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  • Oliver is nuts

    I love Arrow, but, not a fan of this episode. I rated it a 5 but 1 showed up. Not loving this season. Some episodes are good. This 1 just left me with my mouth hanging, that means not very impressed.

    This show has become a soap opera, had enough of Felicity busy body and know it all ways; had enough of Felicity drooling over Oliver; had enough of Laurel haters. Please blame the lame writers for the badly written character for the one who will become Black Canary If Olicity does happen it will be because of all the drooling teenagers. Keep the important parts, the relevant parts and characters as they are in DC world.
  • Really is this rated 8.9?

    As a fan of the comics and of Smallville I approached Arrow with a positive and open mind. Within minutes of the pilot I felt disappointed. I decided to give the series and actors time to really develop before writing it off as a 'steaming pile'.

    I'm a fan of John Barrowman's work from Doctor Who and Torchwood and was sad to see the writers and other actors give him nothing to work with. I've seen his strength as an actor and it's obvious his talents were not utilized. His acting is far superior to his co-actors.

    I was not familiar with Stephen Amell prior to Arrow and wish I wasn't now. His portrayal of Oliver Queen is wooden, lacking in range and very unmemorable. His Green Arrow is much, much better but still a little distant. I need a reason to care about the character. This actor was clearly chosen for looks alone.

    Justin Hartley's 'Oliver Queen was simply brilliant, as was his Green Arrow. Given the writing for this show, in my opinion, Justin Hartley dodged a bullet by not getting the part. Though, I personally, miss him on my screen.

    This show seriously needs cancellation and to start again with a new cast and crew and some serious effort put into scripts and believability.

    Can't believe this rated over a 2!

  • I gave S1 the benefit of the doubt.....

    however now I realise that the entire series was written by a bunch of 12 y o during their summer break.

    There can be no other explanation for the mind bogglingly inane "plot" that tries to carry this series through.

    I thought US TV had something to offer vis a vis The Wire, Sopranos etc but this just adds to the well held view that TV in America is for watching as you chew on your pizza, burger or french fries while awaiting the sport.

    Pap is too good a word for this garbage !

    I too was excited about the show but now I can't stand to watch after this last episode where he chose "what's her face" (his best friend's girlfriend) over helping his partner get his brother's murderer!!! Really??? Arrow has gotten boring and stupid and eewww, and Oliver is all of the above too and shouldn't have a love interest or choose it over his mission which is to bring criminals to after he let down his partner, that was the last please cancel the show or make major adjustments to the star's pathetic character....
  • Skyrocket downfall

    Awful show it get worst by episode...
  • Just because a show is violent doesn't mean its not cheesy. This show has no reason to take itself so seriously.

    This show is a superhero version of "Supernatural". Minus the originality and humor that make "supernatural" almost worth watching. Basically the guy playing Oliver has nothing to do with the comic book character. Its not even an original character. He is Dean in a pair of Green Tights. CW viewers adore a mean spirited person who thinks that their version of good and evil and justice is the right one. So I am sure that the teeny group of remaining "Supernatural" fans will stay tuned. And as the CW has never had high expectations for any of its shows, thats probably enough. Probably. This show had a chance. It started out with decent ratings, and even the second episode had a couple million viewers. But its already down to the typical CW ratings, and still losing out..although the leak is slow.

    The thing is that a brainless show like this COULD be good. It has one thing going for it; Lots of action.

    If "Arrow" stopped taking itself seriously, played the stupidity of its plot for laughs, got a better fight choreographer, and lost the whole annoying angsty ex girlfriend sideline, it would be a passable show. Hiring some better looking actors wouldn't hurt either. Of course the lead is attractive. He is handsome in the way that young actors are handsome. But there is not one bit of anything special about him, including his looks. And in shows like this a sexy cast is a must.
  • Dissapointment and a cancer to world of shows.

    Terrible writte, terribly casted, made for adolescent kids.

    The set of the show is boring and reminds me it is cheap and without promise.

    My hope is this dissapearing as soon as possible from any channels timetable.

    Premise, upbringing, backstory, the " Arrows " actions are far worse than just a vigilante crime fighter.

    Honestly I cant imagine how and why so many people have enjoyed this so much!
  • Terrible time slot

    I don't know what they were thinking putting this show up against "The Middle" and "Animal Practice".

    Ican only record two shows at once. This will be another soap opera type thing like Smallville, It's not worth watching at this time. If it was on Thursday or friday at 8pm, I could watch. or a repeat on Saturday afternoon would be good.

