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  • Needs a lot of work

    Play a game with whomever you're with when you watch "Arrow". Before the show starts everyone writes down the number of times he/she thinks any of the following words sentences or phrases will be heard in a single episode: Are you OK? Are you all right? Sorry. Apologize. Family. When I was on that island. Add the number of hugs too.

    Total all. Decide on a prize for the winner beforehand.

    Could be a great show if they get rid of the soap opera writing.
  • Back with a bang...

    I knew this would be a great action show the moment when i had my first glimpse at it's poster best scene in this premiere is when ollie says he was going to check something downstairs and felicity and diggle run after him.

    And Ollie's quote so far is "most people fail to see the real me". And i want to see slade wilson in starling city.
  • Nice tv serie

    this show is amazing ;)
  • Brilliant!!!!

    This show is just awesome!!
  • This show is so fun to watch

    From the cast, to the costumes, to how this show can be completely serious and silly comic book-y, I just love this show. I was never a fan of comic books when I was a kid, so I don't exactly know the history, but this show is great!!!
  • Super fight

    The action scenes are great and well choreographed and frankly some of the best parts of the show. I really will miss Colin Donnell, he did a great job in the role. I hope in the new season, there will be more development of the other characters not just adding having a villan of the week. China White is also a good recurrent character and she can act as well as fight. When is black Canary going to make her debut?
  • Flash or GL

    I hear, Flash nor Green Lantern would be showing up later in the series.
  • Amazing

    This show is so awesome! Oliver is like a combination between robin hood and ezio auditore. Just amazing.
  • Where can I find a decent network television show?

    horrible, predictable, every cliche in the B comic book how to book. Spoiled trouble rich girl, black best friend, ex-girlfriend that never moved on, mom and step-dad evil, I am not sure if the acting is bad or the writing or both. I only suffered through the first four episodes hoping it would improve but I could choke anymore of it down. Does the bodyguard ever find out and start to be his sidekick it not it will probably be soon. The one bright spot of the show is the multicultural cast. although as always on promo shots the darker skin cast mates are always in the back

    the best movie series i've ever can't wait for season 2 .. this is really a dope for me.. god bless!
  • Arrow can beat prison break?

    yes or not (like or not)
  • Best Series Eveeeeeeer

    This is the best series ever i can do anything to watch the new season right now really no words can describe how amazing is that show!
  • Originally, a great comic

    Arrow was originally a DC comic that did well in its time and it really is great to see that directors are searching through the heroes that aren't so well-known. This series is doing great so far but some of the actors and actresses aren't selling it for me. What I mean by that is they don't perform their role to a believable standard; but overall, excellent work.

    Looking forward to Season 2
  • Heroe

    Arrow is a great series. Hope it stays for a while. I watch very faithfully.
  • Top quality superhero drama

    I thought why not, give it a shot and boy am I glad I did. The first few eps were a little shaky but there were some bold moves throughout the season. The reveals to Diggle, Felicity and Tommy were inspired and it only improved as it went on. I love Stephen Amell's performance week-in week-out and the action scenes are incredible. Tommy's death was a shock but I thought it was a great decision and Malcolm Merlyn was a fantastically complex villain. I even enjoyed the island scenes (okay so some of the island scenes)
  • Loving it!

    As I've expected, this show rocks! I'm so into you Stephen Amell! :)
  • A really good show

    Well, I wasn't expecting this show to be that good. In category of pure fiction as a show with super characters based on a comic book, this show is really entertaining. I don't understand why people compare the show and the character to Robin Hood stories. Apart from the hood and the bow and arrow there is nothing that makes Green Arrow and Robin Hood alike.
  • TOO GOOD!!

  • My favorite show

    You have failed this city by letting Tommy die!!!!!! How could you????!!!!!!!
  • Like a Robin Hood.

    Allmost Robin Hood, nice countinuation.
  • Amazing Tv SHow

    The TV Show is amazing, the cast, the story, the production, the directing everything is so perfect... i love it <3 and can not wait to see what's happening next.
  • Target for New Episodes

    I didn't miss a single episode and really enjoyed the 1st season. Lingering questions ... was every name killed in the book? Now that Moira has confessed/jailed and the 'Elite' are dismembered with the death of the 2 Merlyns, where do we go from here? I'd like to see Dave Ramsey step down. He was good at first but is sort of clumsy as a counterpart. The up/down relationship between Oliver and Laurel is boring and her emotions have been scattered wide and deep, beginning with the affair of Oliver and her sister, the relationship with her father, the death of her sister and now Tommy, it's too much. How can she carry on a stable career without serious counseling??!

    I think in Season 2 they should find a way to bring Celina Jade out of the shadows as Queen's new counterpart. In fact, she is way better at the martial arts than Nikita. I am a black belt and advanced Yoga practitioner and when I saw Jade in one episode doing the handstand in 'full lotus' for 15 seconds with perfect form, I was thrilled! That is the 'real deal' and no choreography on that one! Only a true artist can do this advanced posture. Bring her back or make a new CW series with her going after the people behind the attempt to blow up the plane. Who were they and what is their role in world affairs? She could be in her own episode (call it : "Shado").

