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  • Good

    I have just watched arrow and it pretty good, but will it continue this way?
  • Lack of imagination?!

    Is that me or last Arrow and Supernatural's episodes have the same title??? :D!
  • I fail at clever titles....

    I admit, it's a little down at the moment. Most of Oliver's friends are not really on his side and it's currently drama based. Not the most uplifting. But it's still the first season and the writers are laying out a lot of ground work and basics. There are still great characters building and great action. I still love it and can't wait for more! Everything can't be perfect all the time! Looking back at other shows I watch I just laugh at the first seasons! Arrow ftw!

    I too was excited about the show but now I can't stand to watch after this last episode where he chose "what's her face" (his best friend's girlfriend) over helping his partner get his brother's murderer!!! Really??? Arrow has gotten boring and stupid and eewww, and Oliver is all of the above too and shouldn't have a love interest or choose it over his mission which is to bring criminals to after he let down his partner, that was the last please cancel the show or make major adjustments to the star's pathetic character....
  • Skyrocket downfall

    Awful show it get worst by episode...
  • BOOOOORRRIIING Super hero soap.

    I was excited about this show and it started with promise but it has now been weighed and measured and found wanting. What a great premise that has been ruined with sloppy writing and pretty average acting. The female actors especially. While they have not been supported with good storylines they have also not made the best of it. Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland are frankly show stoppers for me .... literally. I have now turned off.

    It could have been so good and that makes it all the more disappointing.
  • It's a soap opera with a little action

    I tried to get into this, I really did. Maybe I was expecting too much but this show should be categorised as a soap opera. It's like watching Bold and the Beautiful with all the love triangles and focusing more on the relationships than what the comic was all about. I am pissed off that I wasted so much bandwidth watching this crap. Don't bother if you are looking for an action packed series.
  • I give up...

    As a comic fan I have tried to like this show for a dozen episodes now but it's just not working, at least not for me! :(

    This is far from being a decent superhero action drama and more like a lame soap opera about the rich and beautiful people of Star City! Except for his looks Stephen Amell doesn't really bring anything to the character and his wooden acting just bores me to sleep

    It also doesn't really help that they are messing with the original characters but that doesn't even matter anymore
  • I love and hate this show

    I find the premise of this series to be quite intriguing and can be used to create great plot BUT i began to hate this show because too much whining : hear me out, whenever THE SISTER begins to speak, i pray for a lightning bolt to strike her pretty head and make her SHUT THE HELL UP.

    I cant but notice that she has like 10 minutes of "disapproving" speech every single episode. I mean, come on guys, too much melodrama over nothing("you didn't say hi to me, i`m so sad. let me give u a 10 minutes lecture so next time you should know better") is too much melodrama.

    Besides that, Oliver uses the "i`ve been on a stranded island for 5 years" excuse way too often. I've got it from the first episode that you were a victim but. again like in the sister's case, TOO MUCH MELODRAMA IS TOO MUCH.

    I love the bodyguard. i love the tech girl, i love Mister Merlin and of course i love the Chinese and the Australian "islanders".

    I just hope this doesnt turn out to be another smallvile ( see superman - lex luthor; green arrow - tommy merlyn) because then i`ll be forced to turn some tables and throw out my television.

    Thanks for reading this TLDR post !
  • Wow!!!!

    I find this series quite amazing! Just the storyline and how he turns out after 5 years 'alone' on an island he becomes a fighting machine! This has encouraged me to take up archery, obviously its impossible to become as good as the film portrays, but one can wonder...
  • Yummy Oliver!!

    The only existnece of this show is watching staring into Oliver's eyes and admiring his body!!!! All the rest that has to do with revenge and aiming arrows, eh..
  • Intriguing and addictive

    I really like this show, there's romance, action and the plot is intriguing enough to keep watching and wanting to know more about the whole "You've failed this city!!" is a tad tacky but I've gotten used to it!! But worse than that is Timmys anoys is too much of a secundary character, I hope that changes!! it:)
  • OK. could be better

    An entertaining series, but got some issues

    The female characters are not as great as they could be, they all exist mostly to be ornaments and for male characters progression, yes including the tech girl.

    The casting of many actresses is disappointing as well, aside from the Tech girl and Oliver's mother, the actresses in this show suck at acting. Especially the CW pet Katie Cassidy, who in their right minds make the most mediocre actress a leading lady, yup the show isnt serious about its female characters, they think its enough for them to pout their lips and smile to the camera.

    Anyway overall many of the characters could be more interesting, let hope this show irons some of those kinks in season 2, otherwise this wont last beyond season 3.
  • zaher

    I love watching (amazing show _)I love all the actors, but i love green arrow actor (Oliver Queen)

  • awesome

    i love oliver character, after he left from the island, he still discribe himself as a naughty boy, love party but still mysterious. but in another character he is become like superhero.
  • Amazing Show!

    Amazing show!!! Realy its great show for a long it up.
  • Just watch it no questions asked.

    If you have watched Smallville then you WILL! watch this show different green arrow actor (Oliver Queen) more badass love the flashbacks showing his training great new show to watch.
  • Pretty Good

    I think this show is really good. I don't think it replaces Smallville, but it has grown on me. At first I missed Oliver from Smallville, but Stephen Amell is really good.
  • Amazing Show!

    After watching the first show I was hooked. I love the story progression and the blend between action and drama!
  • Well Done!

    Well I'm thoroughly impressed with this series. Someone wrote that they never thought they would find a show to replace Smallville. Whilst I agree (sort of), I don't think its a replacement. Arrow is a great series (so far) which seems to be on the right track. The flash-backs to Oliver's past are amazing, just letting you know enough information, but making you want to know more. Then it follows through to the present time, and Oliver is everything you want him to be, and more. That's what I love about it. I imagine, in my head, what the character Oliver would be like, and Stephen Amell portrays him superbly. I believe the whole thing. Even when his character is first stranded on the island and is naive and weak. Big 10 outta 10 for this and I hope the series continues this way ....
  • One month gap???

    I wont watch this serial any more. A one month gap is not acceptable. It has broken the tempo
  • really good show

    never thought i would find a show that would have replaced smallville
  • Great Show

    Really a well made show.....
  • My new favorite show

    Wow! Five episodes in and this show has me hooked. Perfect blend of story, action, mystery and of course romance. Highly recommended.
  • Bestfriend to find out

    bold move cant wait to see way this path leads
  • Da' hOOd Guy awesome!! his mom's not too shabby either ;-) )

    Another cracking episode from a show that keeps on delivering... Can't wait to see how this plays out next wk.

    Quick note - towards the end, when Oliver and sullen faced Tommy were together, and Tommy had the one question he wanted to ask his vigilante-ninja-assassin best buddy; Shouldn't that have been TEACH ME!!!!!?

  • Great show

    Arrow is a great show. It's fast, there is no around like in so many other superheroes shows. And almost everyone (except laurel) is interesting as character. And flashbacks are so good that I can't wait two worlds to collide. And, Felicity is the best!
  • Team Laurel + Oliver!

    Im enjoying this show a lot but episode 5 is still my favourite!!! Hope Laurel and Oliver can be together soon or at least have something happen between them as a teaser. . that daughter of a criminal that Oliver was with a while back is so gonna come back for a killing spree or a green arrow themed attack of revenge. Gosh some women are just so sensitive!

    I watch every show from the first until now, I can't wait for the show to come on, I even tape the shows to watch over and over again I just LOVE ARROW
  • Purgatory's Deathstroke.

    Amazing.. This week's episode Odyssey was brilliant and exciting... Proud to hear they are being given a second season.
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