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  • A great adaptation!

    I have enjoyed the show alot from the beginning. Great storytelling and adaptation of the DC character. I like that they haven't fallen into the trap of following the pressure from the uninformed viewers and changed they storyline.
  • Arrow is the bestest

    arrow is the bestest TV show for love Arrow the most because its perfect and balanced.............
  • Please tell me that...

    Please tell me that Ollie and Felicity are gonna be together!!! Cuz it would be just the best! I just hate to see Ollie with Laurel, can't stand her. (I know that this actress might be a really wonderful person irl but I didn't buy it, she is not a good in this show). I was so excited when he told her "I love you" and so disappointed when it was just to trick Slade. I hope Ollie and Felicity will be together in next season!
  • I WOULD LIKE......

    Top favorite is Felicity, love everything about her, knows how to put on those shorts give us a good view of her awesome hope for very serious relationship with Oliver at the end something like Marriage btn the two will do, OLICITY make the show untouchable.

    Malcom Merlyn is also the name of the he has a big role to play in the next season
  • Top Shows

    Updated except comics and 1-2 ep (12-14)
  • thanks

    very very good and enjoyable......... but when start season 3 huh i can't wait ?

  • Review on second season

    Although I enjoyed both seasons of Arrow, I think that the second and last season had a few bad episodes in the middle of this year. I think that the episodes where Laurel develops a drinking problem and Sarah is back in town aren't Arrow-worthy. The writers of the show should have heard the rumours because they took a two month break and afterwards, the episodes became better, more epic and even more legendary (what a hell of a finale). To all the fools who haven't watched Arrow and are considering it, watch it! It creates the best things from 'Lost', 'Batman begins' and 'Revolution' and mixes it into one heck of a TV show.
  • Episode Recaps?

    Errmmm... what happened to all of Noel's Episode Recaps??
  • Good finale!

    Oliver and Fellicity? <3

    Fellicity and Oliver? <3

    It is time to say... "finally guys! finally!!!"
  • roy sucks

    roy was a bad pick for this show
  • Arrow

    the show so far

  • Oliver Queen

    Oliver queen is such a bad-ass.

    But I sort of miss it when he used to say: "YOU HAVE FAILED THIS CTY!"

    Still my favourite TV show.
  • Olcity

    Love the show, but come on Olly, fall in love with Felicity already, its such a tease seeing that chemistry!!!
  • awesome show

    the first year was second is great !!!!!
  • One word

  • The best TV show ever...

    I'm enjoying the show at the moment. Hope that this series will go on for a long time. Wish Arrow cast & producers all the best!!!
  • Getting better

    It knows where/how to focus on its characters more
  • Best Show EVER!!!

    Arrow is the best show on television right now. Season 2 just keeps getting better and better. Can't wait for Jan. 15
  • I like the killing aspect, keep it in the show.

    I loved the fact that he was killing the villains in the first season. I hope he makes the distinction between the villains he can let live those that really do need to go. Great show. Tight writing, awesome action and physical fighting scenes. A must watch.
  • Addicted to this show

    I just LOVE this show. The story... I can't stop watching it. Marvel Agents of watching that too. But, sorry to say, it doesn't compare. Arrow is way better.
  • This Show is just Amazing

    Can't believe that Marvel Fan-boys are so hurt that they come to Arrow's page and post bad reviews just cuz their so favorite AOS can't compete to the quality of Arrow. Arrow has a 1000 times better storyline, 1000 times better cast and I am sick of people comparing Arrow to Smallville. Clarke Kent never killed a single human being but on the other hand Oliver kills. Only reason Agents of Shield is still airing is because of Avengers' success. Please don't rate this show so bad just because Agents of Shield SUCKS!
  • Assessment as of Season 2, episode 6

    Ok, let's start by saying that Arrow is getting better and better.

    And season 2 is delivering quite nicely so far.

    Let's see, what do we have,

    1) Black Canary

    2) League of Assassins and Ra's Al Ghul

    3) Professor Ivo

    4) The

    5) Brother Blood

    6) Amanda Waller


    Slade Wilson / Terminator


    This is good, a lot of Teen Titans influence as well as some Batman.

    Nothing wrong with this, all good.

    Nanda Parbat .. again.. so, Malcolm was an assassin for the League of Assassins, one could pretty much make that a safe assumption.

    Of course, in DC Comics, Nanda Parbat is a hidden city, home of the goddess Rama Kushna and the reason for Boston Brand to become Deadman.

    So, I'm hoping there will be an appearance by Deadman and perhaps even a story arc to find out what the connection between Nanda Parbat and the League of Assassins is. Does the city need saving? who knows?

    Now Professor Ivo, this is quite the surprise, he's the one who design Amazo, the Android that could replicate the Justice League's powers. In here, he's some scientist trying to find a serum which give people super-human strength. Am I guessing this is the Venom drug from Bane?

    The Black Canary was using a device for her 'canary' cry, so, no super-powers there.

    Anyways, this is a keeper ladies and gentlemen, this is now a really cool show. I'm glad they didn't keep Smallville's Green Arrow and that they restarted with new actors.

    It's a better show than Smallville, period.
  • The best show this year

    Really really awesome show. Oliver and his team just keep getting better. I'm especially hoping for a Oliver/Felicity romance in the long run. Towards the end of the series. Don't make them get together and break up; that's just cruel.
  • Arrow=Awesome

    Finally a real awesome show that has kept getting better as it goes. I was hooked season 1. I don't know but is everyone anticipating the final show down between Oliver Queen and Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) on Lian I am. I wish I could see it now!!!!!!!!!!!! Had a chance to fight Deathstroke in Batman Arkham Origins (took me forever).
  • Keep going and don't screw up :)

    This season Arrow has improved a lot. I find myself not being able to wait for the next episode and the next. Can't wait to see more of the Black Canary (Sarah, not Laurel) Keep going and don't screw up :)
  • No Green Arrow on Halloween?

    I noticed there were no kids dressed up as the Green Arrow for Halloween. Maybe it's because for some stupid reason the producers have decided not to actually call him "Green Arrow" in the show!?! Why did they go with just "Arrow" to begin with? Is this another Lame trademark issue? Here is a chance to have another major DC character and Justice League member get a little notoriety, but it looks like the DC hero with suffer the usual DC fate of the producers only committing themselves 99% so the other 1% can bite them in the @ss!
  • Great, keeps getting better and better with every episode

    Amazing show, reminds me of the good old smallville days, with a nice twist of additional seriousness and increased action.

    Best Show atm imo
  • i highly recomend this show

    Season one was pretty good, but season two is amazing, simply fantastic, each episode is better than the last and they always find a way to surprise us.

    keep up the good work.
  • Back with a bang...

    I knew this would be a great action show the moment when i had my first glimpse at it's poster best scene in this premiere is when ollie says he was going to check something downstairs and felicity and diggle run after him.

    And Ollie's quote so far is "most people fail to see the real me". And i want to see slade wilson in starling city.
  • Nice tv serie

    this show is amazing ;)
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