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  • Olicityyyyy

    What can I say, I love watching this show for 2 simple reasons: Stephen Amell (his great performance and amazing looks) and Olicity. The tension between these two characters is just delicious to watch. I love the character of both Oliver Queen and Felicity and really think the writers are doing a great job while developping these characters. I also love the whole Arrow Team, especially Diggle, but am not such a big fan of Laurel or her father. I just think the actors don't fit.
  • Bull'seye!

    Faithful to quality storytelling Arrow is back for a 3rd season! Lots of action and inner struggle! Good premiere!
  • Arrow is the bestest

    arrow is the bestest TV show for love Arrow the most because its perfect and balanced.............
  • You have(not) failed...

    Without exaggeration, Arrow is the best addaptation of a comic hero into a TV Series (at least at the moment). The plot never gets you bored, characters have depth and history and there is a great balance between action, drama and mystery, all well combined with suspense. Even the love relationships are neither lame nor meeningless. Also the flashback story of Oliver is as good as his present story and most actors have done really good jobs in playing their characters. I hope it will last for a very long time.
  • Very entertaining!

    A very decent attempt to base a tv show on comic books. I personally have not read the comic books, so I cannot judge how close it is to them. What I watch though is a very entertaining action tv show, that has the perfect amount of everything: action, interesting plot lines, romance. The show's villains are interesting, the main characters' progress is interesting. It's an overall entertaining show and it's second season nailed it. Looking forward to what's up next!
  • Please tell me that...

    Please tell me that Ollie and Felicity are gonna be together!!! Cuz it would be just the best! I just hate to see Ollie with Laurel, can't stand her. (I know that this actress might be a really wonderful person irl but I didn't buy it, she is not a good in this show). I was so excited when he told her "I love you" and so disappointed when it was just to trick Slade. I hope Ollie and Felicity will be together in next season!
  • Really is this rated 8.9?

    As a fan of the comics and of Smallville I approached Arrow with a positive and open mind. Within minutes of the pilot I felt disappointed. I decided to give the series and actors time to really develop before writing it off as a 'steaming pile'.

    I'm a fan of John Barrowman's work from Doctor Who and Torchwood and was sad to see the writers and other actors give him nothing to work with. I've seen his strength as an actor and it's obvious his talents were not utilized. His acting is far superior to his co-actors.

    I was not familiar with Stephen Amell prior to Arrow and wish I wasn't now. His portrayal of Oliver Queen is wooden, lacking in range and very unmemorable. His Green Arrow is much, much better but still a little distant. I need a reason to care about the character. This actor was clearly chosen for looks alone.

    Justin Hartley's 'Oliver Queen was simply brilliant, as was his Green Arrow. Given the writing for this show, in my opinion, Justin Hartley dodged a bullet by not getting the part. Though, I personally, miss him on my screen.

    This show seriously needs cancellation and to start again with a new cast and crew and some serious effort put into scripts and believability.

    Can't believe this rated over a 2!

  • The new Season!

    So happy to see that this fantastic show has been renewed for another year and hopefully more to come. This started out a little slow at the start in season 1, but sure picked up a great feeling through the rest of the season and into Season 2. I can't wait for October 2014 for the new season.
  • I WOULD LIKE......

    Top favorite is Felicity, love everything about her, knows how to put on those shorts give us a good view of her awesome hope for very serious relationship with Oliver at the end something like Marriage btn the two will do, OLICITY make the show untouchable.

    Malcom Merlyn is also the name of the he has a big role to play in the next season
  • hmm????

    when will be the next episode of season 3 (date please :) )
  • What happens after they run out of years on the island?

    Yep, the title says it all. Don't get me wrong, I love this show, I love it, love it, love it, but that island...

    Yes, it has been the setup and basis for all of today's troubles in Starling city, ok, it's important, I admit it, but I can't help but feel that the show is somehow suffering from this past-present connection. I really think that a better seasonal storyline is no connection to island whatsoever, the course of action then going on completely in the present, the making of a supervillain in the beginning of the season, fights and drama as the season goes on and epic finale concluding this story at the end. After all, let's not forget this is a superhero show, be it a single superhero. I just don't think that working on Oliver Queen's life on the island furhter would be as entertaining as it was in the first 2 seasons.

    I trully don't know, I could be wrong, but I believe I'm not alone in wanting a fresh start, a story that doesn't start in Oliver's exile years. Still, can't wait for season 3, and 9.5 for Arrow with hopes of raising it to a 10 later in time!
  • is it lame ?

    I have not finished season 2 yet. but almost there. I just finished watching s2 e17 & e18. It made me ask couple of thing.

    As oliver queen is a well known person in the lance's family. Can't the cop dad figure out (or at least get suspicious) that arrow and oli is (or probably) same guy, considering height, body structure and not least face to face conversation.

    same goes with when sarah tried to rescue laurel from the huntress. they were hiding together in a room side by side. what was sarah wearing to hide her self. a fancy google mask i say. it made me wonder were they really sisters. cause I can smell my brother from next room. i do not understand why on earth laurel could not recognise her.

    is it a plot hole, bad direction or just a lame way to present( disguise a vigilanti )
  • thanks

    very very good and enjoyable......... but when start season 3 huh i can't wait ?

  • Review on second season

    Although I enjoyed both seasons of Arrow, I think that the second and last season had a few bad episodes in the middle of this year. I think that the episodes where Laurel develops a drinking problem and Sarah is back in town aren't Arrow-worthy. The writers of the show should have heard the rumours because they took a two month break and afterwards, the episodes became better, more epic and even more legendary (what a hell of a finale). To all the fools who haven't watched Arrow and are considering it, watch it! It creates the best things from 'Lost', 'Batman begins' and 'Revolution' and mixes it into one heck of a TV show.
  • Episode Recaps?

