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  • New Viewers - Just Hang On!

    The first few episodes are a bit rough. You have this weird voice over to deal with, and the story is a little unfocused in the beginning, and Oliver Queen - our main character - is not exactly the most likable guy in history. However, if you stick around, you will not regret it. Once the show finds its footing, it takes off at a run.

    Great show, wonderful stunts, amazing choreography, beautiful story, and great characters to latch onto. The only reason why this is not a 10 is because like most 22-episode seasoned series... there is still the odd duck of boredom, but that's just a very tiny disappointment in a bucket of awesome!!
  • Intresting in some POVs

    Although it does sound exciting, the show could still do better. Live action superhero shows are not as good as the cartoon ones which is kinda a bit slow paced. Anyway, the actors were OK and the plots were a little subpar, but still watchable.
  • Woosh

    Nice show. My only wish would be for it not be so rooted in reality. I've just finished watching season one, and now, upon reading that Flash is going to be in some episodes in season two, I wonder how the writers are going to implement him. Is he going to run real fast, like, faster than anyone else on the show, even faster than Arrow? So fast actually that his friends nicknamed him Flash?

    This is what I mean. Stuff reality, and let him zip by so all you see is a red flash.

    I have a second wish actually, and that would be: less Dallas and Dynasty, more true drama. But it's OK as it is, just not, like, really, really good.
  • The best TV show ever...

    I'm enjoying the show at the moment. Hope that this series will go on for a long time. Wish Arrow cast & producers all the best!!!
  • still in season 1.... like it so far

    it's a nice blend of robin hood, green lantern, chuck, white collar.
  • Getting better

    It knows where/how to focus on its characters more
  • As DC as it gets...

    I like Arrow, this second season so far is as good as the previous one. But it's going in the opposite direction to Marvel's Agents of Shield. Agents of Shield don't feel Marvel enough, Arrow feels too DC. As it is it's going to end up like Smallville, with too much heroes and too little sense.
  • The past better than present?

    When I started to watch the show I really didn't like the regular "story from the past" insertions. But sadly, after more and more episodes, those became actually far more interesting that the main story. Then I stopped watching. it really felt that I can just watch any episode in any order and I wouldn't even know if I had seen it or not. It was all so cookie cutter. The main character is not bad, but then it goes pretty down from there.
  • Best Show EVER!!!

    Arrow is the best show on television right now. Season 2 just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for Jan. 15
  • Great season 1; puerile season 2

    I loved the first season of this show: good action scenes, attractive actors, decent plot, solid production. Alas, after watching a few episodes of season 2 I decided to stop watching it. It really seems that the plot for the second season was written by some immature 12-year old. Too bad.
  • I gave S1 the benefit of the doubt.....

    however now I realise that the entire series was written by a bunch of 12 y o during their summer break.

    There can be no other explanation for the mind bogglingly inane "plot" that tries to carry this series through.

    I thought US TV had something to offer vis a vis The Wire, Sopranos etc but this just adds to the well held view that TV in America is for watching as you chew on your pizza, burger or french fries while awaiting the sport.

    Pap is too good a word for this garbage !
  • I like the killing aspect, keep it in the show.

    I loved the fact that he was killing the villains in the first season. I hope he makes the distinction between the villains he can let live those that really do need to go. Great show. Tight writing, awesome action and physical fighting scenes. A must watch.
  • The Issue with Laurel Lance

    I understand that both fans and not-fans of Laurel Lance seem to have an issue either with her character, the writing of the character, the actress herself (which, in my opinion, is ludicrous as Cassidy has proven herself time and time again), the writers treatment of her, or some just don't like her because she tends to get in the way of something called "Olicity".

    Anyhow, I got tired of reading all these negative things about Ms. Lance, such as how her character is utterly boring and useless, a waste of screen-time, and how she should die off the show, or even those fans who are shouting for the writers to start showing that they actually care about Cassidy and her character. Want to know what I think?

    Well, if not stop reading now and you won't have to concern yourself with my opinions.

    I think Laurel, in her own right, is an interesting character. Not because her plot lines have been fascinating (because let's be honest, there are much more interesting things going on here), though they haven't exactly been shoot-yourself boring either, but because I see a lot of potential.

    First off, I am a huge fan of the show in general. I love superheroes, and comic books, and I honestly can't understand why people can't seem to be satisfied with the fact that we finally have a legit comic book show coming to life every Wednesday night. I mean, yeah, it's not perfect but then what in this world is? Anyway, as the loyal fan I am, I feel obligated to follow the twitter feeds, read the reviews, and scour the net for every scrap and bone of a spoiler I can get my greedy little eyes on. (Yeah, I may have a And you want to know what I see? If you don't, you know what to do.

