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  • To a growing audience

    Nice pilot, it has the potential to go far, ratings shouldn't be a problem considering the CW' general predisposition to ignore numbers and go where the fans are. Loved the parkour like style of the fight / chase scene, and the casting looks inspired, but yeah the voiceover was weak, and i sort of miss the flamboiant Oliver from Smallville.

    Forgetting Hartley for a sec i see a great match for Supernatural, and a way in to the more (slightly) mature audiences away from the twwn demo that the CW in the past shot for.

    Give it a full season pickup, it disserves it.
  • Interesting, if a little cheesy and formulaic.

    I'll give it a few more episodes before making a final decision, but the first episode, which would normally be designed to hook an audience, hasn't been that convincing for me.

    Poor CGI, a 'hero' who can't be recognized when he's wearing a hood (OK it only took glasses with Superman, but he WAS Superman) or hit when running through a hail of bullets, and cliche' bad guys, cops and friends are only just, just balanced out by good fight/chase scenes, a decent lead and the mystery behind all of his sudden superior martial arts, language and computer skills.

    Fingers crossed that it won't continue to simply be a mashup of Batman, Revenge and Lost.
  • To watch or not to watch

    Ok, maybe there are still a lot of clich scenes and poor dialogues, but the show is really promising. I can't wait to watch the next episode, though I still don't understand how Arrow can not be recognised if he is just wearing the hood that doesn't really closes his face.
  • Pilot

    I thought i was very awesome! But let's wait for the next episodes before i give my final judgment about this series...
  • Arrow hits it's mark

    We've seen all the comic revivals from Marvel and this DC Arrow is pretty brilliant. I'd go on about the story, but I want to share something: I was watching the premier with my mother, whom I would normally say is super sharp, but as we were watching a very simple story line with the flash backs to set up the history and the real time to set up for the vengeance, she kept asking questions like: Why is he on an island, how did he get in the hospital, is that his sister, why are they on a boat, where did he get the tattoos...

    It was a very disappointing. But of the show I was able to enjoy... it was amazing. I loved the back story, very close the original comic. There's more, but you should just watch it. It was awesome. I can't wait for the next one.
  • loved it

    i loved the show , cant wait for more episodes to come out , this is my fav genre for TV shows !
  • great start to a awesome series always loved green arrow

    this show is one of a kind great direction it is going great cast can't wait for more episodes
  • Great start

    It was very good.
  • A bit on the dramatic side but what looks to be a good series

    Although I could do without all the unnecessarily added drama with the mother, sister, best friend, ex-girlfriend's sister, etc... which don't match the comic depiction at all, it was a solid pilot episode. The acting was well done, the dialogue came across well, and the story was entertaining. You never know how well action scenes are gonna be adapted coming from a comic book, where the most ridiculous things can be drawn, but the show did a convincing job there too. Not great but this is just the first episode, Green Arrow (and all his tricks, gadgets, and the like) is just getting started.
  • Fun show

    Way better than "the Cape". I gave the latter a shot for, like, four or five eps, but it didn't keep me, and then I heard it was cancelled, and I was still OK with that. I've never read the comics, but I always saw the character there as boring. Why would I want to read it? I came at this show with no expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. Some poor graphics, a strange fade out/fade in that didn't belong, bringing me out of the story for about a minute, but otherwise, it looks promising. The acting, I hope, will get better with time, but they were mostly believable. Good fun.
  • Very good

    Very very good.Streight to the point.appears to be better than smallville.
  • Pilot

    Arrow's pilot episode got a rating of 4.14 which is very great for The CW and its off to a very great start .the shows great and will improve its ratings .

    GREAT SHOW. Stephen Amell gave a great performance and he is perfect for the role of Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.
  • awesome

    Love this show already. It started out awesome and I can't wait til the next episode.
  • Interesting, but needs to strive for more originality.

    Relative to the number of TV shows produced, there haven't been many based on the life of a 'superhero', and even less have been worth watching. 'Arrow' is the latest installment of attempts at exploring this genre, and it comes out of the gates with a mix between success and failure.

    To start, 'Arrow' doesn't have the most original storyline. It is essentially based on a billionaire playboy named Oliver Queen, who experiences a traumatic event and transforms into a vigilante hero. There are numerous parallels between this show and Chistopher Nolan's recent Dark Knight series. In fact, there are so many similar elements, that this show could be called 'Batman if he had a bow'. In addition, the acting is a exaggerated, and the writing is a little cheesy.

    However, 'Arrow' does impress on many levels. The set/location design of the show is impressive, and the action scenes seem more believable than a traditional action show. When Oliver Queen is being attacked, it doesn't necessarily feel like he is being shot at by Stormtroopers. Another element I like is the fact that Queen has no qualm against killing his enemies - something that the superhero genre hasn't explore all that much. The premise of the plot could also prove to be interesting, providing they don't follow the rubric set by most superhero movies/shows that have been exhausted over the years.

    Ultimately, 'Arrow' could prove to be an interesting series, as long as it attempts to stay original, and avoids the pitfalls of it's predecessors. It has the potential, but it's future has yet to be revealed.