    I think the WB is setting this show up for failure.
  • Most downhill show of the decade

    Arrow started off as a clever and relatable series. As the show went on, every damn character with a name put on a mask, chose some horrible nickname, and started running around attempting to "save the city" from crime. It started as a good and reasonable show and now it has become the most outlandish thing I have ever seen. I would literally say that the flash is more REALISTIC because at least it doesn't have a dumb drugged out laurel lance attempting to fight crime and an anyone can be a vigilante superhero moto.
  • disappointing

    a fake and stupid version of Batman, really weak acting and so many dumb scenes I just watch and laugh at goofs!
  • Worst Super Hero Show to Date

    This show is so poorly written and poorly acted I'm surprised anyone can take it seriously. The characters are so bland they could all just drop dead and I would feel nothing. Most of the scenes that happen in the show don't even make sense! The villains are very forgettable, and the writers treat the audience like idiots. Honestly the show could have been made up completely of rough drafts and I wouldn't even know the difference. This show deserves a 2 out of 10, and that's generous.
  • Season 2 put an arrow right through Arrow's knee.

    I'm well acquainted with the standard politically correct propaganda push in most TV series these days, but this is absurd. Season 2 went full bore social justice cult social engineering. Every episode is so jam packed with leftist ideology that there is no room for a story. It's like a live action play of college feminist twitter/tumblr streams. Very disappointing after season 1.
  • Where can I find a decent network television show?

    horrible, predictable, every cliche in the B comic book how to book. Spoiled trouble rich girl, black best friend, ex-girlfriend that never moved on, mom and step-dad evil, I am not sure if the acting is bad or the writing or both. I only suffered through the first four episodes hoping it would improve but I could choke anymore of it down. Does the bodyguard ever find out and start to be his sidekick it not it will probably be soon. The one bright spot of the show is the multicultural cast. although as always on promo shots the darker skin cast mates are always in the back
  • Not consistent

    I love this show but I am getting slightly iterated that the show is on every week and then once a fortnight. Seriously CW cant make their mind up when they are having shows on.

    This sounds sad, but I have all my favorite shows on calendar so I know what I have to look forward to watching that night.

    -First, I love comic book based shows. Second, I was madly excited when I heard about Arrow. Third, I saw the first two episodes so far and they are dull and similar to each other.

    -I'm not going to let the weight of the Arrow STORY carry the show. The two main actors playing Arrow and Laurel are DULL. So far it seems like they are headed in the direction of every episode being a team up of Arrow and Laurel fighting a bad guy and making heartachy looks at each other. If those two can't pull off more onscreen passion (and I don't mean lovewise) this series will tank soon.

    The bad guys too seem dull. Are they ALL just going to be shady, rich, suits? Is Arrow just going to kill them and cross them off his list until the next episode when he crosses another one off? Is that going to be the show?!

    The only thing that jumped from this show is that he actually KILLS the bad guys. I feel like on TV I have not seen that before. It is supergreat! Bad guys actually get their due! But how does a hood hide your Identity? Not to mention the sketch of the "vigilante" the cop was holding next to Olivers face looked like him exactly. So how could anyone believe nobody in that tv world sees that?!

    P.S Hey, the cop is that magic guy from that sc-fi show that got cancelled that I used to watch.

    Please bring some more storyline in FAST. More background, a LOT MORE island stuff will save the show. And I get if Arrow has to be all quiet and dangerous, but change up the actress that plays Laurel at least. Someone who is not all typical Loius Lane bravado, I'll save the world, while being overly poised...
  • Oliver is looking more like a wimp every episode

    What happened to the main character? He has become more of a wimp than he used to be. Also, he seems to lose almost every fight, or looks weaker than everyone else, or less clever and more guilty of having emotions. What happened to him? I used to love the show, but now it's like a sappy soap opera. Maybe this needs to be on the daytime soap opera channels. I am so disappointed.
  • The past better than present?

    When I started to watch the show I really didn't like the regular "story from the past" insertions. But sadly, after more and more episodes, those became actually far more interesting that the main story. Then I stopped watching. it really felt that I can just watch any episode in any order and I wouldn't even know if I had seen it or not. It was all so cookie cutter. The main character is not bad, but then it goes pretty down from there.
  • Not as good as I thought it would be

    I wanted to like the show but I find it drags...little action and alot of talk..... they canceled The Secret Circle...... now that was a likable show with a likable cast....everything is backwards nowadays people like the worst crap...what's good sucks to people....and what sucks is good to people....I just don't get it..
  • Truly, Madly, Deeply... Tedious

    Big bad guy takes on the cops. Big bad guy invulnerable to conventional weapons. Big bad guy recruits, black mails, coerces lesser bad guys into evil plan. Big bad guy wants to take control of the Glades. Wait, this all sounds so familiar somehow?

    Oliver sacrifices himself. Thea is a witless idiot, still. The gang starts to come apart... blah, blah, blah.

    I didn't know we were into re-runs already... again... and again.

    And really now, how could anyone think Oliver was actually dead?!
  • Could be So Awesome

    I really enjoyed season 1 but the story line for this season is so childish.

    A grown man, trapped on an Island and tortured can't understand how Shado ending up getting killed and he blames the wrong person? LAME....

    Next, I give last night's episode a go and come on, someone kidnaps you and then as you are able to leave you allow him to reign you in with a secret about your brother? Are people really that stupid?

    Oh and how about how stupid they made Oliver, he knows that girl is against him at the company so he gives her temporary control rather than his mother or even Felicity.

