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  • what I need! :D

    Very, very exciting action series with a good dose of drama and romance as well. And
  • Goes from 5/10 to 10/10

    With arrow it seems you needa give it time to pick up, Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen) starts picking up his acting by a mile after the first couple of episodes. You just needa hang in there and watch it. Its an amazing show defiantly my favorite, especially with the arrow/flash crossovers. I do recommend Arrow 100%!
  • Arrow is back

    I`ll kill Malcom Merlyn Hahaha Oliver Come Back !! Arrow is great
  • Arrow

    Without Oliver there is no arrow team thanks for saving him
  • Just a few gripes.

    Overall an enjoyable show, there are however a few ways it could have gone better:

    Really, ATOM? ATOM armor suit? They should have introduced instead a more plausible/ believable for the Arrow universe, Ted Kord, with a BLUE BEETLE (think of a witty acronym later) power suit. This way they could also introduce the Lauren-Oliver-Ted rivalry/love triangle, like in the comics.

    Smoak is too much nerd-bait if you ask me.

    Adrian Paul (Duncan Mcleod) would have made a better Ra's. Also stop mispronouncing the name its "Ra'as" not "Reche" or "Raich".

    Fat Bosslady Amanda Whaler.
  • The fight could have been more interesting

    I like the cliff hanger. I agree with others that we shouldn't get new Oliver! that would not be appreciated widely. Secondly the fight scene was very mediocre at-least they should have hired someone as good as "Game of Throne - Mountain vs Viper" choreographer.
  • I just hope this is the nightmare that felicity sees while waiting oliver to come back...

    I just hope this is the nightmare that felicity sees while waiting oliver to come back...
  • Arrow? or Tin can?

    I just hope this is the nightmare that felicity sees while waiting oliver to come back...

    This series is called arrow and arrow is oliver. So, we don't want to see a substitute (scenarios of ray, roy, thea etc) to take his place.

    And we certainly don't want to see oliver inside a tin can (atom), like a can of beans. This is not ironman, and writers tried hard the last 2 seasons to make oliver's humanity an important element in this series.

    So what's the point or logic behind his killing?

    PARANOID!!! (And I believe I speak for the majority of viewers).
  • Cant Wait!!

    when will episode 10 of arrow be released?
  • Lazarus pit is coming...

    Obviously Oliver gets resurrected by the lazarus pit, and it looks like maybe the 3rd linked series is coming in the form of ATOM.
  • BULL!

  • Bullz Eye!

    It's a great show! Strongly scripted, excellently performed and with awsome fight sequences! It's a show that gets better by the episode!
  • superb show

    oliver is not dead ,he returns through lazarus pit ,so just wait and watch

    Why dafuq he need to die why fuck this FUUU morons fuuu fucking bullshit....

    And if that *** who buy queen consolidated if he be next Starling city hero who will protect from him i want Oliver back i dont give a fuck how u will do that. Use fuckin Dragon Balls i dont care how....
  • is the arrow dead ?

    i certainly hope not. After reviewing season three episode 9 i seriously hope the arrow is not being written out to make room for the ATOM.
  • Losing it's charm

    The first two seasons were fairly good, I was turned off by the no kill rule that began in season two, but the show made up for it with an awesome villain. As for season three, it just doesn't feel right. The season villain, which we believe is ra's al ghul, has yet to do anything, many of the episodes seem to be stand alone, and overall I feel like the fighting scenes, acting, and plot have plummeted. I personally enjoy darker story lines and the show seems to be heading in the opposite direction. Also not a fan of the flash and arrow crossover. Anybody else feel like the arrow was better when it was darker, if only arrow was made by HBO.....
  • To the writers!

    Felicity and Oliver end up being together or I don't watch it anymore!!!
  • Wow..

    So I've decided to start watching cause I was bored. I've watched a few episodes here and there and thought.. "Wow this show is cheesy af" but I started from episode 1 on Netflix and wow! What a great show, all the characters, all the twists. Idk if it's just being able to wAtch episode after episode but I'm hooked. And felicity is my total favorite!

    This show has become a soap opera, had enough of Felicity busy body and know it all ways; had enough of Felicity drooling over Oliver; had enough of Laurel haters. Please blame the lame writers for the badly written character for the one who will become Black Canary If Olicity does happen it will be because of all the drooling teenagers. Keep the important parts, the relevant parts and characters as they are in DC world.
  • disappointing

    a fake and stupid version of Batman, really weak acting and so many dumb scenes I just watch and laugh at goofs!

    this is the worlds best show im so hooked i dont wanna stop watching i love the caracters and i love how theres so many twist evan if i dont like how they did them i love oliver and this is the worlds best show im going to so get the costume and bow i dont know how people can not like this i understand why he blames himeself i would too if i was in his shoes :) BEST SHOW EVER
  • Felicty sunk the show for me.

    In real life, what man could stand being 5 minutes in her company. Her staccato way of talking is getting so old I've had to dump the show. Season1 was great. Since then it's turned into a fecking soap opera. Obviously aimed at women now, so enjoy ladies.
  • Straight to the heart

    Arrow is a good show, but I really wish that Oliver would stop blaming himself for all the mankind's disasters. It's getting annoying! And also, if he could just kiss Felicity without babbling, that would be lovely! Am I asking too much????
  • A great adaptation!

    I have enjoyed the show alot from the beginning. Great storytelling and adaptation of the DC character. I like that they haven't fallen into the trap of following the pressure from the uninformed viewers and changed they storyline.
  • Worst Super Hero Show to Date

    This show is so poorly written and poorly acted I'm surprised anyone can take it seriously. The characters are so bland they could all just drop dead and I would feel nothing. Most of the scenes that happen in the show don't even make sense! The villains are very forgettable, and the writers treat the audience like idiots. Honestly the show could have been made up completely of rough drafts and I wouldn't even know the difference. This show deserves a 2 out of 10, and that's generous.
  • Season 2 put an arrow right through Arrow's knee.

    I'm well acquainted with the standard politically correct propaganda push in most TV series these days, but this is absurd. Season 2 went full bore social justice cult social engineering. Every episode is so jam packed with leftist ideology that there is no room for a story. It's like a live action play of college feminist twitter/tumblr streams. Very disappointing after season 1.
  • need more to be a hero

    was waiting for the Arrow loved the episode and writers can do a little bit more to make the arrow a super hero not by failing always failing to get the company back and also Olicity always ending with i cant be both tag line. but love the show arrow is my favorite
  • Olicityyyyy

    What can I say, I love watching this show for 2 simple reasons: Stephen Amell (his great performance and amazing looks) and Olicity. The tension between these two characters is just delicious to watch. I love the character of both Oliver Queen and Felicity and really think the writers are doing a great job while developping these characters. I also love the whole Arrow Team, especially Diggle, but am not such a big fan of Laurel or her father. I just think the actors don't fit.
  • Bull'seye!

    Faithful to quality storytelling Arrow is back for a 3rd season! Lots of action and inner struggle! Good premiere!
  • Arrow is the bestest

    arrow is the bestest TV show for love Arrow the most because its perfect and balanced.............
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