    I see writers, producers, and a cast that truly care about their show. And my guess is that they care about Laurel as well because not only is she a part of their show as their leading lady, but she's an iconic superhero. I'm sure that they have high hopes for her just like the rest of us. The difference is that they are the ones with the power of bringing her to life, and you know what? They know it. And seeing that they've done a great job with everyone else so far (for the most part) I'm sure that they have a plan in motion,or at least can find a plan to set in motion, to transform Laurel Lance into the awesome ass-kicking hero she is destined to become in a grounded yet exciting way.

    However, there are those out there shaking their heads, saying, "No, no; they've run her character into the ground, there's no Say that to Quentin and Thea you nay-sayers. I'm sure these writers have a pretty good idea of what they're doing.

    Now, I'm no writer of the miraculous, ground-breaking, original artist kind, but even I can tell that Laurel has great potential to be written into an awesome Black Canary worthy of the comics. Better even than her own sister, Sara, could ever hope to be. Yeah. I went there.

    Seeing that right now Laurel's job is assistant district attorney, she seems to be a bit far-off from becoming a masked vigilante. Though, the way her job's been going for the past few weeks, she probably wouldn't mind abandoning her morals and beliefs to go beat the snot out of some bad guys for awhile, you know to blow off steam. It works for Oliver right? But really look at what has happened in the last episode "State v. Queen", in regards to Laurel. She risked getting fired to warn Moira not to testify, evidence that she's not so far from the other side of the law that Oliver likes to play on as you might think. Then, she lost what should have been a no-brainer trial because Malcolm pulled some strings. Imagine if and when the truth gets out and Laurel is faced with the fact that, not only is the real reason Tommy died still alive, but that he was responsible for the jury's verdict proving that the law she has stood with and fought for, for so long, is fallible. This is a woman who is passionate about justice and eventually she's going to come to the realization that in her world the law isn't enough to get it. And when she realizes this, the only question left will be when does she put on the fishnets?

    Also, people are worried that Sara is Laurel's replacement and others even hope she is, claiming that she's pretty much an already full-fledged superhero. Well, if so then that sucks because that would mean that Oliver last season was a full-fledged superhero when in fact he seemed closer to being borderline psychotic. But I don't think this is the case because, well, the writers said so. And until the writers turn on their own words I have faith that they have something up their sleeves. In all honesty, I believe that Sara is in fact going to be used to somehow push Laurel into becoming Black Canary.

    I also think it was brilliant to drag Laurel to such a dark place and that they have plans to drag her even further because only then can she be like nearly every other superhero out there and have to rebuild herself into does Ollie put .

    They say you can't fully experience joy until you experience suffering. Same goes for justice apparently. And I like it.

    Lastly, I wanted to share my thoughts about the romance angle because that seems to be a big thing. I'm not trying to sink any ships or anything; in the fandom world that's utterly impossible; but despite my tomboy attitude and dislike for mushiness I do like a little healthy romance. Everybody wants some love right?

    People think that either Sara or Felicity are a better match for Oliver than Laurel is because they know and understand him. However, who said that Laurel was never going to know his secret? I mean yeah, Oliver said that to Tommy in "Home Invasion" but coming from a guy who snapped a dude's neck, because he didn't want anyone to know his secret, then subsequently told half the cast before the end of the season I don't set much store by that. So when Laurel is finally in the know she will not only have known Oliver from the time they were kids but she will see the man he has become placing her on both sides of the spectrum, a position that Felicity can never accomplish. Unless she engages in time-travel, and at this point I'm thinking that nothing is impossible for the amazing Felicity.

    Sara, however, is a different story. She probably knew Oliver as a kid as well, though I doubt to the extent that Laurel did, but she does have an understanding of Oliver that Felicity and Laurel probably never will. She's a killer, who's been through hell and she beats up bad guys. In essence, she's female Oliver. So yeah she gets him in ways no one else ever could (other than Slade and Shado). But where's the dynamic in that? Oliver doesn't need someone he's constantly going to look at and feel an overwhelming sense of guilt. They work as friends and even partners for now but I think it's best for everyone if they keep their relationship platonic. So that leaves Laurel, who at the moment, is in no position to be in a healthy relationship with anyone. Heck! Neither is Oliver. But eventually Laurel will rise out of the ashes, hopefully as Black Canary, and when she does she will have a much better understanding of Oliver and will be able to reconnect to him in an entirely different way leading both to become greater heroes and maybe even lovers (if that's what you're into).

    So in short the only real issue with Laurel Lance is that her story isn't over and, in fact, has barely begun. So if you're in all a rage over her character, take a chill pill, relax and just enjoy the show.