    Maybe there could be a 'love triangle' between her and Laurel? The computer geek is OK, but she needs to lose her secretary look, glasses and let her hair down. She is sort of like Birghoff in Nikita. What about the female cop Oliver loved that is recuperating from the gunshot? If she comes back will romance come back again? I'd end that one. What about the female archer that was last seen chasing her father down an embankment while Queen attended to his female cop classmate? The female archer probably had enough time to kill her father then, right? I say she goes in Season 2.

    Celina Jade has a lot of talent that needs to be played out. I imagine an episode where Diggle gets killed and Queen ponders how to go on, then Shado steps out of the darkness! With Moira's Elite all gone, maybe Shado and Queen can go International after the island consortium. Lots of possibilities here....
  • Arrow Takes Flight

    DC brings another property to television in Arrow, a modernization of the Green Arrow comic. Though not tied to the Smallville series, Arrow adopts a similar style and tone. Season 1 follows Oliver Queen, who returns to Starling City after being presumed dead, and adapts a secret identity as the Arrow; a vigilante who seeks to bring justice to corrupt figures that have poisoned the city. The cast is fairly solid, and a number of impressive guest stars appear throughout the season. However, the series doesn't do that good a job at bringing in and using the rose gallery characters of the comic; such as the Huntress, China White, Dead Shot, Red Arrow, etc. And, being a CW series, there's some romantic angst and love triangle subplots that are rather superfluous. While flawed and unfocused at times, Arrow delivers a strong first season.
  • I Can't Wait Season Two

    I Arrow, But don't like Laurel

    Thanks you Very Much
  • Not Bad :/

    I think for a season premiere it lacked consistency dont get me wrong i watched all the epsiodes but i personally didnt like the roller coaster ride they carried us on some episodes were plain boring ive seen katie cassidy act and trust me she can act but the script writers arent doing justice for her she's always puffy and crying. Thea sickens me she just cant act. Felicity is quirky and interesting, John Barrowman can act so why "kill" him off. Tommy hmmm soo glad he's dead for a playboy he's BORING. Diggle is sooo great which brings us to Oliver for a nobody he has alot of potential, he carries out the part perfectly. Im not gonna say im keping my eyes peeled for season 2 but i look forward to seeing more in script and solid storylines. All the best!!!
  • Stop hating on Laurel!

    I love Laurel, like I love this show! This show has everything.

    I'm a big comics book fan and Green Arrow is one of my favourite characters. 'Arrow' is certainly doing the character justice. The show's put its own spins on it too. There's a lot of chemistry, relationships, plot and excitement. I'm obsessed with Arrow!!
  • I Cannot Take This Woman ANYMORE!!

    Laurel will be the main reason I stop watching this show. I try my best not to be negative (as it comes so easy), but her face is disturbing me. She has no facial emotions. Botox? Perhaps, or maybe it's just that she cannot act. I've read that she's been in other shows, but with "Arrow" I JUST CANNOT TAKE HER SERIOUSLY!! She's too young to have no facial movements. Her eyes look dead. You don't know if she's happy, sad, angry,catatonic.

    You'll see...

    Love the show though.
  • When everyone is super, no one will be

    A fun show, but it is seriously silly in a few ways. EVERYONE'S A SUPER NINJA! It seems that every girl with a vendetta or a criminal background has trained all their life with ninjas, and a criminal figure main character turns out to be a super ninja archer just like arrow, seriously WTF?!

    This 'everyone has superpowers' is a fatal writing flaw shared by Smallville. It only serves to cheapen the main character's unique ordeal and abilities. It's a cheap plot device to provide super enemies regularly as opposed to a good story arc.

    The whole 'girls can be a fighting match for men' trend is ridiculous, especially considering they're 100 pound girls fighting trained skilled 200 pound men. Anyone with a brain knows that it's part of the new World Order social engineering to push feminism, promote gender fighting, destroy traditional family structure and subjugate men who are more likely to challenge authority but it's ruining our entertainment.

    A fun show but it needs to ground itself in a more believable group of supporting characters, not making them all super ninjas.

    It reminds me of the line by Syndrome in the incredibles "When everyone is Super, no one will be"
  • It a very good show to watch

    It a good show to watch it has
  • Fantastic new show

    I started watching the show when it premiered and have seen it work through it's quirks throughout it's first season. The action is great, acting is slowing getting to where it should be and the story is compelling and intriguing.

    It's the kind of show that if you enjoy action flicks, you'll enjoy every episode even if it's a mediocre episode. Given that it's in it's first season, I can only imagine that it will keep getting better with future episodes and I'd give it at least 4 seasons.
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