhill

    Spoiler alert:

    I think the series is sadly going downhill in season 3. There is too much bullshit in several of the episodes and too much drama even without Arrow's mother.

    Thanks to Iron Man movies, its not cool to see "The Atom" which basically is the same. (I like Iron Man movies)

    Arrow is barely able to win any fight anymore, League of Assassins is on a killing spree only to make Arrow change his mind. The series was basically a realistic series, but with The Atom and The Flash cross-over it have become like Superman instead. It reminds me of Lost TV series which was kinda natural, but ended up being a stupid nonsense supernatural series. I like supernatural and unrealstic movies, but in this series it looks like they have run out of ideas and try to drag out most episodes with nonsense. I wouldn't be surprised if Superman and Batman suddenly popped up in this series now.

    Also. I don't like that Deathstroke and Sarah is killed off. Deathstroke became a likable bad guy that i wanted to see more of even when he kinda served his purpose.

    If Season 4 is made, i will watch it. I expect the series to be cancelled if Season 4 don't beat season 3.

    I still give it 8, because its been very good most of the time and it can be as good again in season 4.

    Arrow is far from the first big TV series with a weaker season. Season 3 maybe had the biggest cliffhanger of any episode. When Ra asked Arrow to replace him. That was one of the biggest WTF moments i seen in any series for a long time.

  • Big step down from the second season

    The first season proved that we could have a serious superhero show that actually worked and didn't feel overly cheesy. The second season did a great job of elevating the stakes and making every episode truly matter in the grand scheme of things, especially with the great back story of how Oliver got on the bad side of Deathstroke.

    This third season however is guilty of pulling a 'Spiderman 3' and just having WAY too much going on. There are just too many side characters now, just about everyone is now a crime fighter, the love triangle between Oliver, Felicity and Ray is forced and unnecessary. Even the great stunt work from the first two seasons is now starting to look rushed and lazy. One re-deeming quality is the inclusion of R'as as the main villain but even this late in the season we barely ever get to see him.

    I'm finding it harder and harder to maintain interest in this show. Hopefully the Flash doesn't follow this same path (so far it is fantastic).
  • Good,but not hitting its mark

    Season 1 was excellent and season 2 had been spectacular, but season 3 has been disappointing so far.

    All of the superhero stuff has been spot on. Ive enjoyed the villians, the action, roy getting the arsenal handle,ATOM and ive absolutely enjoyed laurel becoming Black Canary.

    What ive hated is that they spent WAY to much time trying to convince us that Oliver is in "love" with felicity. I didnt believe it the season finale in S2 and I didnt believe it during the big date of the premiere. Its also made Oliver into an emo wuss. Id also appreciate it if they would make felicity less preachy and self-righteous.

    Hopefully oliver will get his shit together soon and this will become the show i became a fan off back in the pilot again.
  • Most downhill show of the decade

    Arrow started off as a clever and relatable series. As the show went on, every damn character with a name put on a mask, chose some horrible nickname, and started running around attempting to "save the city" from crime. It started as a good and reasonable show and now it has become the most outlandish thing I have ever seen. I would literally say that the flash is more REALISTIC because at least it doesn't have a dumb drugged out laurel lance attempting to fight crime and an anyone can be a vigilante superhero moto.
  • Oliver is nuts

    I love Arrow, but, not a fan of this episode. I rated it a 5 but 1 showed up. Not loving this season. Some episodes are good. This 1 just left me with my mouth hanging, that means not very impressed.
  • Great show, although the drama's a little thick

    Arrow has exceeded my expectations, even though the drama's a little too thick and hazy, like most CW shows. As Thea says, everyone always lies, even when it makes no sense to do so. They're also quick to blame themselves for every problem imaginable, so we spend a lot of time watching them mope over spilled milk.

    While it's been exciting watching the plot quickly unfold, I believe the suspense would be greater if it took more time and developed the story better. It's still very suspenseful, however, and the acting has been good enough to make it very enjoyable.

    The only other disappointment is that it's on a CBS network, which makes it difficult to catch up on old episodes, unless you're willing to open your wallet, to shill out $2/episode, and I'm not. I'm seriously considering boycotting CBS shows for this reason, because watching CBS shows is just too much trouble.
  • Arrow

    Best TV show

    I hope that felicity and Oliver will at some stage be together.
  • Getting Worse

    I used to absolutely love ths show in the first season. Maybe because I can now compare the show to the flash, but i feel like its getting boring. Always the same ennemies coming back from jail, it feels like reruns. Also, why is Oliver so weak suddenly, emotionnaly AND physically (losing multiple fights). They need to bring in more charismatic villains.
  • Not my favorite I like BETTER CALL SAUL


    BETTER CALL SAUL by Bob Odernkik
  • Yo My Best Series Ever

    Ohhh Oliver Comeback Plz Faster
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply... Tedious

    Big bad guy takes on the cops. Big bad guy invulnerable to conventional weapons. Big bad guy recruits, black mails, coerces lesser bad guys into evil plan. Big bad guy wants to take control of the Glades. Wait, this all sounds so familiar somehow?

    Oliver sacrifices himself. Thea is a witless idiot, still. The gang starts to come apart... blah, blah, blah.

    I didn't know we were into re-runs already... again... and again.

    And really now, how could anyone think Oliver was actually dead?!
  • Oliver is looking more like a wimp every episode

    What happened to the main character? He has become more of a wimp than he used to be. Also, he seems to lose almost every fight, or looks weaker than everyone else, or less clever and more guilty of having emotions. What happened to him? I used to love the show, but now it's like a sappy soap opera. Maybe this needs to be on the daytime soap opera channels. I am so disappointed.
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