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  • Pretty good so far

    I'm enjoying this show so far. In the DC comics, there have been several iterations of the Green Arrow character that I recall. First the campy Green Arrow with his sidekick Speedy, the 'Arrow Car', boxing glove arrows ans so on, then the 'Green Lantern/Green Arrow superhero duo, then the somewhat bitter and angry Green Arrow who was more concerned with fighting for the little guy rather than saving the world and fighting super villains and finally the cerdion of Green Arrow we have now (in the comics) that I am less famiiiar with.

    To my mind, this TV Green Arrow is very much in line with the angry/bitter Grreg Arrow of 15 years ago. I feel the series has held reasonably true to the canon of the Green Arrow comics. Ther are quite a few exceptions but I'm not going to let those bother me, I'm going to enjoy the show for what it is.

    I think the storyline is developing well, a few stumbles along the way, but good character and backstory development. Combined with the mystery of just what went/is going on, I find it quite compelling.

    Acting is generally pretty good although Kate Cassidy/DInah Lance comes across as rather bland. Certainly can't picture her as a superheroine!

    I am somewhat intrigued by the 'Tommy Merlyn' character simply because one of Green Arrows enemies from the comics was an archer named 'Merlyn'. Coincidence? Or maybe something will happen causing iTommy 'to o over to the 'dark side'. Have to keep watching to find out!
  • katie cassidy ? come on,... she was even awful on GG

    i like the show but i wish i could just fast forward every katie cassidy in it ,... why?


    2. no chemistry with ANYBODY

    3. does not look the part of pre-island oliver's girlfriend ( anybody ? blond and sexy please )

    4. give her a grey wig and she is the grandmother ,... what's up with the attitude ? I WANT SASSY and cool,...

  • loving it

    After only 6 episodes I'm totally hooked on the show, I think this one is going to be around for a long time!
  • Eh, flat

    I was looking forward to another superhero show. I have given it 6 episodes and am giving up. There is something amiss with writing and the acting. The characters are not that compelling or likable. In order to bring me along with the story I have to care about SOMEONE and that just hasn't happened. Oliver's quest of revenge of "the city" falls flat. If we saw that he had ever cared about the city then this would be a believable. It all has a one note feel.

    Too bad. I wanted to like it.
  • Not sure if i like this show.

    Something's missing. It's ok, but could be great. Nice cast, production could be better.
  • bad choice of lead actress laurel's acting is lacking

    sister's acting isn't great either. but laurel is well 5 out of 10. i mean you can't see her passion of the law in her eyes. her character can't dislike her father that much. there was just not enough emotion in her eyes.
  • 50/50

    Good bt not as expected..... Hope in future sm change will be there.....
  • Not as good as I thought it would be

    I wanted to like the show but I find it drags...little action and alot of talk..... they canceled The Secret Circle...... now that was a likable show with a likable cast....everything is backwards nowadays people like the worst crap...what's good sucks to people....and what sucks is good to people....I just don't get it..
  • Interesting

    Great show.. love it
  • Arrow is to stereotypical little boy comic book power fantasies as The Brothers Grimm is to Disney

    Remember when you saw Disney's Snow White as a kid?

    ...& remember how floored you were later in life when you discovered how different the original source material was in comparison?

    Arrow is kinda like that.

    The most important thing for a viewer to understand is, this is not a 'Smallville spinoff''s instead a reboot of the character that follows the basic structure of a more adult & violent Green Arrow that was established & popularized in the comics over 20 years ago.

    While full of flaws common to comic book adaptations, Five episodes in so far, this version of The Green Arrow shows that it has what it takes to grow into a compelling, long running series, provided that it doesn't cheapen it's own worth over time as Smallville did in its waning years by grossly overusing many childish aspects of the DC comic universe as a ratings crutch.

    Ok. Everyone say it with me now, on 3...Ready?



    3...So far, so good
  • Just because a show is violent doesn't mean its not cheesy. This show has no reason to take itself so seriously.

    This show is a superhero version of "Supernatural". Minus the originality and humor that make "supernatural" almost worth watching. Basically the guy playing Oliver has nothing to do with the comic book character. Its not even an original character. He is Dean in a pair of Green Tights. CW viewers adore a mean spirited person who thinks that their version of good and evil and justice is the right one. So I am sure that the teeny group of remaining "Supernatural" fans will stay tuned. And as the CW has never had high expectations for any of its shows, thats probably enough. Probably. This show had a chance. It started out with decent ratings, and even the second episode had a couple million viewers. But its already down to the typical CW ratings, and still losing out..although the leak is slow.