    Okay, this one wasn't on my watch list but I decided to give it a chance. I love comic book movies but the shows never live up to the expectation...well, until now. I loved this episode. I love the mystery, the action, and who doesn't love a bad boy billionaire with a heart of gold?
  • A List of Things That I Love About "Arrow"

    1) Parkour

    2) Deathstroke Mask on the Island

    3) Green Arrow Cowl Costume

    4) Foreshadowing: His best-friend is Merlyn and his Ex is Dinah

    5) Arrow's Battle Scars

    6) The HUGE difference of Ollie's character pre and post-Castaway

    7) Speedy and her drug problem

    8) Awesome stealth (the car getaway) "Harvey Dent, can we trust him?"

    9) High Tech Trick Arrow

    10) There are no superpowers or campy villains to date.

    Not So Happy about:

    1) The Voice Over

    2) The Painted Green Domino Mask

    3) "Starling" City

  • Green Arrow

    Thoroughly enjoyed the first and second episode.This show not only give you a sense of closure with each episode, it also builds towards a greater purpose for the series. Love it!
  • Batman

    This is just Batman but without a Utility Belt he has Arrows ?

    Thats some lazy super hero creation is it not.

    I have a idea about this rich guy who has a suit made out of Lead and he fights crime and evil doers its called er...............Lead Man :)
  • Arrow season 1 episodes 1 & 2

    i love both eipsodes, good action, good momentum.

    A few things i hope may come out in the later episodes though, else things may get a little dry:

    1) better enemies - the bad guys in the first 2 episodes are really whimpy. some tougher enemies that gives the hero a hard time would be interesting.

    2) hero's weakness - even superman has a weakness, perhaps our hero also has one as well and hopefully his weakness are been extensively exploited.
  • Cant wait for Ep2

    Loved the pilot episode, has all the ingredients to be a sucess. Overall very good i just think the costume is kinda crappy. Guy with a green hood and his eyes painted green doesnt seem like a very good disguise...
  • this show is Gangam Style

    this show iz as great as Gangam Style Video clip
  • A good show that hopefully will be as good as Smallville was :-)

    At first I thought the Green Arrow would be a bad choice for a super hero show. I always thought if there should be another show like Smallville it should be with Batman, of course I am a little biased. But so far the show hasn't disappointed and has far exceeded my expectations in the first two episodes. I do feel I have to mention a couple of things about other reviewers below. Some say he is just Batman without the utility belt, and yea there are a lot of similarities but there are also many differences. One being that the Green Arrow is not the typical hero in that he won't hesitate to kill. Which will help the show a bit. I also think too many people are over thinking the show. Yes his disguise is just a hood and some paint, Superman was just some glasses. That's the way comics work, just let it be and enjoy the show. And for anyone who complains about all the baddies missing like crazy with the guns, it's the way it is in everything. That's why they're super heroes after all. So just sit back and hopefully enjoy another great series from the CW!
  • Deathstroke???

    I've been waiting to see this ever since I saw the trailer. Did not disappoint! Even watched it again for the 2nd time the next day.

    I will say this. Is it just me or does the mask of the beach with the arrow through it look remarkably like Deathstroke's? If so, does this hint that he'd be making some kind of appreance or was this another island "resident" the Oliver has already vanquished??

    Well I wait to see what happens, but so far liking it. Darker than Smallville thankfully although that did get darker as it went on.
  • ARROW is a bulls eye

    How do you move away from Smallville? Get a show where all the insecurities about who you are and what you should do are dispensed with. Arrow is kind of like Revenge but with arrows and carnage. At first I thought it would be bad - because I did not like the Smallville Green Arrow. This one is great. Be Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark and then go Dexter on people. Love the homage and in-jokes from the DC universe. If metahumans are banned from this universe as well as Bats, I'm thinking Red Hood or even Robin or NightWing or Human Target to visit.
  • Great first episode

    That has a Batman feel to it which I love. First episode exceeded my expectations!
  • An arrow which almost reaches the target

    A little more care on the part of producers, directors and writers and then we would have a beautiful series about a MINOR comics hero.

    Green Arrow (known as ''Green Archer - Arqueiro Verde'' in my country) is far from being one of the most interesting characters to me, but this production deserves congratulations for the effort. I suppose it is easier to convert to a tv series a character without super powers and with fewer personal impediments to injure opponents. Let's start the bleeding.

    I liked Katie Cassidy's Laurel Lance (a pity that, apparently, she is not a heir to Black Canary's powers) and Willa Holland Speedy could become an interesting figure in the plot. Even Ramsey's Diggle also could become a first assistant for the hooded vigilant, before he dies dramatically. Stephen Amell, i think, is how Oliver Queen would be if he had not charisma.

    I will keep watching.
  • Surprized

    I get a little frustrated with the fact that a good exciting show to follow is hard to find these days. I really love "Person of Interest" wich is pretty much the only show i try to follow today. So when I decided to watch this i figured it would be another lame show, like so many passed by lately.

    So honestly the story isn't original, the actors aren't the best but somehow I ended up eager to watch episode 2. Overall this show simply looks great.

    Arrow might just become interesting to keep up with.
  • Not your father's Green Arrow

    Having read pretty much all of the original Green Arrow comics (yes, I guess I am dating myself a little) it is a bit hard t get used to the new killer version. The story line is pretty good so far and hopefully they can keep the momentum going.
  • Terrible time slot

    I don't know what they were thinking putting this show up against "The Middle" and "Animal Practice".

    Ican only record two shows at once. This will be another soap opera type thing like Smallville, It's not worth watching at this time. If it was on Thursday or friday at 8pm, I could watch. or a repeat on Saturday afternoon would be good.

    I think the WB is setting this show up for failure.
  • coolest show ever!!!!!!

    it is just asome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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