    Errmmm... what happened to all of Noel's Episode Recaps??
  • Good finale!

    Oliver and Fellicity? <3

    Fellicity and Oliver? <3

    It is time to say... "finally guys! finally!!!"
  • green arrow

    I just thought suppose next new hero show up what happened barry allen of the flash confuse esipdose miss up when he got hit lighting bolts >
  • roy sucks

    roy was a bad pick for this show
  • Most Frustrating Episode in Television History

    Please tell me how much more you guys can humiliate a show's hero????? Arrow [aka Oliver Queen] was tormented, beaten in every way imagination, and for what? So that we might watch the next episode? What happened to giving a little something back? How about some small bit of satisfaction to the audience? A morsel would have been fine. All of them, Arrows entire entourage, torn to shreds in every way outside of cold blooded murder. Oliver needs to get the hell off his high horse and start doing what has to be done, instead of "filling the jails" with people he refuses to kill. Also, I am sick of the ridiculous back story. It's annoying, distracting, unnecessary. Finally, the Arrow's nemesis [Slade] is ridiculously powerful. Hello! No way Arrow can do more than lick his boots. This is ridiculous. Next week better be a quintessential revenge massacre, or I'm outta here.
  • Love the show, Acting a bit rough at times

    Love this show. Great story, like the characters a lot. The guy who plays oliver has a problem where he can't really frown so it looks like he's smiling when he should be frowning. That drives me nuts a little but it doesn't detract from the show once you get into it. Just finished season 1, downloading 2 now. hope it's just as good.
  • Big Green Arrow Fan

    Fellow fans of Arrow thank you for rallying behind Laurel Lance. Its nice to know that I am not the only one that supports her. She needs all the support she can get thank you. As far as Olicity I am a fan but I am a fan in a brother and sister kind of way. I know they have an affection for each other. I am just not sure its a romantic affection. I don't think that its best any way. Laurel becoming black canary I say yeah! Sarah as black canary I say Boo! The faster they get rid of Sarah the faster Laurel can become black canary and the faster Oliver and Laurel can get back together. I always say that you can mess with the details of the story but the core must remain the same therefore, I think Oliver and Laurel should be together permanently eventually. As far as the over all season for the most part I like it. I will concede that they did make Oliver kind of stupid in season two. I hope in season three they fix that. What is with him giving the company to Isabella Rochev? That was pretty stupid where is that guy brain cells they must be on vacation. It is my hope that in season three Oliver is a lot smarter than he has been in the past two seasons. Not that I did not enjoy the last two sea sons! As far as the flashbacks goes I like them. Oliver was on the island for five years and I think we need to know what made him the person he is . So I think the flashbacks are necessary for the first five years. However, after five years, if the show continues they should get rid of the flashbacks and focus on the present day. I hope Laurel knowing Olivers secret eventually brings them closer. Finally I hope that they do not introduce to much powers in the show because I think that it would take away from Oliver himself.

    Thank You
  • see ya

    another 2 week break.... see ya
  • Could be So Awesome

    I really enjoyed season 1 but the story line for this season is so childish.

    A grown man, trapped on an Island and tortured can't understand how Shado ending up getting killed and he blames the wrong person? LAME....

    Next, I give last night's episode a go and come on, someone kidnaps you and then as you are able to leave you allow him to reign you in with a secret about your brother? Are people really that stupid?

    Oh and how about how stupid they made Oliver, he knows that girl is against him at the company so he gives her temporary control rather than his mother or even Felicity.

    They just really write this as if a 10 year old girl stuck in drama land is writing it. This show could be so awesome with a strong story line and Felicity is by far the best actress and role on the show. Sara should get killed off and Felicity should take her place.
  • Arrow

    the show so far

  • He's the GREEN Arrow, not just a Freakin' Arrow guys!!!!

    Is it just me; or is anyone else out there sick and tired of the "Island" back story???? Lose it already!!!! Enough is enough! And, most importantly, when are the producers of this show going to finally start calling Oliver the "Green Arrow" as opposed to just the "Arrow," or the "Hood?" He's NOT Robin Hood, and he's no more the "Arrow," any more than "Superman" is the "Red-Blue DUH! Why do TV producers have to screw up the names of the DC or Marvel heroes, just to prove they can do so? I've been a fan of Arrow since the start of the series, but, seriously, can you not start calling him the "GREEN arrow" any time soon? Or will Barry Allen just be the "Super fast Guy in a Red Suit" instead of "the Flash," and maybe the "Green Lantern" should become the "Guy in a green and black suit with a Coleman Lamp on his Chest?" Maybe "Batman" should become the "Rodent Guy who has wings?" GREEN Arrow, NOT arrow, get it??????
  • An insult to every thinking person out there

    Seriously i'm getting tired of lame disguises by superheroes.... Black Canary, for instance, does it mean i can't recognize my own sister through such an excuse for a disguise?? common! WHO'S FOOLING WHO? at least they should make it more believable..... seriously! I can put up with Oliver's excuse for a disguise but if it goes on like this then there is something seriously wrong with the citizen's of Starling City...
  • Olcity

    Love the show, but come on Olly, fall in love with Felicity already, its such a tease seeing that chemistry!!!
  • Crisp, well paced action adventure

    Pays tribute to the DC comics very well. Rich with content from the DC Universe. Season One is a little heavy on romance and family drama, but still delivers a solid punch of exciting action sequences and delightfully evil bad guys. Season 2 gets much better and Oliver's back-story on the island is a great sub-plot that keeps each episode moving along nicely.
  • awesome show

    the first year was second is great !!!!!
  • One word

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