    The thing is that a brainless show like this COULD be good. It has one thing going for it; Lots of action.

    If "Arrow" stopped taking itself seriously, played the stupidity of its plot for laughs, got a better fight choreographer, and lost the whole annoying angsty ex girlfriend sideline, it would be a passable show. Hiring some better looking actors wouldn't hurt either. Of course the lead is attractive. He is handsome in the way that young actors are handsome. But there is not one bit of anything special about him, including his looks. And in shows like this a sexy cast is a must.
  • Making me want more each episode

    Just finished watching the 4th episode, Its got me gripped and has been a good story line in such a way around the whole island life that it wants me to carry on watching, and his mother keeping such secrets I just hope it does not loose it and makes me want more each time!
  • Im so In love with this show

    I just started watching this last night for the first time and I could not go to sleep I am soooooo addicted and I am going to keep watching this show and definitely can't wait for the new episodes!!! keep up the good work!!!
  • A clever title goes here!

    This is the best (and probably only!!!) superhero show on tv. Man.............the show's keep getting even better than anticipated. One of the best tv adaption so far (up-to episode 4) from pages of comics. I would give the show 9 out of 10. ABC beware. Everybody will now compare your S.H.I.E.L.D with this CW show.
  • Amazing

    I'm totally captured by this show and in love with all the cast especially Stephen Amell aka Oliver Queen
  • Not sure...

    I want to really like this show but at the moment I'm not quite sure whether this is a filler or a feature for my TV schedule. It does have it's decent parts but the characters and storyline don't quite click for me. I'll keep watching it as it is mildly enjoyable but I have a feeling that I'll forget it for one week never to return.
  • Getting better at its game

    This show is moving forward, leaving the slow-moving plots and the predictable turn of events. Now it goes by mysterious, shady and good. If they keep this up this show is gonna rake in profits.
  • Dissapointment and a cancer to world of shows.

    Terrible writte, terribly casted, made for adolescent kids.

    The set of the show is boring and reminds me it is cheap and without promise.

    My hope is this dissapearing as soon as possible from any channels timetable.

    Premise, upbringing, backstory, the " Arrows " actions are far worse than just a vigilante crime fighter.

    Honestly I cant imagine how and why so many people have enjoyed this so much!
  • Arrow oddly enough hits the target!

    I will be honest - I love superheroes but TV shows often ruin them. (The Cape -seriously...) But to my surprise i have enjoyed Arrow so far. I still wonder how he can shoot so accurately with the hood over his eyes - but apart from that, it is not the lightweight bollocks i thought it would be. Stephen Amell is quite good and the mayor from Blue Bloods is an excellent potential sidekick. I like the complicated multiple storylines and look forward to more.

    One slight kind of gripe - while Willa Holland is a babe...she is not too convincing as a teenager. But she can keep trying!

    Big up TV. Com
  • well...

    gets u the story of the arrow in whole great view ... lets just wait and see how the upcoming episode will be

    -First, I love comic book based shows. Second, I was madly excited when I heard about Arrow. Third, I saw the first two episodes so far and they are dull and similar to each other.

    -I'm not going to let the weight of the Arrow STORY carry the show. The two main actors playing Arrow and Laurel are DULL. So far it seems like they are headed in the direction of every episode being a team up of Arrow and Laurel fighting a bad guy and making heartachy looks at each other. If those two can't pull off more onscreen passion (and I don't mean lovewise) this series will tank soon.

    The bad guys too seem dull. Are they ALL just going to be shady, rich, suits? Is Arrow just going to kill them and cross them off his list until the next episode when he crosses another one off? Is that going to be the show?!

    The only thing that jumped from this show is that he actually KILLS the bad guys. I feel like on TV I have not seen that before. It is supergreat! Bad guys actually get their due! But how does a hood hide your Identity? Not to mention the sketch of the "vigilante" the cop was holding next to Olivers face looked like him exactly. So how could anyone believe nobody in that tv world sees that?!

    P.S Hey, the cop is that magic guy from that sc-fi show that got cancelled that I used to watch.

    Please bring some more storyline in FAST. More background, a LOT MORE island stuff will save the show. And I get if Arrow has to be all quiet and dangerous, but change up the actress that plays Laurel at least. Someone who is not all typical Loius Lane bravado, I'll save the world, while being overly poised...
  • A show that hasn't found its place yet.