  • Best Superhero show there is...

    wonderful i have watched it since season 1 and it's is both flashbacks to see what actually happened to Oliver in that island and it still continues to this day, really now there is flash and ra's al ghul it's getting better
  • Addicted to this show

    I just LOVE this show. The story... I can't stop watching it. Marvel Agents of watching that too. But, sorry to say, it doesn't compare. Arrow is way better.
  • This Show is just Amazing

    Can't believe that Marvel Fan-boys are so hurt that they come to Arrow's page and post bad reviews just cuz their so favorite AOS can't compete to the quality of Arrow. Arrow has a 1000 times better storyline, 1000 times better cast and I am sick of people comparing Arrow to Smallville. Clarke Kent never killed a single human being but on the other hand Oliver kills. Only reason Agents of Shield is still airing is because of Avengers' success. Please don't rate this show so bad just because Agents of Shield SUCKS!
  • Arrow in the knee

    Funny thing is - If you'd cut out everything BUT the flashbacks you would actually have a pretty interesting show. The way it is now - meh.

    This show's biggest problem is that it takes itself way, way too seriously. The writers should take some notes from Marvel's AoS, instead of Smallville (a show that will be remembered for ... nothing really)

    It is ok for a certain kind of TV-show to touch serious subjects like 1%ers or vigilantism - not this one. This show is shallow, and that is fine. A ridiculously handsome cast, laughable character motivations and story that makes it clear, it wants to appeal to as many as possible while offending noone - I am okay with all that.

    But then please lighten up. Make Oliver less brooding, have fun with the premise. Oliver Queen is no Bruce Wayne and we are NOT in Gotham City.
  • Funny Thing

    I just began watching the first season of the show again and I saw a funny thing in Oliver's journal. When he looks a it in the first episode, the page where Adam Hunt's name is contains also the name Isabel Rochev, played by the beautiful Summer Glau in the second season. I wonder if it was an oversight or if she will end up one of his victims. That would be a twist.
  • The best show this year

    Really really awesome show. Oliver and his team just keep getting better. I'm especially hoping for a Oliver/Felicity romance in the long run. Towards the end of the series. Don't make them get together and break up; that's just cruel.
  • Arrow=Awesome

    Finally a real awesome show that has kept getting better as it goes. I was hooked season 1. I don't know but is everyone anticipating the final show down between Oliver Queen and Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) on Lian I am. I wish I could see it now!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a chance to fight Deathstroke in Batman Arkham Origins (took me forever).
  • Keep going and don't screw up :)

    This season Arrow has improved a lot. I find myself not being able to wait for the next episode and the next. Can't wait to see more of the Black Canary (Sarah, not Laurel) Keep going and don't screw up :)
  • Arrow... Burn Notice....

    My name is Oliver Queen, i used to be a spy... oh wait..

    The intro, the action, the tongue in cheek tone......

  • What happened?

    I liked Arrow last season, and I was this season, its not the

    bothers did Laurel become a cop? Makes no sense to me.
  • No Green Arrow on Halloween?

    I noticed there were no kids dressed up as the Green Arrow for Halloween. Maybe it's because for some stupid reason the producers have decided not to actually call him "Green Arrow" in the show!?! Why did they go with just "Arrow" to begin with? Is this another Lame trademark issue? Here is a chance to have another major DC character and Justice League member get a little notoriety, but it looks like the DC hero with suffer the usual DC fate of the producers only committing themselves 99% so the other 1% can bite them in the @ss!
  • Great, keeps getting better and better with every episode

    Amazing show, reminds me of the good old smallville days, with a nice twist of additional seriousness and increased action.

    Best Show atm imo
  • Only so-so.

    I watched the first season, but I simply can't muster the enthusiasm needed to continue. It's not that it's awfully awful, I just can't manage to give a damn what happens to a single one of the characters...
  • crazy mom

    I have to ask Moira is in jail for confessing a mass murder on television and yet both kids forgave her so what can she still be hidding that would be unfogivable to Thea and Oliver??

    She did say to her lawyer that she rather die from death penalty than let her children know her remaining secret.
  • The Canary Sends A Warning...

    I really do like this show. It continues to go from strength to strength... I loved the Black Canary solution to Arrows almost capture by the cops. The whole episode had good interweaving of plot development and character development. Though I am completely confused by various internet websites reporting Laurel Lance being the Black Canary! I have watched the scene several times. Laurel and the Black Canary are in the same room split seconds apart. Can anyone un-confuse me or please just tell me I'm straight dumb and just not seeing the obvious. I know Diggle as doubled for Arrow. Do I read into this Laurel actually is the Black Canary and she has her side kick clean up the lore for her? Is there a Black Wren similar to Batmans Robin?

    Can Patrolman Lance be re-promote to Detective as soon as possible... it seems a waste of a great character?

    My key high point was the introduction of Ra's Al Ghul. Welcome to the wider DC Universe. Is Batman going to visit Starling City...
  • never heard of

    as a dutch viewer (that is in Holland, with the dykes, the windmills and the tulips) I find the show amusing, with tension and good characters. All the comic books references to vilains characters are totally unknown, so i just enjoy the show
  • i highly recomend this show

    Season one was pretty good, but season two is amazing, simply fantastic, each episode is better than the last and they always find a way to surprise us.

    keep up the good work.
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