    They just really write this as if a 10 year old girl stuck in drama land is writing it. This show could be so awesome with a strong story line and Felicity is by far the best actress and role on the show. Sara should get killed off and Felicity should take her place.
  • BOOOOORRRIIING Super hero soap.

    I was excited about this show and it started with promise but it has now been weighed and measured and found wanting. What a great premise that has been ruined with sloppy writing and pretty average acting. The female actors especially. While they have not been supported with good storylines they have also not made the best of it. Katie Cassidy and Willa Holland are frankly show stoppers for me .... literally. I have now turned off.

    It could have been so good and that makes it all the more disappointing.
  • It's a soap opera with a little action

    I tried to get into this, I really did. Maybe I was expecting too much but this show should be categorised as a soap opera. It's like watching Bold and the Beautiful with all the love triangles and focusing more on the relationships than what the comic was all about. I am pissed off that I wasted so much bandwidth watching this crap. Don't bother if you are looking for an action packed series.
  • Losing it's charm

    The first two seasons were fairly good, I was turned off by the no kill rule that began in season two, but the show made up for it with an awesome villain. As for season three, it just doesn't feel right. The season villain, which we believe is ra's al ghul, has yet to do anything, many of the episodes seem to be stand alone, and overall I feel like the fighting scenes, acting, and plot have plummeted. I personally enjoy darker story lines and the show seems to be heading in the opposite direction. Also not a fan of the flash and arrow crossover. Anybody else feel like the arrow was better when it was darker, if only arrow was made by HBO.....
  • Felicty sunk the show for me.

    In real life, what man could stand being 5 minutes in her company. Her staccato way of talking is getting so old I've had to dump the show. Season1 was great. Since then it's turned into a fecking soap opera. Obviously aimed at women now, so enjoy ladies.
  • Most Frustrating Episode in Television History

    Please tell me how much more you guys can humiliate a show's hero????? Arrow [aka Oliver Queen] was tormented, beaten in every way imagination, and for what? So that we might watch the next episode? What happened to giving a little something back? How about some small bit of satisfaction to the audience? A morsel would have been fine. All of them, Arrows entire entourage, torn to shreds in every way outside of cold blooded murder. Oliver needs to get the hell off his high horse and start doing what has to be done, instead of "filling the jails" with people he refuses to kill. Also, I am sick of the ridiculous back story. It's annoying, distracting, unnecessary. Finally, the Arrow's nemesis [Slade] is ridiculously powerful. Hello! No way Arrow can do more than lick his boots. This is ridiculous. Next week better be a quintessential revenge massacre, or I'm outta here.
  • Needs a lot of work

    Play a game with whomever you're with when you watch "Arrow". Before the show starts everyone writes down the number of times he/she thinks any of the following words sentences or phrases will be heard in a single episode: Are you OK? Are you all right? Sorry. Apologize. Family. When I was on that island. Add the number of hugs too.

    Total all. Decide on a prize for the winner beforehand.

    Could be a great show if they get rid of the soap opera writing.
  • is it lame ?

    I have not finished season 2 yet. but almost there. I just finished watching s2 e17 & e18. It made me ask couple of thing.

    As oliver queen is a well known person in the lance's family. Can't the cop dad figure out (or at least get suspicious) that arrow and oli is (or probably) same guy, considering height, body structure and not least face to face conversation.

    same goes with when sarah tried to rescue laurel from the huntress. they were hiding together in a room side by side. what was sarah wearing to hide her self. a fancy google mask i say. it made me wonder were they really sisters. cause I can smell my brother from next room. i do not understand why on earth laurel could not recognise her.

    is it a plot hole, bad direction or just a lame way to present( disguise a vigilanti )
  • He's the GREEN Arrow, not just a Freakin' Arrow guys!!!!

    Is it just me; or is anyone else out there sick and tired of the "Island" back story???? Lose it already!!!! Enough is enough! And, most importantly, when are the producers of this show going to finally start calling Oliver the "Green Arrow" as opposed to just the "Arrow," or the "Hood?" He's NOT Robin Hood, and he's no more the "Arrow," any more than "Superman" is the "Red-Blue DUH! Why do TV producers have to screw up the names of the DC or Marvel heroes, just to prove they can do so? I've been a fan of Arrow since the start of the series, but, seriously, can you not start calling him the "GREEN arrow" any time soon? Or will Barry Allen just be the "Super fast Guy in a Red Suit" instead of "the Flash," and maybe the "Green Lantern" should become the "Guy in a green and black suit with a Coleman Lamp on his Chest?" Maybe "Batman" should become the "Rodent Guy who has wings?" GREEN Arrow, NOT arrow, get it??????
  • An insult to every thinking person out there

    Seriously i'm getting tired of lame disguises by superheroes.... Black Canary, for instance, does it mean i can't recognize my own sister through such an excuse for a disguise?? common! WHO'S FOOLING WHO? at least they should make it more believable..... seriously! I can put up with Oliver's excuse for a disguise but if it goes on like this then there is something seriously wrong with the citizen's of Starling City...
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