    I resent the fact that girls would continue to watch "Arrow" just because of Stephen Amell's plastic (though that's one of the reason I haven't given up yet and the show has three episodes under the belt). I haven't givine up after the first episode so that has to be better than Kreuk's new show.

    I don't know much about the "Green Arrow" comic (in fact I don't know much about comics in general), but I know that the Green Arrow was depicted as a comic character with a social conscience. Despite the voiceover - I really have to say here that I'm far from sold on the voiceovers - where Oliver says how depraved and disappointed he is about his father's former friends and acquainttances, I don't see the social conscience (I tolerated it in Smallville because it was Smallville). There is an overall feeling - for me at least - that the show hasn't found its pace, its niche or whatever. Despite Stephen Amell, if this goes on, I know that I'll stop watching the show : the first two episodes could have interchangeable. The writers need to know what kind of story they want to tell us and stick to it. If they take themselves too seriously, they need to commit to that, and if they want to make a "lighter" show, they also need to do that seriously. The one episode that perked my interest was the last one because for once, someone put a cramp in Oliver's plan. They need to do that more.

    On another matter, I'm not sold on the cast and Oliver and Laurel who are supposed to pull me in are not: this back and forth so early in the show, it's not good. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that the show runners thought that they could take some shortcuts and capitalize on Oliver Queen's popularity. But Oliver Queen is not Clark Kent, or Bruce Wayne and let's be honest, when we think comic, we think of Batman, and Superman (and lately Iron Man) first before this obscure "Green Arrow". So the character is known but not that widely known. But I digress.

    The flashbacks are muddled to me and whose idea was it to make Oliver sleep with his heroine's sister? If my boyfriend slept with one of my sisters and cut his balls and serve it on a platter. Just saying: a girl doesn't get hung up a the guy who slept with her sister. At least that's me.

    Oliver seems inconsistent and goes back and forth from a brooding spoiled billionnaire to an arrogant little bastard and the personna of Arrow: It's like watching a tennis match at Roland Garros.

    So yes, I have more critics towards this show than love. But I love the stunts and I'm intrigued enough by the blank pages in the flasbacks and the black clad operatives "chasing(?)" him in the last episode.

    Still I have this impression of things being too easy for him even being poisoned in the last episode was quickly resolved. If they want to be taken seriously the writers need to do better because this is not Jane by design.
  • Great Show

    I'm someone who reads DC Comics but I've never read much Green Arrow The most I know about the character is from Smallville & the JLA cartoon. But I have very much enjoyed this show so far & I am very much looking forward to the next few episodes.

    Love this show hope it keeps up its action and suspense.
  • coolest show ever!!!!!!

    it is just asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Terrible time slot

    I don't know what they were thinking putting this show up against "The Middle" and "Animal Practice".

    Ican only record two shows at once. This will be another soap opera type thing like Smallville, It's not worth watching at this time. If it was on Thursday or friday at 8pm, I could watch. or a repeat on Saturday afternoon would be good.

    I think the WB is setting this show up for failure.
  • Not your father's Green Arrow

    Having read pretty much all of the original Green Arrow comics (yes, I guess I am dating myself a little) it is a bit hard t get used to the new killer version. The story line is pretty good so far and hopefully they can keep the momentum going.
  • Surprized

    I get a little frustrated with the fact that a good exciting show to follow is hard to find these days. I really love "Person of Interest" wich is pretty much the only show i try to follow today. So when I decided to watch this i figured it would be another lame show, like so many passed by lately.

    So honestly the story isn't original, the actors aren't the best but somehow I ended up eager to watch episode 2. Overall this show simply looks great.

    Arrow might just become interesting to keep up with.
  • An arrow which almost reaches the target

    A little more care on the part of producers, directors and writers and then we would have a beautiful series about a MINOR comics hero.

    Green Arrow (known as ''Green Archer - Arqueiro Verde'' in my country) is far from being one of the most interesting characters to me, but this production deserves congratulations for the effort. I suppose it is easier to convert to a tv series a character without super powers and with fewer personal impediments to injure opponents. Let's start the bleeding.

    I liked Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance (a pity that, apparently, she is not a heir to Black Canary's powers) and Willa Holland Speedy could become an interesting figure in the plot. Even Ramsey's Diggle also could become a first assistant for the hooded vigilant, before he dies dramatically. Stephen Amell, i think, is how Oliver Queen would be if he had not charisma.

    I will keep watching.
  • Great first episode

    That has a Batman feel to it which I love. First episode exceeded my expectations!
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